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  1. sung

    Sung Ho Media

    That will be the best love story when we finally meet.
  2. sung

    Sung Ho Media

    Day 2: Sung Ho meets a crazy murderer Video added to OP
  3. sung

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    I'll be posting some of Sung Ho's adventures in the new lore. Thanks for the singing boys. Day 1: Day 2:
  4. That's not possible. The server only has 100 slots. Please don't lie on a public forum.
  5. Propaganda game on point EXTERMINATE DOGPIG
  6. No worries Roland. I'll have that MVP now.
  7. I don't know if the examples Ron wrote in this thread are on the whitelist or not, but in case they are, perhaps you should hide the posts or snip them now this has been implemented. Otherwise I could see smart boys searching and finding this thread with the answers on display for them, making it easy as piss.
  8. Was that the FAL I gave you? POG
  9. Can finally talk about it in public. Good job guys, can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  10. LORE FACTION CHARACTER Vitaly Jukic was born into a farming family in the northern region of Chernarus. His parents owned a small wheat farm in the fields heading between Troitskoe and Polesovo. Vitaly grew up lending aid to his parents in whatever way he could. His labour was limited due to his age, yet he contributed to their way of life to the best of his ability. He started school in 2004, enrolling at an elementary school in the northern suburbs of Severograd. He would attend this school until the Chernarussian Civil War, where he and his family were forced to flee their home from invading Russian forces who were fighting alongside the ChDKZ. Their homestead was burnt to the ground, eliminating their chances of reviving their land. Vitaly’s father, Milos, was enlisted to fight back against the invading forces to no avail, eventually dying in a small firefight in the country's midwest. Vitaly and his mother settled in the South-West of Chernarus in a town called Bor. Here they would attempt a normal life, even with the Lopotev regime restricting their way of life heavily. Being twelve years old at the time of his father’s death, Vitaly’s rage festered for years without him being able to act upon it. Once Vitaly had turned sixteen, he was delving into a group of criminal youth where he would be involved in instances of sabotage, attempting to cause issues for the Lopotev regime in any way that they could. It was the best way he could get back at the men and women who killed his father. These actions varied from graffiti to puncturing of tyres on stationary military vehicles. His involvement in this group helped him stumble upon a flyer for a group of men and women taking a stand. “The Front” was something Vitaly was interested in, and he was quickly in contact with the people behind this movement. While maintaining his relationship with his friends, Vitaly slowly became more and more involved with The Front by the end of 2014. Being with The Front, Vitaly was trained in secret to use long-range civilian and military grade weapons. While not the best, he was confident in the art of long-range combat. In 2016, shortly before his eighteenth birthday, Vitaly heard the news of the assassination of Lopotev in Zelenogorsk. Hearing this, Vitaly was happily involving himself in the riots that took place throughout the southern cities where he and his friends would cause more havok for the RAC. The Russian Federation was quick to act following the assassination, sending in more troops to maintain order throughout the country. Vitaly and The Front continued their movement, while attempting to lay as low as possible to reduce risk of complete exposure. These restrictions would eventually loosen, but not lift entirely, as they grew in numbers and confidence. In 2018, Vitaly narrowly escaped arrest after failing to destroy a Russian outpost near the border north of Novaya Petrovka. This mission left The Front with devastating losses, losing a large number of their soldiers. Vitaly stuck with The Front, continuing with their mission of restoring Chernarus to its former glory. Even during trying times, such as the outbreak of several minor infections causing panic amongst civilians, Vitaly maintained his nationalistic views and pushed to get where he needed to be. Vitaly was with a prostitute on the night the plane crashed into the Chernogorsk Hotel. The crash abruptly ended his coitus with this lovely young lady, causing panic between the two of them. They got dressed and this is where Vitaly fled to find safety with members of The Front living nearby.
  11. Sung Ho was an only child born into a rich family from Seoul, South Korea. His father was a well respected business man while his mother was a housewife. From an early age, Sung began to notice that his father was no ordinary man. When they would leave the house, people passing by would stop and stare. Their eyes filled with curiosity and fear. By the time Sung was into his late teens, he had full understanding that his father was helping a very good family friend in the distribution of drugs throughout South Korea and into China. His interest would grow and soon enough he would be introduce to the lifestyle his father had been living for the good part of two decades. Sung was trained in martial arts as a child and was expected to continue this upon being brought into his fathers business. He was shown how to fire pistols and handling blades of all sizes. His interest in art resulted in Sung's father putting him into a tattoo apprenticeship in his spare time. He became quite skilled with forms of ancient asian tattooing as well as with the gun. Sung married his childhood sweetheart Minna when they were both twenty-four years old. Their marriage was strong and loyal. Minna was murdered by thugs during an evening walk with Sung while the pair celebrated their third anniversary. This event shaped Sung's future, causing him to grow more compassionate to those he cared for as he felt he did not want to waste the time he had with them. In 2009, Sung's father had started finalising connections into South-East Europe where he could begin distributing his empire into the war ridden countries in the South Zagoria region and surrounds. The civil war of the time made it easy money among locals as they fought for a release from their hell-ridden lives. The economical growth as a result of the civil war and the rebuilding of Chernarus meant Sung was gifted with a chance to travel and meet with associates in South Zagoria to discuss further business. This opportunity gave Sung a chance to explore a world that was foreign to him while leaving his tragic past behind him in Korea. He arrived in the back end of December 2019 and established a home where he would oversee operations for his father. Sung spent months working. Mid-2020 had quickly arrived and news of infection and sickness were growing.
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