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  1. *He would press on his PTT with a chuckle at the words he heard* "Well buddy you can count me in, so long as I can bring my Armalite of course!" *His chuckle would continue as he released the PTT, cutting it off quickly*
  2. *Michael would press down on his PTT, the audible static would be complimented by the jangling of gear and and supplies sounding off with every step he took* "Greetings to everyone on this net! My name's Michael and I'm currently doing a bit of traveling up north from Cherno, doing some exploring and such, would anyone on this net know of some communities that wouldn't mind me resting my weary bones there while on my journey? *There would be an audible pause as the jangling of equipment took over the sound of his voice momentarily before he spoke again* "I wouldn't mind working or trading to return the favor! I ain't got no problem returning a good deed done unto me! *He would finally release the PTT, the static cutting off abruptly as he did so*
  3. Hey everyone it’s a pleasure to be here and thought I’d actually introduce myself! I’m a simple whiskey loving, bad decision making, US marine here to have some fun and make some real memories. So far I’ve played a close to 30 hours here and have had a blast interacting with people and squeezing out of some breakneck situations. With that in mind I plan to keep this ball rolling! I’d love to meet more people and learn more about everyone in this amazing community! PS: that’s me on the right
  4. In a dark room in the wee hours of the morn is where you'd find Michael McKinley. Sucking on the end of an empty bottle while dreams of grandeur danced like a carousel in his mind. Before Michael found his life swirling at the bottom bottle he came from a small alfalfa growing town in western Nevada called Fallon. He was a rowdy boy like most and really had a taste for the outdoors and the occasional brush fire. His family though small did the very best they could for him but when manhood reared its head he found his current lifestyle lacking. So to escape in 2010 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as a 1371 Combat Engineer with dreams of glory and combat in his eyes. Little did he know that god would have other plans for him, ending up stationed in Utes as part of a Airfield Damage Repair Team from 2010-2012. A life of boredom and debauchery followed him in his time at Utes as he prepared everyday for a war that would never come. So he volunteered for a deployment to Afghanistan as part of a Security detail as a Lance Corporal with SPMAGTF-CR-CC. Now ever closer to his dreams of glory it would seem that gods hate of this man would continue. As for every engagement he had he would spend night after night watching bullets fly and explosions go off in the distance, slowly finding comfort in the bright high beams of the guard towers. As 2014 reared it's head this young Lance Corporals enlistment was running out and with a promise to get extended in Afghanistan and another chevron to add to his name he renlisted in country, and after a brief month long respite in Bahrain he was back to standing watch for the tired and broken falling back from the front. 2 years of tension and nailbiting with the occasional small skirmish with small warbands would follow and with his deployment coming to an end and the alternative being going back to Utes he volunteered to go to MSG school in Quantico, Virginia. Now a Corporal he found himself at the embassy in Novigrad, Chernarus just about a stones throw from Utes. Arriving in March there with small batch of new watch standers he quickly learned to "immerse" himself in the local drinking culture. Using his off time and little pay to drown away his regrets and demons that taunt his failures. This new lifestyle would be the norm till early July when the outbreak began and following the swift evacuation of the embassy and a transfer to Utes with the remaining MSG Force,little more than a week later he would find himself back on Chernarus in Elektrozavodsk. Now in the gritty, stomach churning combat that his heart beat for his excitement would lead him to get separated from the main force with another marine named Sergeant Nolan Forbes in a basement. The adrenaline passing, little food, and the horrors of which he had witnessed outside that basement came rushing back to him. He had spent so much of his life chasing something you can never see nor feel in the vain attempt of self fulfillment. This realization changed him and asm and his buddy climbed out of that basement in the morning air, he swore that he would make his life something worthy, to help those that find themselves lost and downtrodden in these dark times. Going forward from that point would be mainly be looking for some way to make his way back home to the US or at least get some news of how they're handling the infection, but while he's in Chernarus he would act as a protector, assisting and helping those in need in any way he can.
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