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  1. Arthur Higgs is, or rather was, a Corporal in the United States Army and was deployed in the Chernarus region, Chernogorsk specifically, to aid the CDF. During that time his squad was given orders to go on a recon mission to the small town of Nadezhino and the surrounding countryside to try and locate any remaining civilians and to ascertain the effectiveness of the airstrikes against the infected hordes. During their recon mission riots broke out in the city of Chernogorsk and the infected began moving towards the city en masse. Arthur's squad was completely cut off from the city when the order for all US forces to retreat was given. All the chaos in and around the city clogged all forms of communication and his squad had no way to request extraction, their only choice was to hunker down and wait for things to calm. At daybreak the city was completely overrun with infected and with airstrikes commencing west of the city the squad moved east along the coastline, sticking to the hills in order the avoid the infected. They came across the town of Kamyshovo where they found an old abandoned fishing boat that barely seemed sea worthy, but it was their only hope of getting out of this hell hole. The night they set out a massive storm hit the region, the old fishing boat didn't stand a chance, a massive wave hit he the boat on the port side and capsized it. Arthur awoke in the morning washed up on shore with no sign of his fellow squad members anywhere and all his gear either ruined or at the bottom of the sea. He spent the next few days scavenging food, supplies, and searching for any sign of his squad making it ashore. Eventually he gave up all hope of finding his squad or ever making it back home. Now he just wonders the region scavenging what's left and doing whatever is necessary to survive. Not even he really knows what keeps him going, perhaps it's just his basic instinct to survive.
  2. Shuseek


    Hi, I'm 26 and live in Michigan. I'm pretty knew to this whole RP stuff but I'm looking forward to giving it a shot and hopefully have a lot of fun with it.
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