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  1. I have been on a lonesome journey for quite sometime now. One sad day recently changed my life forever. I sat inside resting from the night watch the night before. My wife Linda, son Jacob and best friend Steven were out tending the fields on our farm. A group of the infected ran in from the tree line and attacked. It was too late before they realized that they were being overrun by the infected. I woke to the sound of screaming and multiple gunshots. Steven had attempted to kill off the horde of infected, but failed. Linda lay face down as the infected ate her corpse, my son Jacob shared the same fate. I knew I stood no chance against the zombies with only 10 rounds of ammunition in my rifle, all I could do was watch in disbelief as I cry to myself, making every attempt to keep quiet and not alert the infected to my position. Everything in my life was torn from me in front of my eyes and I am now on this journey alone... Prior to this horrific day, I was happily married for 12 years to Linda with our 11 year old son, Jacob. My best man was Steven at our wedding and he was also the godfather of my son. We lived in the garden state of New Jersey in the United States. Steven and I knew each other since we were little boys growing up, playing in the woods and farmlands together. Linda came into my life when I was 17 when I saw her for the first time at the local county fair that was thrown every year and I asked her to marry me two years later. My family, Steven and I decided that we wanted to take a vacation to Romania. We had to make a stop in Chernarus temporarily to refuel on the small passenger plane prior to finishing our journey over the black sea. Unfortunately, once we landed we learned that the we would not be able to acquire fuel to continue the journey due to the military ceasing it's use for their own. The pilot informed us that our plane severely lacked adequate fuel to make it out of the area safely to another airport and that we would just have to wait until the airport was given permission to fuel planes again. We found ourselves among many other stranded passengers within the airport and began to depart the airport a few days later to seek refuge among the surrounding territory, scared and unaware of where we even were with little idea of what was actually occurring. While making the journey, terrified, we came about a small farm and took shelter in what appeared to be an abandoned farm with some land, a barn and a water source. With minimal farming skills, Steven and I were able to tend to the farm and begin growing food to assist us in surviving. It's been quite the journey trying to find stability and happiness in a world ravaged the way it was. We all knew that one day our times would come, but this was far too soon to watch my loved ones go right in front of my eyes.
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