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  1. Hunter Rose has always had problems with authority, ever since he was a teenager. His mouth also lacked the ability to remained shut for long, which probably never helped the cause. Growing up in Hamilton Ont., Hunter was the victim of a pair of parents who worked too much and didn't give him the love and attention he deserved. Always looking to try and get his parents' attention, Hunter would eventually fall in with the wrong crowd. Despite the label as a troublemaker, Hunter was loyal to a fault. He would never sell out his friends, no matter how much trouble they would get in. Some would even say he had a kind heart underneath all the jokes, pranks and crimes he would pull. But one day his life took a drastic turn. During a ding-dong-ditch effort when he was 16, the man who's house they had pranked had chased after them on foot. Hunter tried to drive away but the man got his hand inside the vehicle. Hunter sped off but it sent the man flying, killing him. Hunter was charged with manslaughter but due to his father's connections with the legal system, he was sent to join the army rather than spend time in jail. So there he was, a 16-year-old training to become a killing machine for the government. While he was hurt and scared inside, he used humour and a quick-wit to try and hide it. This wouldn't sit well with his superiors, who would force him to do extra drills and training to punish him. This led to a resentment to everyone in a place of power. Who were they to tell him what to do all the time? How to live his life? Doctors within the army always questioned his mental stability, but he was never found unfit to serve. He would end up doing three tours in Iraq during the war as a peacekeeper in the Delta 645 Squadron. Due to the extra training he was forced to do as discipline, his physical prowess was off the charts and he had quickly learned about a unique talent of his – he was a virtuoso with a gun. And then an opportunity came – a promotion to special forces Omega Squad. It was a squad sent in only for special assignments or if the government didn't want anyone to know about it. He had essentially become government-contracted hitman. But his moral compass never wavered. Even when he was forced to kill someone, he would find it difficult sometimes especially since they had done no wrong to him. What right did he have to end someone's life? Hunter always resented being in the army – he hated being told what to do by old men thousands of miles away. But then a special assignment came in – Operation 8689: Chenarus Bombings had just taken place in Chenarus and there had been reports of people biting and eating others. Hunter and the rest of his squad were sent in by boat, expecting to land on the shore and make there way to Berezino first. But a storm hit them out of nowhere, capsizing the boat and separating him from his squad. He washed up on shore in Chenarus, his equipment gone and his squad no where to be seen. Once he awoke, he quickly realized what was happening – something was wrong and things wouldn't be getting better. As the infection spread, Hunter used his training to stay alive. Not much else to do when the world goes to shit. But through all of it, after hearing about the infection spreading, the millions of causalities, Hunter somehow found a joy in it. There was no one around to tell him what to do anymore. He didn't have to follow orders. He was free.
  2. That's completely fair! I just want one character who's a little more outgoing and more adept at the environment and one struggling to survive! I think it could offer some great parallels for me. Thanks!
  3. Ok but I can switch which one is active as I feel like playing them, correct?
  4. I understand we are allowed to change characters at will but can we have multiple active ones going? like if I feel like roleplaying as one character one week and then another a different week, can we alternate between them? And is there a certain process we need to go through for the new character or we just create a new one?
  5. Entry #1 It’s been far too long since I’ve felt the sweet release that comes with putting pen to paper. Writing used to give me such peace. Nothing mattered except one man, a pen, a piece of paper and possibilities that only ended as far as one’s imagination stretched. But alas, there is almost no time for such pleasantries anymore. My mind continues to race, with my only thoughts about finding Ava and bringing her back into my arms. My poor, sweet daughter. So full of life and innocence before this cursed outbreak. I only hope I can one day see her face and smile again to once again bring warmth to my ever freezing heart. I can only hope that I find her safely and extract my revenge on the man who took her. But these thoughts and actions only remain in my head for now. My journey to find her continues. Things have taken quite a turn recently, hopefully for the better. It feels like an eternity since I last joined up with any group for a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, as with the rest of the people I seem to meet, they met their untimely end as I was out gathering food and water. But I did come across a friendly soul once again. Near Berezino I ran into a woman named Phoenix (she never did tell me how to spell her name). She helped me find a water pump to help quench my thirst. As we exchanged pleasantries, a voice carried across the wind. “I am watching you.” Chills ran down my spine. We both ran, deciding it would be best to not stick around to find out if it was just our imagination or not. Can never be too careful these days. But she allowed me to tag along and it was nice to have a conversation with someone other than the walls and chickens I pass on my journeys. It wasn’t until her allies were nearly there that she revealed herself as the leader of the group known as the Wolf Pack. To say I was caught off-guard would be an understatement. But in the end, their kindness proved to know no bounds. They fed me, watered me and allowed myself, a scraggly looking drifter, to tag along as they headed back to base. We travelled to castles and the forest and as their group grew and the joked started flowing it made me realize something. I miss people. While they allowed me to latch on until their base, they wouldn’t let me in. But one cannot blame them, we had just met and trust seems to be the rarest form of currency in this new world. I travelled north as far as I felt comfortable going, but would once again find no one, leaving me victim to my thoughts once again. As I write this, gunfire rings out but I cannot waver in my journey. I will continue to search for you my sweet daughter. Because if a father cannot keep his child safe, what point is there to continue living? ”So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)
  6. Roman Kapelos continues to wander around Chernarus, clinging to the small glimmer of hope he will find out what happened to his daughter. Before the outbreak Five years before the outbreak, Roman felt on top of the world. He had just finished his second year of teaching English at the Berezino Institute. He was relieved the risk to move his family from Akron, Ohio, to a completely new world had worked out. Roman and his family had fallen on hard time in the United States. He and his wife had been laid off and couldn't find work and the bills were piling up. Roman had first learned about the opportunity in Berezino from a friend who had family in the area. While both he and his wife, Alex, hesitated to take the opportunity up, it was after they lost their house to a fire that they decided to take the risk and move to the thriving country in 2010. His wife had found work at the local Berezino medical clinic as a nurse and his daughter, 7-year-old Ava, had finally started to come out her shell and was beginning to fit in with the kids in her class. Everything seemed to finally be turning around for him and his family. But of course, the good times wouldn't last. Three years before the outbreak It was a rainy and sad February 23, 2014 for Roman and his daughter. They had just buried Alex, who had died after a short fight with pancreatic cancer. With his wife being unable to work for one-and-a-half years and the medical bills piling up, Roman and his family had to downsize their home. He also was forced to pick up extra hours tutoring students. Ava had once again gone into her social shell and despite his attempts to break through, he felt the two were growing apart. With both his and Ava's happiness compromised, Roman set a plan in motion to begin working towards getting the both of them back to the States and yet another fresh start. The outbreak begins The day was almost here. Roman and his daughter were going to go back to the states. The flight was booked for August and their home had just sold. And then the incident happened. Roman remembers watching the news and seeing the protests and outrage over the Chernarussian woman and a Russian man wedding attack. And then Martial law was called. The country was slowly turning into a war-zone and he knew his wife would only want him to do one thing – keep Ava safe. Once the virus began to spread, Berezino was one of the first communities hit. Due to the unknowns still surrounding it, the military came in full force to try and keep it under control. Due to the madness in the streets, Roman and Ava fled their first opportunity to try and get away. On the run Roman only heard snippets about the outbreak as he and Ava moved from town to town to try and get as far away as possible from the outbreak. But they could only run for so long. Once the bombings started, Roman and Ava had started moving from group to group of survivors. Each learning their new way to survive. Each one meeting their own demise, whether it was by bandits or succumbing to the virus. Luckily for the both of them, Ava and Roman were immune to the virus. But then would come the darkest day of his life. The attack While with a small group of 5 survivors near Moglievka in December 2017, bandits attacked them one afternoon. The group of 20 of them outnumbered Roman's group. While the bandits took their supplies and killed two of their group, one of the bandits kidnapped Ava. Roman tried to stop them but was hit with the butt of a rifle, knocking him out and the last thing he remembers seeing is her screaming as the bandit tossed her into the vehicle they had patched together. Ever since then, Roman continues to look for her. The glimmer of hope he clings to is the only thing keeping him alive that he will find her out there. While he has run into a few people here and there, Roman has been unable to find a group to connect with once again. And that's where we pick up his story...
  7. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to surviving with all of ya!
  8. I know the basics so far but am still learning new things I just haven't gotten the opportunity to do yet (like build a base and such). And hoping some group takes me under their wing with this first character
  9. Hey Everyone! My name's Britton, I'm a bearded dude from Canada (eh?) I look forward to getting to know all of you! I am intrigued by the idea of doing an online video game roleplay and Day Z seems like the perfect game to do so. I just hope you all put up with me and my noobness as I am still learning a ton of things in this very complicated game! If there's anything you would like to know about me, feel free to ask!
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