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  1. not at the moment, they temp banned me
  2. Cash Gamble is a gangsta from Miami and he loves smoking green and sippin lean. Cash go by Scoop and when they smoke they go planet scoopiter
  3. Fact is that DayZ is a bad game and there is better platforms out there to RP on. A majority realised this and moved on.
  4. Thats a fucking yikes right there. I miss Josh, he was a good guy and was a close friend. Honouring the players that have been and gone is a really good gesture.
  5. Sadly I don't give a shit anymore so that's my point of view.
  6. PK'd a wizard and played a gang banger in 1 day - hopefully get into some shit tomorrow. Thanks homies
  7. Fact is that the state of RP on the server has been shit for ages and only a select few are trying to improve it for everyone. At this point a lot of players that tried, including myself, have given up on the clique RP and moved onto better things.
  8. its almost like traders and atms was a bad idea and shouldn't have been added
  10. The Maker? Family 2.0 confirmed
  11. sung

    DayZRP 20.10.1

    So that was a lie Interesting update, check it out soon
  12. hard to prove someone is lying unless you are shown an OOC clip of them saying/doing otherwise or you witnessed them lying - but in that case usually the person would be aware of you knowing prior information and wouldn't be stupid enough to lie in front of people who are actively saying otherwise and can prove it dont see the need for it personally, seems like a good way of popularizing metagamed information for your advantage
  13. black user sung has entered the chat free drug spawns anyone? looks interesting boyos
  14. sung

    Sung Ho's Journey

    i think i could do it We discovered there is a point in debug where you cannot interact with anything so i would need to hit 25000m and refill food and drink to try get the extra 75000m
  15. Distance Travelled: 50,000m Time Travelled: 2 hours Statistics brought to you by @Peril (it appears debug also killed my headset so sorry about the audio) Thanks to the homies for joining in and keeping it going
  16. It appears the meta for civilian clothing are bus depos. The loot spawns in piles and its of large variety.
  17. Civilian clothes spawns are wack which basically forces people into spending $$$ on the store to get the clothes they want as they're often rare. Food, weapons, etc are also wack but alas, its FoR tHe LoRe
  18. you don't like a lot of things, but what does it matter, the players opinion matters more - do it for the people
  19. Mod is clean as fuck on the servers i have seen it, the variety it adds is great
  20. Ask him to have wrist watches use the armband slot so people dont have to sacrifice their gloves to have some drip Pls ty
  21. Well according to the recent report, this seems to be a big issue since the admin team supposedly researched this and found it happening quite a lot. Why not make the change? Couldve avoided people abusing it and getting banned.
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