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  1. no i dont because it was just items missing from crates and no walls were touched and no locks were removed
  2. base was once again ghosted into past 2 gates now and stole equipment from my crates and barrel that are not accessable from the walls the only way in is through server hopping into my base.
  3. Scooby Mcgee POV: Was in town looking for building supplies to replenish what was stolen from me earlier today and i hear a big commotion outside the town square where this guy is sledging at a wall and he keeps telling us "the reason he is breaking into the wall is none of our damn business" then continues to get more and more hostile, takes out an M4 and loads it and he tells us come on up here i got a 60 rounder for you guys. then he goes on to break RP multiple times telling us how we virgins and pussies for playing PVE. after that he goes to the window and swings out his M4 and aims at the group who is standing there so i shot once into his arm trying to give the people on the ground a chance to move and not get shot he then heads for the stairs comes out spraying his M4 into the crowd and killing 1 or 2 and wounding more .
  4. Server and location: S2 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): sometime between logout of July 5th and Login on July 6th Your in game name: Scooby Mcgee Names of allies involved: Just me Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: sometime between my logout and login someone had ghosted into my base in vybor that is completely walled off , combo locked and even doors locked and took most my supplies out of my 4 chest i assume they used a server hop to get in and out of my base because without the combo and no walls destroyed how else would they have gotten in
  5. Scooby Mcgee, 24 years old. I am New Day Cooperative member sent over for aid and relief to Chernarus. I am proficient in foreign affairs,medical treatment and served as a USARMY Sergeant for 5 years before getting out and was recruited by the (NDC) to conduct foreign AId missions. was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois excelled in all fields in school before leaving high school to join the military, where i was trained as Medic and Intelligence Analyst. I have been all over the globe with the US ARMY and have a very diverse comprehension of foreign customs and policies.
  6. Hello im Scubasteve been playing dayz for a hot minute now and really enjoy rp servers and def want to meet up with some groups and check out the factions and what not overall just excited to play on this server dont be scared to reach out always down for a chat and what not
  7. chernarus defense force soldier (Nikolai Pertrovski) knocked out during the initial outbreak in the "first Week" only to awaken with the rest of unit missing and dead or turned into the very monsters who tore us apart and i must find them and see what has happened to them while helping and protecting as many travelers as i can on my journey. i must find my brothers who risked their lives to drag me to safety to make sure id live to see another day. id like to use my character to help build a safe place for travlers to come and go as they please to help get them back on thier feet and start to rebuild what ever we can scavenge whats left of our once great society
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