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  1. I'd like to weigh in here. In short, no. Water is a fundamental to life, if people were doing decent RP and not complaining OOC instead they'd be grouping up and destroying these walls and waiting for groups to come check what happened to it, all IC. As soon as characters realize IC that Corp is doing it they now understand that they have a really decent way of identifying Corporation members. They'd have to review these builds in secret, but if you catch people there you can hold them up and ask them questions having to do with the wells. If you have ample room to identify a Corp member you might actually be able to get a few executions or PKs out of this. I'd like to see groups rise up against the Corp and create hostilities by making bases around new pipes and establishing relationships between groups by simply sharing codes to small hubs based around pumps. Everything can be dealt with IC, if you outright don't believe a Corporation trying to take advantage of a finite resource isn't realistic you are simply mistaken. If you believe this cannot bring RP to the server in any way than you are only looking at this from an OOC perspective. Maybe you need to carry more food and water rather than relying on "Oh I can just get it at the next town." Now you actually have to amply think about what you need to bring on a trip to at least survive food and water wise. Gone will be the days of every seemingly half starved dehydrated survivor having 4 gallons of water on them. I'm honestly.looking forward to being held up just for fucking water and food.
  2. Fuhqnugget

    Group implemented settlements

    Yo when I heard about the prefab base building I imagined people moving the ruined buses and using those as walls. I think that idea is great and makes sense. First and foremost people's thoughts should be on realism. I think it's also generally important to make sure a large majority of a settlement is open to the public and can be used as an rp hub. You should have dominion over this hub, and you should have a defendable section, but if the entire thing is built as a fortress it just screams GearRP being a big driving force behind making the prefab. Also as Awkzyy said, only one section of their base is defendable. If you were to get raided the raiders would have no defense. This is something to keep in mind. Most places in Chernarus where a base can be built generally has areas where an attacking party would still have decent cover. I understand that Defenders almost always have better coverage in terms of defense, but there's normally places to take cover to just not get squad wiped immediately. So as a TLDR, when settlements are made they need to have 3 things in mind in this exact order, 1. First and foremost, the interaction and RP benefits of the settlement existing. You have everything in your base. This is in no way specialized. Imagine people coming to the place frequently because they need to RP serious medical conditions. Now they can come for anything. The more things a base has the less centralized your RP will become. It will only become the 'let's go here and chill, but oh watch out for the police because they roam around there too.' It's just unrealistic to assume that a post apocalyptic group would have the buildings of the size they are in just because they can. For example, remove the main prison from the build and replace it with a single larger police station. It still gives you places to RP and doesn't feel like an absolute GearRP move. The prison is ridiculously defendable. Every prefab settlement having it will get old, quickly. 2. Attackers need proper cover and need to have a decent fight. If you have nothing but an open courtyard and your base is set along walls created by a miniaturized version of the prison island bridge than you have every means to initiate on anyone and everyone that comes around to the settlement. What are they going to do, raid your impenetrable base? Attackers need a fighting chance, and they just can't immediately be put in a killing floor. 3. Finally your base should be usable to your group. A base is ultimately used to store gear, but this should never be the main focus. If you made a maze to get to your loot and in order to do this maze you have to go through 32 fences, it just screams GearRP. For one final time I will say again that the main focus when building these bases should never be to keep your items safe. It should be to establish good roleplay for you, your group, and the server. Gear is replaceable, bad RP experiences aren't.
  3. Fuhqnugget

    Potius Cras

    I "Thomas Everett" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.
  4. There's been a ton of hordes recently. I've been liking it though.
  5. *static breaks as the feint crackling of a fire takes its place* *a desperate voice reaches out* "Jacobs.. this is Thomas. It's been awhile since we had that campfire with the remnants. I'd like to see you again. Please respond if you hear this." *static replaces all the noise"
  6. *the static of the radio suddenly ceases and is replaced with a stoic clearly America voice* "Hello good fellas, we discussed a meeting a few days ago in which you guys would help me to become better cultured in terms of tea. I am ready for the reculturing whenever you are and want to let you know that I killed a nice fat goat to accompany this meeting. Hope to hear from you soon, cheers." *the static immediately rises again*
  7. Side question in association with @Blake reply above: is it possible to up the zombie count too? This would work hand in hand with kosing and getting better loot. If you KOS you now have a hoard to deal with. So it's still generally safer to hold people up.
  8. I trust the community enough to not kill every single person. Even bigger 10 person groups. If they see a single person I don't believe it'd always be just them getting gunned down, I still believe there'd be chances that people would still be held up, which is still needed even if it's a KOS zone. With that said, +1 from me.
  9. Addition: I came back to my base with 3 Cheytechs, 2 Kavarees, an ak, 2 ppsk19s, and mk17, and a AWM. Yet I have yet to find a single tactical bag for my backpack or belt.
  10. @PhoenyxxRP You and your group stopped me near Cherno asking question about cultists, got kinda spooky when you guys thought I started lying there. Awesome roleplay as always, PS, you've run into Thomas before at Severograd, I've stayed with ya'll overnight with a friend. You thought I was from Custodia.
  11. I also would like to point out that if bases are limited to groups only we would not need to fix the requirements in order to raid. The difficulty would come in the size of the group, and might make the group have to choose between people so the base could have around the clock protection. The difficulty in raiding comes from the amount of time the raid takes, as well as the size of the group defending. This would benefit the server as a whole because it might finally bring about the group to group beef that people have wanted for awhile.
  12. Hello again all, I'd like to bring about a discussion on the required material to build/deconstruct stuff. This is partly having to do with the fact that a single item as a semi-regular spawn can completely negate hours worth of work for people who have built bases and such, but that's not the whole focus. I want to discuss many things including server performance, players being influenced by certain things, etc. Roland just had to do a server wipe of *450* Improvised tents. The crafting recipe either needs removed or changed. People make them and set them up in droves of 10-15 in their base. I visited this topic before and I'm revisiting it again. In order to negate escalating latency issues it would possibly be better off to add the items to the loot table and remove the ability to craft storage completely. It encourages loot hoarding and demolishes server latency. Back to the base raiding talk, I play Rust quite a bit. One big goal to reach in Rust is to be able to raid other people's bases, and as such it makes it an actual accomplishment to raid someones base. I've seen people visit the topic before but if we could implement special craftable tools to raid bases we'd more than likely stop hearing the cries of 'my base got raided' and the ever so often 'Should Offline Base Raiding be allowed?' I just think it's semi ridiculous that you can raid a whole base by having a 2x6 slot in your pants filled. Although this comes with another thing, which is that bases should be harder to establish. Too many people build and live out of a place for 1 or 2 days then move. It's ridiculous and it hurts server latency and does nothing for RP. Player made buildings in this game are UGLY in my opinion, because of how they are made. Altogether I think implementing a crafting system that both pushes users away from making a bade every couple days and pushes towards a more arduous task of raiding bases would benefit the server and its players altogether. 1-3 person groups should not be making bases. They should be nomads seeking a 6 to 8 person group to have a small base setup, and that group should be looking for a 10-20 person group to pay tribute to and make allies with. There should be more dynamics in the game but as is 1-3 person groups can set aside a full day and make a 2-3 gate compound that they can hide behind and shittalk. These groups offer no story to other people's story besides possibly 1 or 2 'I was sitting around the campfire and we told stories' type of scenario. I'm all for the removal of bases, honestly I think it'd be amazing if prebuilt bases or compounds were made within the server using Roland's Settlement tools and the server groups had to fight over those. It'd be hard to do and be unlikely, but it'd be super different from what we have now and would brew extremely interesting group dynamics. That out of the world scenario aside though, a proper crafting system that 1. Makes it harder for people to establish bases (or makes it LONGER to do so) And 2. Makes it a proper goal to achieve to raid a base. Base raiding materials should be crafted and not found. They should take multiple steps to create and if it was approached in this manner I fully believe it would create an actual sense of urgency, protection, and pride during and after raiding a base. If you spent 6 hours preparing for a base raid and came out with a whole slew of weapons you'd feel a lot more accomplished then running through 2 towns and finding two hacksaws and just doing the same exact thing you did 3 hours ago to a different base. Base building is completely pointless at the moment because it's too easy to raid, and there is absolutely no reason not to raid because people are gear whores. People are continuing ti build regardless because it establishes decent RP when it's setup and for the 1 or 2 days that it stands and because ultimately people enjoy having gear to fall back on if their character dies. Another thing I'd like to bring up is the kit talk from another previous post. This seems like a great idea in some ways if approached correctly. I feel people would not gear whore as much if they were able to instantly approach the action in a suitable fashion. If a group made from 8 people that have 250 in game hours and 120 posts on the forums had access to a Chernorussian kit that spawned them the nerfed versions of the Chernarussian Soldier set as well as some weak type of firearm like the Vitayz with limited ammo I feel like it wouldn't hurt the loot economy as much. It would benefit RPers to an extent and would take some of the grind out of an extremely grindy game. Overall nobody likes dying and this is an interesting concept. I'd like to revisit this topic as well in this thread. This is a discussion post, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. Remember, this isn't entirely about the specialized raiding tools, it's about changing crafting recipes among other things to accommodate server lag and regular complaints. Notes: Added a lot through Edits because I'm currently at work and wrote the original thread with like 8 minutes left on my half.
  13. I'd love this. Base building in Rust is so much better than DayZ, and this just reminds me so much of it. +1 from me
  14. I want to reiterate that I actually semi like the challenge as there is a certain amount of desired RP that comes from getting overly excited about finding a screwdriver. However it also hurts RP in a lot of ways and encourages people to focus on themselves more than others. If we do decide to do the time jump as mentioned in another topic, I think these loot tables would be fantastic and perfectly encapsulate the feeling of dwindling supplies. As is right now, the only way to get plentiful food and possibly a canteen is to kill zombies. Their loot pool seems pretty consistent for food (and they can also drop can openers!).
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