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  1. Trained Samurai I'll be playing as "Shun Oguri" I cam from a long line of Japanese samurai. I was trained as a young age how to use a sharp edged weapon. My parents decided to arranged my marriage with a pretty young Russian girl. We both moved Chernarus to start a family, but the outbreak occurred and Slaughtered my Wife and Kids. I am now stuck at Chernarus trying to figure my way out of this country back to Japan to see if my family is safe or not. I also want to contribute to eliminating all of these zombies. Doesn't matter if my leg or arm is cut off I will do everything in my power and ability to slice these zombies in half. I hope one day I can end all of this and continue my life forward and start a new family so I can pass down my blood and teach my kids the way of the Samurai. I would want to meet new friends and maybe a strong woman that can help me pass on my Legacy. But first I want to establish some kind of communication system so I can contact my family. I hope they are okay. They own a pretty large company in Japan hopefully their wealth can protect them from this danger.
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