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  1. Alistair started out as a small-time thug from New Jersey who spent his youth in and out of the system. After becoming of age he joined the army for a short time gaining various skills and becoming very familiar with all types of firearms. After his first tour of duty he was dishonorably discharged due to his mishandling of a hostage situation and the burning of an entire town that was believed to be the home of a terrorist cell. After returning to the states, he returned to his roots and picked up work as a mob enforcer. After several years he parted ways with the mob on good terms and reached out to various contacts and began his own gun smuggling business. After many years he had built an impressive resume with dealings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Bolivia, Japan, and even a short dealing with North Korea. Unfortunately, due to the uproar in various countries civil unrest, his ability to move goods was limited and his standard means of travel were cut. He was grounded. Thankfully he was able to call in a favor from a previous buyer and book passage on a freighter that would depart from the Ukraine stopping in the port towns along the coasts of the Black Sea. However, on the 24th of July a massive storm began to rage on the waters causing the freighter and its crew to crash a ways off from the city of Novigrad in a desolate part of the country that had recently gained quite a lot of attention on the news called Chernarus.
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