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  1. I've genuinely enjoyed the feeling of seeing small places boarded off in the middle of nowhere if someone is trying to make a base. Old bases screamed "come attack me." New ones actually seem like they're smartly placed and some even seem intended for RP. This also promotes communities living together. I'm not against allowing walls with collision though so that boarding off small areas is more conceivable. Just no more fortresses- ever. The amount of building and gear in Novo was gross when everyone started coming back from Livonia.
  2. ==Pre-Outbreak== Before the outbreak I was a fairly well known Stock Broker. Being the main motivating factor for up and coming people to gain lump sums of cash can honestly get to your head sometimes. Needless to say, I lived fairly lavishly. Not much to speak of in terms of major life choices. Privilege in it's finest in a lot of ways I guess. Either way, normal shit. Was married, haven't had a kid yet. Wife was fucking some other dude while I was out on excursions for business, mainly meeting clients and doing in house visits (our firm decided that they wanted our clients to have a more personal feel). So with that I kinda have nobody around. Parents are still breathing, at least last I talked to them they were. They also rink of privilege in a lot of ways. Either way, main point being is this. I am a stock broker, I've lived a fairly lavish life for the years I've been doing this. This shit though is what caused me to visit Chernarus in the first place. Little did I know, or my firm know, that they'd shut me in and not allow me to leave. I guess I gotta see what it's like to live on your assets that you have on hand. ==Post-Outbreak== My client, being that I made them filthy rich, was kind enough to allow me to stay within their house during this. They had a fairly sizable apartment out of Chernogorsk that I laid low in for awhile. After the military service up checkpoints we were moved into one and, regardless of some of the stuff we encountered within there, it was fairly normal. After awhile though some of us left due to dwindling supplies, my client and I, who I should probably just say is Hevelir Gargahtra, went back to his apartment and tried riding out the storm. Now that seems long ago, even though it's literally been a month. He got tired of waiting and left, and I stayed in the apartment for a couple weeks after. I figure I should go look for him since he's the only friend I guess I got here. So I'm packing up and guess I am going to try and brave the wilderness of Chernarus.
  3. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Not necessary, you have the PMs. Feedback: While I agree that exaggerated memes should not be allowed on character pages, I disagree with not showing someone an example of what exactly needs changed. If you wanted me to change my character page in a good way, you seriously lacked an example of how I needed to exactly change it and had trouble explaining what you meant by bringing my character page up to standards. I could have just have easily changed the one thing that you did give me even though it was arguably not an exact meme. Suggestions for improvement: Give examples or suggestions on what to change and don't say simple lines such as 'Bring it up to standards.' I've been a fairly regular member of this community and this is the only character that I have made where I put a certain degree of humor in it. In the future I suggest being able to explain what standards are rather than upholding an ideal that you cannot explain. Simply said, explain your points more, especially if you temp ban someone for what could be an interesting character.
  4. 8/10, Short and Simple, but a little expected from communities though
  5. Something having to do with @Johnny Navid and the PH boys Probably Martinez' fault.
  6. Wish granted but he didnt use soap and has the corona virus. I wish working at a call center didn't suck ass.
  7. I like the character page, just do a quick grammar check and it'd be great. Not meant as an insult, just giving a hint on some things. For the next person, either Thomas or Calvin I'd prefer Calvin: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-20016/
  8. Here we go boiiiii. So hyped to finally be in an official group with the Pub Hive group.
  9. For clarification, does this mean you can have multiple sims on the map or that you can just have multiple names listed to the one sim. IE, I have one sim for Calvin in Lukow and one sim in Radacz. Or is it how it was before, one sim and you just switch the active char name.
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