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  1. Good idea. I'd love to play this. Also, make it Chernarus. It wouldn't make sense running around in the US, surrounded by Soviet buildings
  2. Hello, fellas. Sorry to bump the "old" thread (hell, last post was one week ago), but I did notice it a while ago, and didn't pay it no mind. However, today I had a thought and had to scan the ENTIRE thread to see if it was mentioned and it was, but only once, by the helpful @Ducky (thanks for all the answers to me questions in discord), which is: Make S1 & S2 on separate hives. I might be biased, since I've only exclusively played on S2 (I simply chose it when I first started), but I tried me best to keep an open mind and be unatached to me "precious" server or whatnot. So, after reading all the posts, I believe separate hives solve the issues the people have with 2 servers up at the same time, while providing some additional benefits. And since I lack the technological understanding, or the long-lasting investement in the stories that happened on this server, treat this as less of a suggestion, but more of a thought that I have and I ask for you to explain me its pros and cons. So the separate hives solves the issue of S2 being a "loot server", since the loot doesn't carry from one server to another. It doesn't allow for server-hopping and allowing you to enter someone's base without any effort (again, the location is locked to the server when you log out). It doesn't destroy everything the people playing exclusively on S2 has carefully built upon. And it allows the people to play at all times (seeing as how we don't have both servers full at the same time). Also, given the time, more people will settle on a particular server and have a defined presense there, without hopping from one place to another. It can allow them to immerse themselves in new characters, or completely new & exciting story-lines with their existing characters. One arguement I've seen was "people might get confused what's happening on one server, because of what happened on the other", but with groups and people deifinitely settled on a particular server, that wouldn't be an issue, since you would clearly know what happened where and with whom imo. The player "settlement" on a particular server would also make s2 a bit more prevalent and polular and reduce the queue times for s1. Again, I lack the knowledge, but "I see this as an absolute win". Maybe it's technically impossible? I dunno. Please tell me, what you think. Thank you and sorry for doing such a long post.
  3. Cool! Thank you for the answers!
  4. Excuse me for possible dumb question, but what is "traveling tivoli"?
  5. **buzzing** **A voice with a thick Russian accent comes over the radio** Ehhh....Helo?...My name is Boris. Youu vont faind ghitara, yes? Priyem. **buzzing**
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