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  1. PARENTS Dave and Heather Stonebridge. From birth Michael has had it rough, during labor there where complications and his mother Heather did not survive, as was the case of many births during those unprecedented times. The world had gone to shit with the virus in full swing and mutating and infecting far more people than the settlement could manage. His father Dave was devastated at the loss of his wife, but each time he held Michael in his arms it brought him a little hope that there could be a future one day as he remembered. But that was really false hopes and he knew that deep inside
  2. Initiation, hmm that is debatable, no road block was set up and as the car was travelling downhill we would not of been able to stop in an olga, but the fact that they opened up in less than a second tells me all i need to do from now on is wait near roads, shout stop (and regardless if they can hear or not )p i have the right to enage! And why i have received a ban is beyond me as this is the first contact i have had regarding this matter. So would like to know the rationale behind that. Plus with an engine revving and being taken out from 60mtrs away they would have to have used a megaphone
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