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  1. Noddan


    I Think i got from zombies aswell, thats why I am abit worried i got the virus or something? Are we not immun?
  2. Noddan


    Thank you! Then I can stop worrie i'll drop dead all of a sudden:)
  3. Noddan


    Heya, i got this bacteria? Icon on my bar and can't figure out what i means Last time I played dayz i never got it but it's long time ago now
  4. Noddan


    Thx Flurgh, that solved the problem!
  5. First Hello everyone, just joined yesterday! Got a issue with the setp: Now you have to download the latest DayZRP mod. Follow these instructions: Download the latest DayZRP mod. The download link can be found on the right side of the home page - Yepp did this! Once you've downloaded the zip file with the DayZRP mod, extract it in any location you would like. Remember where! - Yepp did this, put in om my desk, I can see it, it's there Start your DayZ Launcher from Steam, go to mods section and click "Local mod" at the top. Select the @DayZRP folder which you extracted in previous step - Yeah started the launcher, clicked local mod, but it cant find it? I see it from everywere esle but not when I start local mod lancher? Have even tried draging the mod folder to the launcher with is a option, does not work either Anyone got a ide what up?
  6. Hans was born in the Swedish counterside, only child and two loving parents. He started hunting with his father at a very young age, became a natural with a hunting rifel and spent all he free time in the forrest, not always hunting but observing animals and learing to survive of nature from books and Bear Grylls, not Bear he was mostly fun to watch.. Didn't care mutch for school or haning out with the other kids, you could say his dad was his best friend, even if they didn't talk that mutch, they had a sort of silent bond. After finishing school he got called in for military service and discoverd that this is something for him, He gets to use a riffle and spend time in the open, not locked in a room at a desk. When he finished his military service he applyed to the Army and became a marksman, he liked that, was more solo time. It's not alot of ''action'' in the Swedish army, mostly drills, he heard that the Danish NATO force were looking for men to help in Afghanistan, and few months later he was in Afghanistan. Thats was his life for the next few years, it was not alot of green forrest but you cant have everything.. His next mission and ''last'' was 2017 July, fighting some strange appedemic in Chernarus... Now he just survives by any means.
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