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  1. My characters name is Connor Welch. Like any normal 20 year old he doesn't listen and decides to do stupid things. Now Connor has never been one to watch the news so he has been extremely uninformed most of his life, mainly one of the reasons he never voted. Before the outbreak Connor mainly worked as a technical advisor for a large internet company in the midwest. Now don't let this job title fool you, Connor made it a point to keep himself maintained and fit so he doesn't fall into the "nerd" cliche look. Connor wasn't a fighter, but he wasn't afraid of confrontation when it came the time to fight back, if he was going to lose, he would rather go down his way. Now I know I started this off by saying Connor decides to do stupid things, that does not mean he is reckless, Connor is actually one of the smartest individuals around. Being in the tech business so long you start to develop a keener sense of intelligence and decision making. Now, the way Connor ended up on Chernarus is the stupid decision. Like I had stated earlier, Connor didn't watch the news a whole lot, he was more concerned about his own life than the slow declining rate of the country. So a couple of his life long friends decided they wanted to take a trip that would be one for the books, a trip to Russia that would make them forget about work and everything else going on in the country and their lives. Now at first he wasn't too keen on the idea of going to a country he had never been to and didn't know the language of, to "have the time of their lives", but being who his friends were, they managed to convince him and they all left for Russia. This was during the incline of the infection. When Connor and his friends landed in Russia they had been hearing murmurs of the imposing infection and what it could do to the country and the world itself. That made Connor very uneasy, he started to wonder if he should have came at all. The last thing he wanted to do was put his or his friends lives in danger for some stupid trip that could have been avoided had he'd stayed home. The night of their arrival, one of his friends managed to find a secluded bar in Russia for them all to sit back and kick off the trip. This was no normal bar, it looked tattered and worn down, the only people left in it where older Russian men that looked like they could have went through war and it be easy. After they ordered a couple of drinks the bar tender turns on the TV to the Russian news channel where the Russian news caster was explaining the current danger of the imposing infection, Connor didn't understand any of it but he could see just fine and the pictures of the people looked horrifying. The oictures of the mutilated bodies was the last thing he remembered when he woke up on the shore of Chernarus confused and scared wondering what happened after that bar visit. He had a feeling he was about to find out.
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