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  1. Character cooldown

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated!
  2. Character cooldown

    Recently back to DayZRP and made a new character and then messed up and fiddled around with both of them and now I cant go back to my new main character any chance of a cooldown reset? Apologies for the arse ache and thanks in advance.
  3. Garik Lukavic

    Just a simple Postman with former CDF training.
  4. Garry Walker

    British Army Soldier (More to come)
  5. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Would ARMASync work at all? Also just another question will Deso have a seperate lore team or seperate team in general or will it come under the current admins and mods etc?
  6. World of Warcraft: Warmane Private Servers

    I didn't need to see this. Stay back WoW!
  7. The most retarded way you've broken your leg in DayZ?!

    In the mod I opened a gate and it swung and knocked me out, I wake to find it broke my legs as well as my dignity.
  8. Bring Back Desolation

    Can this just happen already? Pls?
  9. [FANGS] The Gray Fangs [ARCHIVE PLEASE]

    Ask Echo! We need to be back if FANGS are! The Whiskey/Fangs/Cerberus trio of heroship could be a reality once more! I NEED this.
  10. [FANGS] The Gray Fangs [ARCHIVE PLEASE]

    Ask Gavin! We need to be back if FANGS are!
  11. British European Referendum

    He's staying I believe. Just watched his tv statement he's going. There will be a new PM for October before the Tory conference. Big stuff!
  12. British European Referendum

    Well that's Cameron stepping down.
  13. [S1] False Execution/Bad Rp- 23/05/16 - 20:10

    Gariks PoV: I was the first to interact with the two people on the road. It looked like they had crashed so I can over to see what was wrong and RP'd with them. After about five minutes Sparky came up to the group and also started to RP. I did not have much if any contact with Sparky as I was with the others from the car before they slowly walked away. That was when we initiated on Sparky. We moved him North where the RP happened. It was mostly done by Scott, my punch on Sparky was a reaction for finding out he was a slaver. I punched him and then walked off to let Scott deal with the rest of the RP as I was told to cool off. I unfortunately dont have any video evidence of this.
  14. Potential Charity Event - Thoughts?

    Sign me up!
  15. Desolation Changes

    This is the only thing that will bring people to play. I am not talking big events but things like: CDF trying to take control over Chernogorsk, Big Chedaki figure trying to make it to Russia, Group of scavengers attacking small CDF outpost. Clans can organise that, but the problem with that is that not mutch clans are active. Its true. I've been trying to get MVD on or to recruit more so we can man the border and actually get some Russian RP going but to no avail it makes me want to make my own Russian clan heh.