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  1. Lewis scott


    Hey Bethesda it's nice to meet you, Like come on 50 euros is an absolute fucking joke like holy fuck. Most people who got banned are college/Uni students you think they got 50 spare and you don't even get the account credits or anything like that shit is the 2nd biggest cash grab i've seen this year like jesus christ. To play in a community with the de facto worst game on the steam market right now for 50 fucking euros (56.93 USD 44GBP) and when most people who got banned have donated that or more. Such an absolute joke to the very core. Can't wait to play DayZ76RP
  2. Lewis scott

    DayZRP Mod - Revival (for one night :D)

    That won't ever happen sorry. This game is way to much grind for that along with how the community is. Unless you get a complete 180 change in mentality of every single S.A player that ain't gonna happen. Compared to S.A with the shit tier FPS along with constant lag spikes, blue screens, VOiP bugs and every city giving you a microsoft powerpoint presentation when you try to get in. Along with the shit tier gunplay and where you have to fumble around to look down your iron sights to either one tap the guy or survive an entire mag dump and keep walking. Also 30 FPS on a 50 player server of Chernarus which won't even have people constantly dying or major shit like jets, tanks and the such going around firing on each other 24/7. I would say it's a stretch for saying 30FPS. I've been apart of ARMA 3 DayZRP communities before and the FPS issue wasn't that bad.
  3. Lewis scott

    DayZRP Mod - Revival (for one night :D)

    The game may be the mod but the community is S.A, To indirectly half quote Jerry "Fuck it i know it's not nostalgia, It's the people that made the mod." And 90 percent of those people are gone. Only reason i would want the mod is just for the better gunplay and for the cars to not be made in a Taliban hideout in the Helmand province. If we're gonna go put in the mod again make it ARMA 3 not ARMA 2
  4. Lewis scott

    We should have a Staff & member QnA.

    Honestly a live chat QnA by voice is just to much i wouldn't expect myself to keep most off the points or changes remembered and it would take to long to write it down as it goes along unless you got a professional courtroom scribe who is use to that sort of thing. It's better just to keep it to the forums and raise issues and suggestions as they come along. Its better for the workload and can help with prioritization. If the community was on its last legs then maybe but right now its not and plus its better on the forums to get an overall conscious instead of only the people who were there at that time and got to voice an opinion on it.
  5. almost all of them have tried from the 10 i know about. only the savages {mod} and SKA did not due to almost all of them being perm'd
  6. you'd be surprised i know of at least 10 permabanned groups and a extra 5 which got unperm'd
  7. To be honest it doesn't even make sense that CRA is a perma disbanded clan in the slightest. Like you guys did some shit in the mod i'll give you that but there are groups which have done the same or worse and have come back or not even been permabanned. As far as i know as well the guys who were individually perm'd over that mess as well haven't even come back. I don't see a point in doing a collective punishment for the fact a few guys did some fucked up shit on the forums. Hope you guys get un forcibly disbanded soon anyways.
  8. It's obviously a new tactic made by the DayZ devs to help when you get robbed by the big bad bandits. You put your gun on the floor, get taken to some remote place to be tortured but out of nowhere you pull out a ghillie wrap. Quickly spray it and the DayZ gods give you the holy gun, a BP5. You yeet on the guy in front of you and take his rifle and kill the rest and escape. Easy hostage escape situation, Works every time.
  9. Lewis scott

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Not gonna lie when i saw the name i thought Jerry made a group there xD but your thread looks nice and it will be nice to see an Irish group on the server. Good luck guys hope to see you IG soon.
  10. snip - thought you were a ex perma banned player with the same name
  11. I didn't tho? It was a list of groups which expanded the DayZRP mod lore. I put that next to S-GRU for all the remakes and groups with a twist which were based off of it. Examples like SVR, SKA, MVD, SOBR, ALFA and NRF with a plethora of other groups as well which based themselfs or took a big inspiration from S-GRU. I'm not calling groups like Brotherhood, 501st or the Dragons Russian either, that would just be a little bit stupid.
  12. /SNIP/ double post by accident
  13. Not really following what your saying not gonna lie?
  14. Man 5.56 is the only language of the land for me and true you right on all that. It's sad tho, one day i hope to experience the old times again.