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  1. Maverick was born in a rich Swedish family, his parents died when he was child in a car accident, Mav lived with his Grandma till he grown up. He joined to the swedish military but he left the army in 2015, he joined to a PMC unit and he was on a mission in Chernorussia. Bandits attacked his squad they killed all of them, Mav acted like he died, when the bandits wanted to leave the area he killed all of them. Mav is a survivor now without any plan or dreams. He went to Gorka tocomplete his mission, but he realised the mission was just a trap by the Bandits to get their stuff. Mav found 2 people in Gorka Vitaly and Darakov, some time later they become friends, now Mav his new family and he promised, he will protect them.
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    Soo emotional, I really like it!
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  4. Vadim was born to the mounts of the Ural in a hospital in Moscow he and his family was live in a small vilage in the Ural mountains, his father disapeared some years ago, in a Country called South Zagoria, Vadim is against to all forms of Military because he had to grow up without his father only his grandfather teach him everything, his mother died when he was child, his grandfather teach him the art of hunting, he was working in a small Hospital, he was a surgeon, he saw a lot of wounds he's a really good medic, some years ago he got some information about his father from a Military officer in Moscow, the officer said his father probably dead, Vadim went after his father with his friends who had relatives in a country called South Zagoria.
  5. James was born in 1994 in Kiev, his father was soldier and helped James to grow up to the military, his muther was born in California she was working on a farm, in 2014 he joined to the Ukrainian Army, in 2017 he left the army and started a Private Military Contractor unit called BEAR, he and his squad traveled to Chernarussia to evacuate a HVT( High Value Target) but they failed, they've found the HVT dead, in the way back to the extraction a bandit squad attacked them and they've scattered in the forest, after the fight when the Bandits left them he found his squad dead in the river.
  6. Sorry for late replying, Iam here now, so, we were in a Cannibal base found a lot of human flesh, I was in the nearby house, I finished him, i heard somebody who was talking to my friend but I didnt hear any responding, so I have taken a shoot on the guy and he died. As you can see on the video he had a weapon in his hand, [email protected] told him he said "Drop your weapon" and nothing happened!
  7. Arkady Toptunov was born in Ukraine, his father was Dima Toptunov, his mother Natasa Toptunov(parents dead), he was working in Chernobyl when he was 23years he was on of the last worker who was working around the Power Plant, after this he had to stay in a hospital in Kijev for 4 months he got a decent dose of radiation, unbelievably he is perfectly healthy, 3 months later a Russian Military officer searched him, he was impressed about Arkady's knowledge and invited him to try a in Novgorod and he will get a job what perfectly fits for him, Arkady completed it, he was in the Russian army's Nuclear Specialist unit. He liked what he was doing and he wanted to be better, he went to the Special Forces to the Spetsnaz FSB, he was moved to Chernarussia because of his knowledge, he had to do his first job, killing infecteds... He is shooting at everybody who have a weapon in his hand...
  8. Christiansen Frost North... A brutal sniper, his family background unknown, he was a swedish soldier, he was popular about his brutality to his enemys, in Iraq a taliban killed his dog, swedish forces arrested the taliban but he disapeared and North too, 4 days later North's friend Alessund found the taliban with only one eye and his legs were shooted down but he was still alive, North has a big wound he got shooted on the back of his head, when he found the shooter he was shooted him in the head with cold blood in front of his officers, he never speak about his family thats why nobody know nothing, after when he left from the swedish army, they tryed to arrest North but he left from sweden, and moved to Chernarussia, he has skills and never trust him...(the unknown family background: North's do not know his family, he was adopted to a Swedish soldier, his stepfather died when he was 16yrs old, North were living on the roads, he got money from street fights on the roads of Stockholm), he likes the russians!
  9. In the begining of the invasion he lost his doughter and wife, only people who is still alive in his family is his brother Yuri ,He was born in Russia, his father was a commander in the Red Army ,Times changes Valery and Yuri had to find the way how they can live, Nothing can be more powerful than two brothers together, we will see what they can do. One day around 2010 he got a message on radio, bandits attacked a humanitarian supply camp, when he arrived to the camp all of the bandits were dead, when he went in to the camp he could see the zombies ate everybody, this were the point when his whole life changed.
  10. My name is Anatoly Gorbacev ! He was born in Russia, his father was a commander in the Red Army and member of the KGB. In 1984 Anatoly joined to the Red Army and thanks for his father he is a Commander Of The Army 1986, in 1986 Maj. Anatoly was moved to the second man of the NKVD in this time he tought its the top of his carrier. In 1986 Sept. He could join to the KGB because in summer of 1986 he made a good work in the cleaning and guarding of Chernobyl, 1987 autumn he got the mission what he could not finish till now, he was moved to Chernarussia to collect information of the local militias and from the Chernarussian National Guards, there was a hot situation in this time in Chernarussia, the civil war had start in a year, but something happend in 1988, something what the humankind never seen before a invasion what killed millions of people, Anatoly Gorbacev, ex military soldier, ex KGB Agent, now just a survivor like everybody in Chernarussia, he was lonely almost for a decade, everybody died around him, he had no plans, dreams he was broken. One day around 1995 he got a message on radio, bandits attacked a humanitarian supply camp, when he arrived to the camp all of the bandits were dead, when he went in to the camp a familiar sound just said "Anatoly is that you?" It was Dima and Vladimir, Anatoly's old friend from the Red Army, In these days they are looking for a escape from Chernaruss.
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