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  1. "The only kitchen I hear of so far and it SHUTS DOWN?! Fuck whoever stole from you! I will keep my eyes open!"
  2. *a nasally voice uncomfortably fills the broadcasts static. It screams virgin.* "H-H-Hello? Is this the uhh, the frequency that goes to everyone? I-I'm trying to get hired! McDonald's doesn't seem to run in the apocalypse regardless of how much money it had in the past. I need to find a group that respects my past dishwashing prowess. My names Calvin, please reach out to me if I can wash your dishes. It's all I've ever really wanted in life."
  3. *You would hear an extremely nasally voice enter the radios static* "Heh, with fighting and people come dishes. You boys need dishes washed? I-I'm a professional!"
  4. 7/10, great start. I'm a firm believer that character pages should have some IG story added to them that was significant to the character in question. Also please don't hold me accountable if you check my character page in response, you might have a few lols though I'm hoping.
  5. Calvin McFlinnigan grew up in a simple town, living a simple life. He was a simple man, and had many of the common leisure's in life. At a young age, he realized he loved passing time doing the simple pastime of washing dishes. His parents had a really happy marriage, and he was always happy to do their dishes. He got extremely angry when a dish broke, especially if it was while someone was getting ready for dinner. One day, he accidentally broke a dish and cut himself, and he realized he loved blood more than dishes. He was horrified by this revelation, and covered it up by doing more dishes. Calvin went through high school and aced many classes, but on his senior year he purposely flunked all of his classes in hope of being able to wash the dishes for the local McDonalds. After graduating with what was essentially a participation trophy, Calvin finally got his dream job. However McDonalds was opening a new store, they realized that the key to actually obtaining a decent amount of money was by getting involved in making McChickens for the Chernarussians. He got moved as the lead dishwasher, and shit went south. With so much going on, will Calvin be able to cover his urge to violently wash dishes and gently kill people? The world may never know...
  6. Honestly sounds like a waste of a change. It's easy to follow rules. If you believe you were harshly punished for something, appeal it. Otherwise it's deserved, and that needs acknowledged. Points aren't given out freely. They are earned due to rulebreaks. It's easy to follow server rules, even on hostile characters. If you're afraid of getting more points and are close to a ban, and want to continue hostile RP; I'd suggest targeting RPers who have been in the community for awhile. I've looked in in a ton of reports and a lot of them are made by newer players who are salty that they lost loot, or they're people who are on opposite sides of an IG war and it starts to reflect on the forums. Needless to say, if you are afraid of being banned, don't be in reports.
  7. Sleeping bags again, hyped
  8. I actually stand on the fence on this issue quite a bit, as I can easily see both ways. However I believe there is a possibility that Bohemia may have fucked up the base building system and allowed gates to be built from both ways. It's also important to remember that Base Building is still new in Bohemia standards, and therefore have that Trademarked Bohemia Alpha feel and ars finicky as fuck. I do believe that it is definitely a valid reason to escape, but I don't agree that it is not unbalanced raiding. As someone who does a healthy amount of both I know there is a balance between the 2. Places with 1 way entrances like Kopa become desirable. In order to fully defend a base in a scenario where gates can be made both ways would be to honeycomb the base 2 or 3 times. It's important for bases built for RP in mind have a chance to function decently. Also, I have yet to find someone turn their gates into fences, however that should be equally punishable. It's dumb to think that people would leave themselves with no exit/entrance. TL;DR I personally sit on the fence and mostly made this for dialogue. It's the responsibility of the base owner to ensure that all his fences are facing the wrong way, however even then this entire feature is finicky (as is all stuff regarding Bohemia). My issue really isn't with exiting, it's really with breaking in and not regarding the amount of balances that the staff team has done to insure that not all bases are hit immediately and that base owners have a fighting chance with defenses alone.
  9. I'd like to revisit a previous suggestion. Suggestion: Reason why: By allowing groups to make a fence into a gate in order to raid it makes people want less and less to make a base that doesn't allow one route access. By making it to where fences can be made into gates in order to raid, it disallows almost all reasonable time constraints put in place to balance raiding. This situation makes places like Kopa (or PreCons) be that much more desirable to build in, which would just cause a bunch of kill boxes to be put onto the server. So actual suggestions: Make raiding a base by making a fence into a gate an Abuse of Game Mechanics. Alternatively, if possible, would it be possible to make it to where you can only form a gate by being on the inside of the fence? If so, it would negate any rulebreaks and make it be the player who built the bases fault for not making the fence face the proper direction. My reasoning is listed above, and mostly has to do with the strength of single route bases and there not being a balanced time constraint when building. No poll as it doesn't provoke people to share their opinions. Please leave your reasoning below for why you are with/against this.
  10. This update just added even more incentive to Gear Horde. Something this site has consistently fought against. Plus 1. Side Note: Bike Locks and Dig locks should take 5-10 minutes to saw through. Dig locks are already broken with automatically being able to open them and guaranteeing a secure code. Bike Locks on the other hand can be seen being put in, picked up by others, and take forever to put in. They don't need an additional nerf on how long it takes to saw through them.
  11. "The past is the past. Everyone gets on with living. If y'all are going to continue to make such a big fucking deal outta this, don't blow up EVERYONE'S radio and just settle it with bullets next time." Pauses. "This world has changed since you ran together. Time to realize that, and to quit acting like children. Time to remember that bullets speak quicker than words as well. You guys are either against each other, neutral, or together." You hear an audible laugh. "Quit big dicking each other with 'the intention to stay neutral.' Makes y'all look weak. Make a decision, just take some time to insure it's the correct decision."
  12. 2 servers. Why limit choices? I've moves my character from Chernarus to Livonia, eventually I'm pretty sure a lot of us will move back at some point. I'm just waiting for Chernarus to be updated with an overgrown aesthetic like Livonia
  13. The rule is put in place to avoid situations where you are overlooking your dead body, and so that this instance doesn't hinder RP. Simply said, if you have to come up with a reason as to why you died due to a glitch, the reasoning getting stale is upon you, not the rules put in place. Nowhere in the rules does it state that you have to RP that you "went away for an hour and took a shit." Change it up, make something out of it. NLR is there for RP, not to hinder it. The only problem it causes is takes away people's gear, which is fine because you don't need to gear to RP. Also I might add that the software implemented only flags targets for POSSIBLE NLR. Being within 1000km of your dead body doesn't immediately ban you, it gets reviewed and the staff team decides if you broke NLR or not. If it shows you near your body, you are gonna get hit with NLR. If it shows you within 800km of your body, but doesn't show that you were anywhere near actually looting it, I doubt that staff would ban you for NLR.
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