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    So the new update is kinda...

    I've resorted to bashing their heads in with cans of beans. Decent stunlock and easy to replace. Item degradation sucks all across the board rn though.
  2. Fuhqnugget

    Server split?

    Livonia looks better and generally feels better than Chernarus+. Options are needed and honestly I think it's a welcome change. I dont think Livonia will get to the point of 0-2 active. The lowest I've seen is 7 at midnight PST.
  3. Fuhqnugget

    Lawful Evil and Roleplay

    Play a Sociopath, at least that's a possible huge personality trait you could emphasize. Making sure that every 'friendship' is beneficial is important, but if someone doesn't benefit you anymore dump then off like they are nothing. Always make sure you're benefitting yourself, not others. That's some keys to a lawful evil character. I've yet to play one on DayZRP, I look forward to hearing this RP though.
  4. I'm in no way insinuating that you put a lit stick of potassium nitrate on your bag/vest. I'm insinuating that you put an UNLIT stick of potassium nitrate on your bag/vest.
  5. Nothing much, just a suggestion to add the carrying option of flares to vests such as is possible with smoke grenades, grenades, flash grenades, and pouches. This isn't gigantic by any means, but I end up using smoke grenades way more often than actual grenades or flashes because they are extremely useful for pinpointing positions. Flares have this but with the added effect of being able to make a fire in a pinch. It's a small but useful feature that I think could possibly be looked into. EDIT: This is NOT a suggestion to add LIT flares as an attachable object to your vest/backpack. It is for UNLIT flares. Last I checked adding lit Potassium Nitrate to your vest is a BAD idea.
  6. Zombos are just annoying turds that hinder my travel time and take all my golden duct tape. Honestly item degradation needs tweaked moreso than the current damage because that's the biggest hindrance that zombos bring.
  7. I think Livonia is fine. Small developers need revenue in order to continue. They can't just make a million kickstarters and expect to generate enough revenue to continue from that. That's why DLC became a thing, so that developers can up sales slightly to continue production. Also, they didn't release Livonia with JUST the map being added. They added the Double Barrel and the Blaser back, both of which are weapons that fans have been begging for animations to be implemented since the engine change. Now, it's only two guns which is considerably low, and we still don't have the magnum, however I still believe BI made a smart decision with Livonia. The map is gorgeous and surprisingly it actually stands out from Chernarus. With completely rubbled cities to cities that have forests completely surrounding it, to plains that may or may not have multiple snipers hiding in the foliage, and to the bears and wolves being consistently heard and causing hysteria, this map has a lot to offer and shouldn't be overlooked. It's a good example of what SZ would be in an updated format.
  8. Fuhqnugget

    Livonia Appeal

    The only difficultly I've really received from Livonia sk far has to do with the amount of rains and the amount of Zs. The food spawns fairly regularly, you just have to have some knowledge about vanilla DayZ spawns (which houses to loot, etc.) and be decent at using iZurvive, although I've mostly just been running town to town using signs. This updates great, once the normal bugs get worked out it will be even better. The amount of damage done to items DEFINITELY needs tweaked though.
  9. As the name suggests I think it would be useful if we could use car doors in more ways other than then just being generic useless warehouse spawns. If we lowered the spawn rate a little and made it to where something like pliers or a saw + the door could make some scrap metal it would give a reason to actually grab these and in all honesty it makes sense considering metal is clearly on there. Leave your opinions below please, I'd love to hear them!
  10. Hey man thanks! It was great fun seeing everyone there and finally having @Vandire wrap up an important part of his story. Its finished but this part is just beginning!
  11. True, but if the people are into it it might be worth a try idk.
  12. That's what my worries were with the mod. Would there be a way to disable the 'blood splatter' effects and instead just use blood trails? The gore looks horrible and is pointless and honestly looks more unrealistic, but the blood trails look great. If we could decrease the time that these trails last for as well it might assist the server performance change with it as well. The blood trails are really the only thing that would assist with RP. The blood mist would help with knowing if you hit, but honestly isnt needed. @Ducky do you think disabling many portions of this mod would be possible?
  13. Just saw a mod that adds better blood effects as well as creates a blood trail for bleeding targets. This includes both players and animals. Would make hinting more realistic and would bring more life to RP in interesting ways. Such as a battle where the victors follow a blood traila and someone pleads for their life. Edit: Forgot to ask how the mod would effect server performance and such. I put this up right before I went to sleep
  14. Yes from me. I see some old campfire photos with people sitting on sleeping bags surrounding a fire. Good stuff.
  15. No Link No "Evidence" Feedback: Just wanted to comment on how awesome and how quickly you reacted when I needed tped out the base yesterday. I was there for only 8 minutes and as soon as you hopped in it was dealt with within a minute. Awesome work and decent conversation man! After looking through the forums you have great thoughts and opinions and I always stop in to read what you have to say in big threads. Also Slipknot gif so brownie points there. No suggestions, you're great!
  16. I would like to throw out that every single time this has happened I have role played out the situation, but OOC let the person know that we won't rob them and have actually stopped someone from my group from doing so. Also, considering this is a glitch I wasn't exactly intending on this being a rule added to the official rules list, as this will be patched or fixed by a mod soon. My intention was to get the GMs and other to deliberate and make the ruling official for the time being through this thread. I agree with @AndreyQ though. If you can ever roleplay out a situation you should, however people in this server have varying levels of RP skills. If you TPed into Falks or Saunders car for example there'd be no reason to not RP, but if you TPed into a group of 3 fresh spawns who joined the server 3 hours ago it's a different story. Also @AndreyQ, that entire situation was horrible RP. No trying to explain it, they were holding you up to hold you up. If they had someone who was less prepared for PvP then there would have been a robbery where horrible RP led them to removing their pants and such. He even went OOC in VOIP. This entire situation is just not explainable IC and the teleporter or the people they were teleported to should have the rights to continue on with their initial RP and not be forced into a hostile situation. Now everytime it's happened in my group so far we had 8 to 10 people with us, so it was quite easy to lead it our way. I could have stolen everyone's weapon who showed up last night (3 people) and that would be 3 unhappy people that experienced a glitch and a crash but also had to deal with a robbery on top of all of that. I agree that you shouldn't avoid the RP that comes from this, but I believe you should have to go OOC and ask permission for HostileRP. Nobody should be subject to a type of RP that their character would otherwise normally avoid in any other circumstance, but I also blatantly believe that you can't avoid good RP if it presents itself. And @Zanaan, this TP glitch normally happens when more people are present. I think it'd be fairly commonplace for 1-3 people to be giving the okay for a TP to happen and letting the GM know that one of the party has experienced the TP glitch. It's understandable when it's just one person to not believe them, but when an entire group is saying it I'd see little reason to not believe it. TLDR; Not an official rule, but a statement making this fact known. Also, if good RP presents itself don't avoid it, but if it turns into HostileRP the other party should consent as a glitch had you show up in the first place.
  17. Simply said, I had 3 people so far in the last 2 days that have appeared in my car as part of the TP glitch. Every single time I play it out ic but go OOC and ask where they were, if they need a ride, if they need food, etc. Now, I was running with a group during one of these encounters and they attempted to initiate and rob the random player of his M4 that showed up. I stopped it by yelling in Discord comms as it's exceedingly rude, and I went on to explain some of the stuff that is important in situations like that. As a community member I want to establish outright that if anything is done to one of these people or if this person does anything to the people he/she randomly meets with, it becomes an exploit of a glitch and is therefore punishable. I believe randomly TPing into another person's car is obviously unfair for both parties in many cases. This should go without saying, but you should immediately offer to help in some way or at the very least let them go fairly quickly. TLDR; I want to establish that if a car TP happens that if the TPer initiates or gets initiated on it is punishable as an exploit of a glitch. The user did not put themself in that situation willingly and therefore should have a 'grace period' set upon them where they aren't immediately murdered. Thoughts?
  18. I personally would like to acknowledge whoever sent the radio broadcast about the helicopter coming to the prison Island. It created amazing RP and made us change our movements. Also @Vandire and everyone else, fun day guys!
  19. Fuhqnugget

    What inspires you to make your characters/RP them?

    Mainly character growth. I've enjoyed playing the same character for awhile now. I try my hardest to react as he would, and lately it's just been shenanigans. He's been keeping his sanctity lately better then he has before!
  20. Fuhqnugget

    camera lock

    -1 from me. Cars are a thing, and they're more prone to being glitched while in 1st person. Also photos in 3rd person are cool. Now as for the guns thing, neat idea, however people would just get around it by not pulling their guns out. Also gunplay is already clunky enough in dayz.
  21. Fuhqnugget

    Can we ban people that do this?

    I was directing it at you because you were claiming that this doesn't have normal RP interactions, meaning survivor versus enemy, etc. The whole of the post wasn't directed towards you, I dont harbor any ill will towards any of you guys
  22. Fuhqnugget

    Can we ban people that do this?

    Why would we waste vast resources if we are perfectly aware that they are going to be tore down within a couple days? It's the games fault for making it look like you can get through it, not ours. If you WANT us to make it take 20 minutes for you to get the water rather than 10 than that is 100% okay in my eyes. I also wasn't the one to compare it to robbing guns. I just know that if I was in an apocalyptic scenario 3 major things would be in others backpacks that I want. The means to protect myself, the means to eat, and the means to drink. If you paid attention they were talking about redirecting pipes in the posts before. Currently we're enjoying providing RP to ourselves because people are being ignorant and don't want to discover why the wells are being walled off. Instead we're talking in a thread literally labelled as; ,Can we Ban People that do this?' Things that aren't realistic that you just have to deal with in character and act as if they aren't happening: Desync, server restarts, car glitches, glitches in general, disappearing items, etcetera, etcetera. Half built walls that you can't squeeze through are easy to roleplay out. If you are deciding that it is stupid out of character than you aren't even attempting to look at this from a roleplay perspective.
  23. Fuhqnugget

    Can we ban people that do this?

    If you decide to not RP with other survivors because we aren't present it is your fault for not doing so. RP choices shouldn't have to be focused on primarily bringing RP directly to 2 people, yourself and the one affected, but should be able to cause a situation where another random survivor interacts with another random survivor because it affects them both. We made the radio broadcast, and I'm contemplating about seeing if we can make an OBF so everyone sees it again. It's obvious IC and OOC that the Corporation is doing this, and therefore everyone not providing RP even though they know it is us is very clearly avoiding a possible great RP scenario.
  24. *A voice calls out from beyond the radio, a clearly american voice with a slight hint of a country accent reaches out* "Hedric here. Good to hear that you're safe. Those corp guys sure have been a problem lately. Thanks for the word of warning and the good wishes. I hope you as well stay safe." *the static of the radio fades back in fairly quickly*
  25. Fuhqnugget

    Can we ban people that do this?

    Gary has discussed it privately with Roland and he said it was okay, as far as I am aware. As far as I am concerned I'm only interactive with the Corp on certain social levels- I'm not dealing with this in game. I've paid attention to everyone's viewpoints, and most are invalid. You won't get a griefing report for simply breaking a fence. That is ludicrous. I also know for sure that people breaking a fence and being caught between doing it would not grant defender rights. Something to keep in mind is that if you go to a base and yell 'IS ANYONE IN THERE?!,' and you get no response, the people inside do not suddenly gain KoS rights. Roleplay is needed as per the rules. This technically doesn't break any rules, as it can be considered small bases in certain areas. By no means is two towns 'the entire map' currently. That's the end goal but it's feasibly impossible. Now, the entire Southwestern coast? That's more feasible and possible. It makes sense for a group to push their sphere of influence in an area. If we get to the point where it's every single well as reported then it's going to be caused by a lack of IC pushback. The 'lack of roleplay' I believe is coming from both sides. What I see is people taking screenshots of something happening IG and going to the OOC forums to report it for stupid reasons. Break the wall, ask other survivors, create a story around it. As mentioned before during the topic of offline raiding; It is only on you and you alone if you choose to deal with IC things OOC. If you choose to roleplay the things that are happening around you than you are better for it, but if you simply run to the forums and pout then you are doing nothing for character development in game. If you are actively choosing to deal with something as stupid as 3 unfinished wall frames around a well OOC than that is your fault for not finding a way to handle it in character. The question at hand was whether or not it was done to be trolly. You've gotten many responses that explain the lore reasons behind this and how the Corp has had it planned for some time. Now, get to working IC. Water should be scarce. Make sure that the precious water is safe for the rest of the server to use. Hero groups could rise from this shit, but instead we're sitting here trying to get people banned for three walls. Now: I agree that building a manned base would promote more roleplay, but we are dealing with the roleplay on the server manually the way we are doing it now. IC the word has spread that the Corp has done this. We made a radio broadcast announcing that we have done this, taking full credit for it. The whole server knows where we are. Why hasn't anyone come to Prison Island to discuss treaties? Why hasn't anyone come to discuss the choices our characters are making IC. This can be dealt with IG in many ways, however it is currently only being dealt with from a Community Discussion thread on the forums. Currently a Corporation is claiming control over certain cities water supply. Why hasn't the Nationalists rose up about this? Why hasn't any groups rose up and countered this? In character stuff can be dealt with through talking and through actual political RP, not through shooting at each other. Nothing is being done IC and it's not supplying any RP. We've taken steps to promote RP in this situation as is and it's been shot down. At the very least I'd like to see other groups taking control of their cities water wells, so that way we don't just come in and wall those off too. I'm just going to end this by saying again that this can be dealt with through Roleplay means in character, and instead it is currently being dealt with through the OOC forums. It is on you and you alone if you decide to take something to the forums rather than trying to deal with it through your own character. Something to keep in mind is that people have KoS rights on Corporate members. If we made a secure compound than it is just asking for us to be KoSed with no roleplay. We allow it because we're big, among other reasons, but it doesn't mean that a lack of roleplay in this situation would get extremely fucking old. The way we are doing it right now keeps the members relatively safe because you have to discern that we are Corporate members in character. The only surefire way to insure we are Corp is by seeing us inside the walls at Prison Island. If we suddenly broke this and decided to just create compounds that's throwing away our one advantage. Side note: meta gaming reports aren't KoS reports. If you walked up to me and asked 'What's your name?' And I gave you my real ic name and you immediately shot me after I hear some click clacking of your keyboard, I'd consider it meta gaming as it's clear you used my name to identify me on the forums as Corp. This is why our identities are secret. If we want to shield our identity it's because it promotes us getting metaed. This is the biggest reason why we won't build gigantic compounds around water wells that are always guarded with 5 to 10 men, because it's just asking all of us to get sniped from a hill.
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