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  1. Lewis scott

    Why don't you get in game?

    - 95 percent of my friends list is banned - Rolle didn't listen to the community and cut the overall player base by such a large margin without even a single thought about how it would impact the future off the community - The rules way to strict to the point its become painful for anything exciting to happen - The community itself is dead beyond revival at this point unless a major change happens in how the community is operated (but that won't happen)
  2. Lewis scott


    0.63 501st confirmed?
  3. Lewis scott

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Yea the days were if you saw someone in the mod and it would have a tense feeling behind it are over. It's now just people running past each other like their on their own sunday stroll down to the market.
  4. Lewis scott

    Good Bye DayZ RP community.

    TBH the underage rule is the second most autistic rule in the list. It was only made to get rid of squeakers and nothing else (Also don't try to claim its a maturity facture that shits BS and you know it), i was able to pass for a 16 year when i joined the community when i just turned 14. Its quite funny the community's turning away dedicated players when it will be some of the last they ever get but R.I.P man either way. They shouldn't of done in you that way. The funniest part is people expect you to have a form of ID at 16-17, I know so many people who don't even have that (Driver's license, passport, library card) these are the only 3 i can get in my area since i live in a slum, if i didn't dig up a library card when i needed to get unblacklisted a year and half ago i would still be blacklisted to this day.
  5. All the drama just because a group from the mod decided to come back even tho the origin of their name came from the fact IG they wore Tan berets and the merc 3 uniform which was also tan and black.... Well either way good luck shepherd hope this group does well
  6. Lewis scott

    I tried (o7 staff)

    o7 The best staff member i ever knew TBH. Keep it real Nihoo
  7. Honestly i swear people are more report happy now more than ever. You got a declining player base so what do you do? Make enough salt/nitpick reports so the server population can never go over 1. DayZ roleplay servers are more self destructive than a 40 year old alcoholic with nothing to lose but their last half full bottle of whisky.

    1. Hassan


      Seems like you're over reacting a bit ^_^

    2. Lewis scott

      Lewis scott

      Man you would think but i've seen it happen over and over and over again. DeadZone and DayZEnd (Twice) along with around 7-8 other communities which appeared after them got a player base then when whatever hype (Be it a new map, mod, dev team, youtubers or funding), went away people would just salt report each other to oblivion then the community would burn down. This community has ticked almost all of those boxes just waiting for the last two to happen.

  8. Had a read through of the group and got to admit its looking pretty good. I feel you should go more in depth on what your "true vision of true Islam" is due to there being so many different versions from Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiyya and Khawarij with different variations within those four major sects of Islam. You should also post what your version of sharia law will be, Since i'm guessing you will be enforcing it IG along with the jizya tax. Either way good luck and can't wait to meet you guys IG.
  9. A white name in his natural habitat, The make belief coastline.
  10. "Do whatever you want it doesn't matter, I got my GoPro running." - A white name moments before getting blasted by 3 different people.
  11. Lewis scott

    Brotherhood Of Thieves [The Depot]

    o7 guys
  12. Lewis scott

    • Lewis scott
    • Lucius

    pretty lite message my man

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  13. A good friend friend of mine Brads birthday is soon #hyped

  14. (I got no video evidence either btw) P.O.V: Daniil Marek So basically i log in at the big bridge and start running down the street i call i see two people down the road one in a OREL uniform with a red armband as i walk up to him he raises his gun at me so i raise mine and ask "What's going on here?" he instantly starts saying "hands up hands up" then i exchange fire while saying in ts "he's robbing me" (we exchange fire for like 2-3 seconds) since i already have my gun up im guessing he will insta shoot me so i shoot him, i fail he hits me i go down then i log when i get the dead screen and thats it.