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  1. A stubborn, strong, caring individual who cares about the well being of others, but who finds himself ultimately alone. A battered childhood, a hectic life. A smart individual who spent most of his early years just trying to survive a bad neighborhood. Losing friends, family, always to someone who stole what they couldnt earn on there own. Griever never backed down when questioned about what was right. He learned a long time ago that he would prefer not to take a life, but if someone is in danger he will do what he must. Skilled in survival, firearms, and hand to hand combat Griever was not one to be trifled with. But the enemy knew how to hurt him, they came for his family while he was in the Army. Wife, daughter, Friends, everyone was buried. Distraught, and determined Griever ensured they would not be alone. After the wars in America, after losing it all Griever found himself on a boat, adrift in the Northern Atlantic. Drifting, aimlessly, just waiting to die alone. Cold, starving, and shaken awake from his sleep, Griever awoke to his boat just scraping by the rocks due south of Cherno. The crew was missing? But screams could be heard in the distance, then gun fire. Helicopters crashing down, explosions. "Where the hell am I" Ex clamored Griever, now fully awake. He threw on his jeans, running shoes, and grabbed a sweater before heading up to the deck to assess the situation. As the door swung open and the sunlight subsided he noticed a city on fire. As he went to grab his gear bag the boat crashed! Unconscious, cold, and damp. A high pitched ringing in the ears, the feel of someone pulling at me, then pushing, its like someone is trying to move me? I woke up on the beach, waves pushing me back and fourth. The boat, the crew, nowhere to be found. "How long was I out? ugh, Im starving! I need to get a knife, and some food" Just then gun shots were heard from further north. "Shots mean survivors, maybe they can help me figure out whats going on here. Maybe its some of the crew. Either way im not getting anywhere on this beach. Time to move." Grievers silhouette disappeared into the wilderness off the coast of the island.
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