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  1. GrayGray

    [FM] Free Medics

    Always lurking never posting but it is so good to see FM back and growing too! I hope this continues and I wish you good luck. Hope to see you guys in game!
  2. GrayGray


    I hope it doesn't just stop and get cancelled like last time #nervoushype
  3. GrayGray

    Filii Prophetam [Strict Recruitment]

    Hoping to see some great cleansing RP in lakes and whatnot. Good luck!
  4. GrayGray

    Wolves of Eden (Recruitment open)

    Hey man good luck on this again! I bloody hope it works out cause you deserve it!
  5. GrayGray

    Character cooldown

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated!
  6. GrayGray

    Character cooldown

    Recently back to DayZRP and made a new character and then messed up and fiddled around with both of them and now I cant go back to my new main character any chance of a cooldown reset? Apologies for the arse ache and thanks in advance.
  7. Growing up in Novigrad to strict parents Garik was pushed to join the CDF from as soon as he was able and started a career that lasted some years before being wounded in the Civil war by a grenade which shattered his knee, something that he would never truly recover from. When he was discharged he wandered around doing minor jobs before securing a rather peaceful job as a postman based at Novodmitrovsk. Its office handled post for the city and its outlying towns and villages so Garik used this as physical therapy for his knee not only that but the nearby CDF base allowed him to relive his former days as a soldier and he knew personally some soldiers that were stationed there. He was a friendly sort that always had a smile and cheerful disposition to his customers even when after he was bitten and nipped by various dogs and other pets. "All in a days work" he'd say even if his right hand has a small twitch now. In his spare time he'd target shoot out in the fields. He thought he may as well keep his aim at least slightly average even if his hand wouldn't let him shoot as straight anymore. As the infected started to attack Severograd Garik was out in the countryside doing his rounds when he heard the rumble of artillery hit the outlying countryside. Panicking he rushed back to Novodmitrovsk where he heard the CDF had started moving more soldiers North. The panic was everywhere as he and many others thought a war against Russia was starting. If only people knew. That week and the following is now enshrined in history, Garik still is wandering his homeland just trying to survive. He's been back to house in Novodmitrovsk only once in the past year. His homesickness was pushing him to go back up North. Maybe he could do his old rounds again if nothing his around. "The apocolypse can have a peaceful quality to it" he thought as he shouldered his satchel and put on his old postmans cap.
  8. Walker opens up his journal puts his pen to it “Here it goes I guess” I've been here too long already, I miss home I miss my wife, I hope she is okay there is no fucking way to get out of the place and even if there was it'd be a death trap. I'm sure she'll be fine I mean I wouldn't mess with her and these things are just meat so I'm sure she'd take them apart. I guess thats the first thing anyone who finds this if I go will read and that's okay. Who am I? Just call me Walker and but you probably don't care after ravishing my corpse for supplies. This is my story. Not from the very beginning though why would you care where I came from, what backwards English town I spent my youth in? No none of that really matters, what does is how my journey to this wretched place started and that came from joining the army. Eighteen I was after flunking education and being bastard. I thought the army “Yeah makes sense, it's a career and I'll end up learning skills I could actually use” so I signed up to my local regiment and boom after months there I was a soldier. A trained killer, peacemaker and quite soon after that it was the Second Gulf War. I wont bore you with details nothing sepctacular happened until Afghanistan. I fought with those lads for sometime, earned a couple of promotions and then the thing happened. Three letters and it killed my friends in a flash, not all them but the good ones who didn't deserve it. I lived, unscathed really apart from a ringing in my ears but they sent me home on leave for a bit. I went back to Afghan, I had too and stayed till we pulled out but yeah that episode depressed me perhaps enough to do what I did next. I volunteered for the UN along with some of my unit just in time for the rolling fuck up that was the civil war in this fucking place so that was a joy, I wont tell you about it why bother? You've probably met someone who knows about it. Naturally when this incident happened NATO sent units who knew the area and so here I am and still am. Maybe I'll write more maybe I'll go into more detail.....maybe.... May aswell sign it off. Cpl Walker 1-1 1st Regiment Royal Fusiliers
  9. GrayGray

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Would ARMASync work at all? Also just another question will Deso have a seperate lore team or seperate team in general or will it come under the current admins and mods etc?
  10. GrayGray

    World of Warcraft: Warmane Private Servers

    I didn't need to see this. Stay back WoW!
  11. GrayGray

    The most retarded way you've broken your leg in DayZ?!

    In the mod I opened a gate and it swung and knocked me out, I wake to find it broke my legs as well as my dignity.
  12. GrayGray

    Bring Back Desolation

    Can this just happen already? Pls?
  13. GrayGray

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs [ARCHIVE PLEASE]

    Ask Echo! We need to be back if FANGS are! The Whiskey/Fangs/Cerberus trio of heroship could be a reality once more! I NEED this.
  14. GrayGray

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs [ARCHIVE PLEASE]

    Ask Gavin! We need to be back if FANGS are!
  15. GrayGray

    British European Referendum

    He's staying I believe. Just watched his tv statement he's going. There will be a new PM for October before the Tory conference. Big stuff!