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  1. @CJ and I share ownership of a Rainbow Charizard pokemon card that we got from a bunch of dead children.
  2. George


    Yall goof balls for real
  3. Chernarus = Gear whoring and no RP Livonia = Gear whoring and RP
  4. George

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    I got my ass eaten by a pack of 6 wolves that I saw spawn right in front of me so I don't think these changes were necessary...
  5. I tried this code on my private Minecraft server and it works. Implement it now.
  6. I assume they aren't super soldiers and can actually roleplay their characters. So I guess my operation to find super soldiers is still on going.
  7. You kill me bro To answer the question, way more super soldiers are needed. I havent seen a macho man in full military camo for nearly 3 months and I am disapppointed.
  8. I make sure that I only ever offline raid to get maximum gear and limited roleplay.
  9. Sasha was born into a poor Christian family in the 80s. Growing up, Sasha took an interest in religion, but found that his families chosen faith had conflicting views with his own. Sasha took time developing and spreading ideology of a faith that he had made in his mind. Gaining several followers over the years and eventually holding weekly sermons in an undisclosed location. Sasha dubbed himself a Reverend and found himself a successful man due to his loyal disciples. During the outbreak, Sasha and his followers stored supplies and their families inside of a large farm where they had spent time growing crops and staying away from all of the dangers of the "outside world". Now, following a large raid on his farm and the property being overrun by infected, Sasha has ventured out into the world. He plans on gaining new followers so he can find safety in numbers.
  10. I think spawning more is good, but the respawn rate needs altering.
  11. Server and location: S1 - Cernaya Polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-02-13, 09:00 Your in game name: George Costello Names of allies involved: Not sure on everyone in the area but I arrived with Hilde Kovaden and Andy Seitz Name of suspect/s: Amber Main - @MadelineJ Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Hilde, Andy and George arrive in Cernaya Polana to meet with some friends they've got. George finds out that Amber Main is receiving medical RP inside of the base and he follows Chris inside to see what was happening. After peaking through a window, and seeing Amber appear unconscious, the two decided to return to the RP at the front of the camp. Once the medical RP finishes, the Doctor comes outside and RPs with the group. Amber Main, who is supposed to be unconscious(?) is naked and following the doctor. She crouches over towards the truck, someone notices her and attempts RP to move her back inside. She types in game, "//I am OOC" so that we do not recognise her in an RP scenario. This makes no sense to me personally. She continues creeping around in a similar fashion to what the video shows and begins sneezing on people, making a majority of us sick. At this point, Amber sits behind someone, sneezes on them and proceeds to type, "//boo im a ghost". This interrupted my RP at this point and I then opened OBS to begin recording the rest of the scenario. I did so in attempt to get a glimpse at what else she might do, in a roleplay scenario, while acting OOC. Once people began sneezing and getting sick from this behaviour, she then types in OOC, "//give me tetra pls". This drags her into a scenario once again where she shouldn't have been by making people IC acknowledge her by treating her sickness. Overall, this is pretty clear cut in my opinion. She was actively moving around and interrupting an IC encounter while making it known that she was behaving OOC.
  12. George

    S1 FailRP

    Do you want to join discord to discuss further? It seems we have an understanding so the report can be closed, if that is something you want.
  13. George

    S1 FailRP

    George Costello POV: I was with some friends, @Anipuma & @JmVidz805. We were driving our vehicle up towards the old Redwood base as I had scouted out a flatbed truck and a tent being stored. We had every intention of taking these as we were moving our current setup and needed the truck for extra storage and building supplies, and the tent for storage. We arrived at the compound and I began hack sawing the back codelock so that we could gain access to the flatbed. @Anipuma began using a hacksaw(?) to cut down the lower wall which is one of the screenshots OP has provided. @JmVidz805 was providing overwatch. I broke the codelock first and the lower wall was finished shortly after. We noticed that we would be unable to finish the back wall as there was the support thingo. Getting through this section of the wall would require us to have extra tools to get in and it was something that we did not have. That is when we moved to the front of the compound and @JmVidz805 began to cut down the lower wall at the front. @Anipuma and I moved our vehicle so that its roof was perfectly aligned with one of the large side windows of the building. We used the vehicle as support so that we were able to easily climb inside the base from the large window. This is not FailRP as the window is a big enough size to make sense for us to crawl inside, as well as it not being an invisible wall. We were able to freely crawl in and out if we had the supports from inside. @Anipuma was inside at last. He climbed to the rooftop, where he found the front wheel for the truck. We put it on and move the flatbed around to the side of the building so that we were able to do some parkour from on top of the truck, onto the roof, and then up to the tents. This is not FailRP as we were not abusing any mechanics or glitching in the slightest. It was legitimate. We took what we could from the tents and stored it into the truck, while leaving smaller items we didn't need inside of the barrel on the roof. We did this so we were not griefing the OP. We made one gate while inside the base so it was easy for us to move a barrel or two out and into the truck. This gate was later disassembled before we left so that if anyone else ran up to this compound, they would not be able to get in as easily as we did. We did not break any walls apart from the ones we thought were necessary for us to gain access to the base. Only after getting two half walls down did we realize an easier way of getting inside while preserving our tools. We would like to apologise if this upset the OP as offline raiding is a nuisance as we have all been victim to it at one point or another. We did our best with the situation presented to us and we left the base in as good of a condition as we could before leaving. I hope everyone has a good day.
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