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  1. @Dutch game crashed after restart so won't jump back on for now Had a damn good time playing with today, was a lot of fun
  2. Sung

    Upcoming new mods

    Not a fan of the trading post or fast travel personally. Weapon painting is pretty cool but hopefully we don't have 80 people running around with fluro pink weapons - it would feel like I'm playing care bears.
  3. Sung Ho was an only child born into a rich family from Seoul, South Korea. His father was a well respected business man while his mother was a housewife. From an early age, Sung began to notice that his father was no ordinary man. When they would leave the house, people passing by would stop and stare. Their eyes filled with curiosity and fear. By the time Sung was into his late teens, he had full understanding that his father was helping a very good family friend in the distribution of drugs throughout South Korea and into China. His interest would grow and soon enough he would be introduce to the lifestyle his father had been living for the good part of two decades. Sung was trained in martial arts as a child and was expected to continue this upon being brought into his fathers business. He was shown how to fire pistols and handling blades of all sizes. In 2009, Sung's father had started finalising connections into South-East Europe where he could begin distributing his empire into the war ridden countries in the South Zagoria region and surrounds. The civil war of the time made it easy money among locals as they fought for a release from their hell-ridden lives. The economical growth as a result of the civil war and the rebuilding of Chernarus meant Sung was gifted with a chance to travel and meet with associates in South Zagoria to discuss further business. He arrived in the back end of December 2016 and established a home where he would oversee operations for his father. Sung spent months working. Mid-2017 had quickly arrived and rumors of infection and sickness were growing. Locals described people cannibalising and before long, military involvement began. The beginning of the outbreak was tough for Sung. He found himself stranded from his friends and stuck to himself as he survived day by day.
  4. @Dom Well I did answer your Q&A Nice to see you outta the house today
  5. Might have to get that 99 agility grind back on boys. Time to waste 200hours running in circles.
  6. Had some fun with Dexter, Jonah, Maze, Ryan and Yevak today. Alliances are building!
  7. Sung


    JAMES MAAAAATE hope you doing well my man
  8. Had fun with Dexter, Jeremiah (Doc), Magpie, 8Ball, Meemo, Maze and Ranger. Was a productive day
  9. I knew I recognised the voice! Good to play with you again Matt, felt like The Watchers days again.
  10. I enjoyed the company of @Daisy, @Encaenia, @TryaxReck and @Watchman today. Was good to get my first proper day back in-game after returning
  11. Sung


    Im actually 94, i chose an old screenshot Ye m8 i reckon group ironman would be noice
  12. Sung


    this is where i left off @Dom
  13. Sung


    Hello son, hows 99 agility going for you? Give me BeanZ pls
  14. Sung

    I'm back innit

    Welcome back Matt Missed you
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