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  1. Born in Chernarus, Artyom left home with his family to Russian and joined the Russian military. He was a good soldier who followed his orders to the letter and when he was assigned to go back home he saw that as a bonus. All Artyom had to do was guard a few checkpoints and patrol a perimeter around a facility north of Severograd. He was born in Kamensk but that's not too far so he might even get to visit his childhood home. His hopes were dashed when he saw civilians being taken to to facility. He didn't understand why they were being taken there and never got to find out because he was sent back soon after. While at home with his wife, Artyom looked into the goings on of the Russians in that facility which got him in deep shit. his house was stormed by the KGB and him and his wife barely escaped with their lives. At least that's what he thought. His wife, Titania, was shot through the stomach and died in Artyom's arms. Artyom buried her on the coast of Chernarus, under a tree outside the kind of house they planned on moving into together. Now Artyom's only goal is to learn what was happening at that facility, and why. His biggest regret is that he didn't save those people when he could and that he couldn't save his wife.
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