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  1. Drexel "Drex" Flynn was a 34 yr old Medical Officer with the UN who enjoyed a peaceful and undemanding posting in Sweden. Drexel had a track record of "failing upwards" in life, never having his abilities or resolve truly tested. That all changed when he became a part of the initial deployment to Miroslavl. Of weaker moral fiber than his now deceased peers, Drexel deserted his post when things went south up north. Lucky for him, no one is likely to have known that he left when he did, nor is there anyone still alive who might care. Drexel followed the coast for a few days, avoiding major cities and any run-ins with walkers. Food, water, and shelter were scarce, however, as the likely locations to find them were rife with unsavory company. On the brink of starvation and collapse, Drexel was rescued by a local family who had barricaded themselves into their home, hoping to outlast whatever it was that was going on in the world. There he found camaraderie, hope, and some respite from his self-loathing. That is, until Drexel's grave negligence allowed a walker to enter the family's home, killing their youngest daughter Ella. The family exiled Drexel, allowing him to take with him nothing but the clothes on his back and a locket of with a picture of Ella - a constant reminder of his guilt and shame. Somewhere out there Drexel hopes to find a reason - a reason to care, to live, to breathe - some salvation to restore his humanity.
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