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  1. Pekuru

    Best gun

    I dissagree. Saiga with Night Optics is far superior!
  2. Pekuru


    Well this was yesterday so I don't think it's broken anymore.
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    I didn't know it was broken. That's sad. :c
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    My Screenshots

  5. Well, first and foremost; Being new to the entire DayzRP scene it was one helluva confusing situation. Sure; It doesn’t excuse for what happened I suppose but I hope my POV can clarify some things from my end. My POV: Prior to the engagement in question, the 2 days before that we constantly had people show up. Some were nice, but more often then not it would end up in some tense situation that would leave us with ourselfs on edge. First the two Ugandans come around with some vague ass threat telling us he’d bring friends along next time around. Then the next day, we had another group of Ugandans pull up to the compound trying to recruit the kids, which we didn’t allow and it ended up in a firefight. So with two days of tense situations, I think it’d be perfectly okay for the entire group going of alert when a large armed group pulls up for "business" if you take the IC reasoning into account. Listening to the chatter happening between the guys more familiar with who we’re dealing with, I took up a defensive position as asked and started calling out what people outside the compound were doing. We were a hotspot at that moment with a lot of people just standing around and hanging around while it became rather tense. That’s all I did honestly. When the initiation happened, they ran off, and came back. I didn’t really do much aside trying to shoot someone as they were claiming to be on the roof and ended up getting schwacked. Especially talking about the guy asking for a backpack: We were told to get into a defensive posture and everybody is doing their tacticool shit, and then you decide to roll up and ask for a backpack. In my opinion it’d be perfectly valid to tell you to shoo off considering the situation that was developing at that point.
  6. Everybody RP's different and likes different styles. If people want to RP as children, let them. The few instances I RP'd with IC kids were quite enjoyable. They even fearRP! Its a change of pace away from the 'everybody is a battle hardened tier one operator'! cliche.
  7. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and don't let the infected bite.
  8. *A bit bewilderd someone replied to him, he presses the PTT again* "Muslims? I'm a.. Army Corporal. I did notice some man-made barriers along the fenceline, but there was nobody there aside a few Z's. Made my way down to the nearby city and encountered a railway station with a CDF camp. I'm just trying to find other people, hopefully with a camp or something..." *A audible sigh escapes his lips before the PTT is released and the radio falls silent again*
  9. Played for the first time after some issues. Props to @Saunders for taking time to get me all sorted. Haven't found any RP or encounters yet, hopefully that'll come tomorrow or anytime soon!
  10. *Steffen pushes the PTT* "H-Hello? Anybody else receiving? I'm currently wandering around, and I have lost my map and where I am. Break. I can see a big red & white radio tower but there's gunfire around this area. Is there any military personnel fighting zombies in the nearby area? Break. Anyway.. I'm heading to that big tower.. Maybe anybody has a party I could team up with? Over. *Steffen releases the PTT and sighs, making his way to the big radio tower in the distance.*
  11. Steffen Hartman is an German-American wildlife enthusiast and specialized in Radiology within the US Armed Forces being dispatched to aid in the Research part of the Chernarussian outbreak. From a young age, Steffen always seemed intrigued by the woods and its flora. At age 7, he got caught sneaking out of his home in rural Virginia to inspect and admire the wildlife surrounding the area. However at 12 years old, the young enthusiastic boy ventured out in the wild once again during forest fire season and witnessed the horrible destruction it left behind after such a event. This drove him to sign up for for National Park Services (NPS) youth division duties near his home town. He enjoyed his life as a young park ranger, assisting the grown ups through his young teen life until at age 18, he was old enough to become a park ranger himself. However, he refused. Not because he didn’t like it anymore, but because a scholarship was granted in a field he seemed to excel in after some testing at his high school; Radiology. He seemed to have a talent for interpreting information and his math scores didn’t lie either. Although not the best, they were up to par with the requirements. So at 20, he signed up for a major in Radiology, which was a 5 year university course and ultimately, he got his major in the field and soon enough signed up for the military to put his knowledge into practice. At 25, he and a continence of other research personell gets attached to a NATO Task Group that was venturing towards the strange occurrence happening in Chernarus. Soon enough the events occurred that lead to the ultimate downfall of the operation. Infected began overwhelming the position he and his fellows were holding and one of the remaining boats was used to evacuate the materials gathered, along with the research personnel. However, as the storm began to rage, the ship didn’t make it clear from the island, and the survivors (if any aside Steffen) washed ashore the ruined state that was once Chernarus.
  12. Will try! Can never be sure since its a new community 'n all.
  13. I’m Pek(uru)! Nice to meet’cha! I’m a twenty-five year old security guard living in the Netherlands. I’m a avid fan of role playing after I started back in 2010 with a silly little game called GMOD. Yes – I’m one of those. Nonetheless. The little introduction phase lead me to where I am now. With about 10 years of RP experience under my belt and not growing tired of the interactions and friends gained from role playing. After taking a small hiatus to focus on studies I’m back into roleplaying, and I was pondering about how DayZRP would be seeing as its the perfect game for it and the constant PvP killing and looting just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m a 5 year long A3 mission maker and I know all too well player enjoyment is the most important thing. Its the mantra I try to carry out in everything I do: As long as people are having fun. And combine that with like minded people who also enjoy a good story and role playing in a environment such as DayZ, I’d figure that’d be a good combo. Aside from the obvious copypasta from my whitelist application, I also enjoy a few other things like anime, tactical gaming (avid ArmA3 player) and traveling. If 'ya got any questions, let me know and I'll answer them honestly.
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