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  1. POV: logged in... a guy was in the side room that I went into last night, which is where i spawned... i was like "oh hey" ... he kind of fumbled, didn't really respond, and headed out of our base, then he stood by one of the gates and the two of them didn't respond really (I assume they were busy metagaming and talking on discord), i ran in and out a couple times of the building... asking like who they were.. "are you robbing us?" then they jumped in to a kind of initiation where they gave me three seconds to put my hands up or I die... At that point I ran inside and hid, telling them to go away... this is bullshit etc... and they just kept telling me to come out and they'd let me go, but they had guns drawn so i just guarded the base untill one opened the door and the other shot me from some hidden vantage point also I think they are totally incorrect in saying I rule broke by not "valuing my life". I think it's perfectly feasible to not trust two armed strangers who were, by that time, throwing grenades outside... at that point its pretty fifty fifty in terms of believing or not. after being silent and hiding as a frightened market owner would.. i opened the door and they shot me from a distance. Obviously banditry is what it is, i think they're wrong in saying i broke a rule by not valuing my life. Character choices vary based on the personality, not on some robotic bandit role play where they automatically get to control my actions because i'm "outgunned" (which how could i know that, all i knew was there were two of them..) Anyway, again I understand bandits are part of the world we're building here, and i'm grateful to them for not dead dropping apparently. Just not looking forward to dragging all those barrels back in again lol. I think the only real issue here is the griefing anyway and that's a confusing aspect because I was dead at that point. Thank you!
  2. Cillian Roberts was doing work for Dr. Malcolm Tell, a molecular biologist in the norther parts of Chernarus, working with a academic exchange program. Since the outbreak, Dr. Tell has been working on a cure, using unsavory and violent methods of testing. Roberts, injured in a fire during the outbreak, has remained with Dr. Tell, reluctantly helping him with increasingly bizarre tests in the hope of a cure. While conflicted on some level about his involvement with the doctor, it seems that Cillian has entered a kind of strange madness regarding aspects of Dr. Tell's philosophy and goals in the post apocalypse. Cillian is prone to spouting esoteric philosophy in the ilk of Nietzsche and other modern gothic ideas. Cillian might just be in search of a group to bring his mentality back to reality, or perhaps he is using is intellect and somewhat "injured dog" appearance to kidnap Dr. Tell's next subject.
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