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  1. Come to the US server people!

    Actually only the CBOR unit goes on S1, The majority of the CDF are on S2
  2. Any Mod lads still about?

  3. Daniil Marek

    Daniil Marek, Born in the St Maria Skobtsova hospital too a well off family (For the area anyway) living in the countryside just outside the city. During his younger years Daniil would hunt with his father every weekend while he excelled at this school studies waned. This trend continued into his teenage years, leaving high school without getting any qualifications and enlisting in the CDF at age 17. Going through basic training Daniil excelled in his physical and marksman test he was placed into the 5th battle regiment as marksmen and was deployed a year later at age 18 to South Zagoria to fight against the Chedaki uprising. Deployed with the 5th battle regiment of the CDF Daniil was nervous about going to war with his own countrymen. Deployed to Balota Airstrip along with the 3rd Mechanized regiment to help reinforce the CDF forces already there from being overrun. Daniil along with the 5th battle regiment and 3rd mechanized regiment had to hold out for 2 weeks before the US lead coalition reached chernarus. In this time over 50 percent off the 5th battle regiments men were left standing. Within the following the day the coalition forces stormed the shores off Electro, Chernogorsk and Balota and beat the Chedaki back into the countryside. Afterwards Daniil was reassigned to the 3th battle regiment and was sent north. During this time Daniil and his regiment uncovered a few off the chedakis mass graves and other crimes against humanity committed by the chedaki. Seeing these these gruesome sights changed Daniil for the rest off of his life and filled with a new found rage for the chedaki. As the war ended Daniil stayed in the military again being transferred to the COBR regiment where they would be moved around the country, and even serving 1 tour as peacekeeper forces in the UN lead takistan intervention. For a while after that, Daniils life started to get calmer until the outbreak. Daniils Company were out in the Black mountains doing training exercises just before the pandemic arose. As word reached out Daniils company they were recalled back down south too the international airport to group up with the rest of the regiment.It took two weeks off continuous driving until they reached their destination. When they got there tho they couldn't find anybody. They split up trying to find any signs of life until they seen it. A giant group off the undead coming out from the hangers, trees and all the other surrounding areas. About to be overrun the unit along with Daniil fell back north towards a communication tower and took refuge waiting to get information and search for other parts off the CDF.
  4. New Permadeath rule

    +1 this sounds quite good but i would ramp up the death counter to like 5 or 6, 3 doesn't seem like that much to me.
  5. Pretty good interview
  6. We'll Meet Again

    Cut 4 Nihoolious o7
  7. CS:GO coaching (solo and team)

    Alright if you aren't trolling or just straight up BSing then link you're ESL account. Anyone who was pro, semi pro or amatur pro in CSS will have one with a pretty high level. Easily 15+ on CSS. You'il also have at least two invite leagues in your history(For ESEA) if it was Nfaculty. Also it doesn't make sense for Nfacilty to pick up a Scandinavian or NiP to pickup a German. BTW guys if you want some help im a Ex dig player who also played for 4kings, H2K gaming, London Conspiracy and i also win majors on the side ya know.
  8. Official CS:GO Thread

    Such a lad man. I wish i was good as NeoZz Also:
  9. 2016 Staff Member of the Year nominations

    Nominee: @Hebee Reason: This dude was a machine when it came to forum work. From CH to Admin he was one of the most active staff members from when the game was slow and stale through the entirety of the .60 wave and afterwards. On top of that he was actively playing the game and was a part of a variety of groups. He was a hard working staff member and a chill as fuck dude in general. Evidence: Reports and Ban Appeals
  10. New Settlement Rules

  11. Hello

    Ugh reav....
  12. A New Moon [Recruitment Closed]

    The only time they were active was in KS until the saviors demise.
  13. A New Moon [Recruitment Closed]

    o7 Nihoolious Rolle has finally won. The last good bandit clan on the server is dead o7
  14. safe zone idea ( don't kill me please :) )

    I only got a few words to say man. Altar.... Castle. We've been making group controlled settlements for the last 3 years. We even had settlements where no one owned them at all. You know nothing Ben Ryan