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  1. Lewis scott

    In game Premium poll

    To be honest you should have to pay for clan skins. Like i've been a white name since 2014 and it didn't hinder me back in the mod (And it was a requirement to have clan skins back then and you couldn't find these skins IG) in S.A where you can find your clothes after an hour of searching its completely optional, compared to the mod. Granted it would speed things up for people who do pay over those who don't but i don't see that as such a major advantage to warrant them to be free. As long as the staff don't force groups to have to use their group skins to get group rights then you should have to purchase your skin. If they make it so you need to have your uniform on to get group rights then i would agree for it to be free.
  2. Lewis scott

    One Group

    Imperial Dragons - Honestly they are some of the funniest guys i've ever seen. It was sad seeing them leave the community. Brotherhood of steel - Just to hear the absolute cancer which was BoS comms, like i can't explain the noise pollution you got from it. A jet engine was quieter than it. CLF - They were always doing something at least when they came back in 2014 for a while. Jerry's IRA - I've heard some good things about them but never got to see it myself sadly. S-GRU/SVR/SKA/NRF/MVD - Sometimes i miss seeing the Ruski checkpoints looking for M4s. Also some of the giant ass hero groups like DUTY, Fangs and 501st just so the bandits had opposition which weren't other bandit groups.
  3. Lewis scott

    To all Chernarussians.

    *David holds down the PTT* "Funny joke mate, follow through with what you preach. I've seen you guys run around with foreigners and even gave one an AK earlier today. Your great enemy and you arm them? Or are you guys just so dysfunctional that you all don't even know your own groups crusade against foreigners?" *David laughs as he releases the PTT*
  4. Yea i was the black guy from Brotherhood, you guys were pretty good. Especially when you started to talk to Lemonade to save the old guy from getting cut up. It will be nice to see how that interaction will unfold in the future.
  5. Great roleplay from Jackfish, ScarletRose and Yuthee at NWAF today and from Banshees group as well in Stary (Sorry i don't know any of your forum names besides Banshee). I wonder where these two stories will take us next
  6. No problem man it was great to finally sell a slave, Enjoyed the RP from you when we were talking at the fireplace.
  7. (Sorry i don't know any of the forum names off the people we encountered today) Enjoyed the RP from Sally when we found her again and took her to prud to collect on tax and the saviours for a good firefight in Kab. Also for Jiri and Adam with B-Hoods first slave trade in stand alone and the Vyshnoye camp guard we took hostage.
  8. Lewis scott

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    TBH the staff tried making lore factions before and it's a failed concept which has been tried multiple times. For S.A you got the CDF and UN where the CDF were meant to protect the civis and UN but let the VDV run rampant without challenge (Even when they attacked and forced the UN out of cherno) and a splinter cell group The Reclaimers, to kidnap their members right out of their own base (and this was a almost daily occurrence) and in the mod with the CTC and the council or whatever the guys dressed in black military gear were called. Like the council worked out well since it was an enemy but the CTC utterly failed on all accounts. Their only event (which didn't include the council) became a disaster which led to the staff being reported for abusing IG powers and a group leaving the community due to the rules surrounding the settlement which more or less screwed up any plans they made of having a war against the CTC.
  9. Trust me Task Force Radio is just more of a bother than anything else from seeing it used in past communities.
  10. Lewis scott

    The Tortugan State.

    Good job on getting approved guys
  11. It depends on where you've been hanging. I know quite a few people are avoiding the Kab, Vybor, NWAF triangle like the plague due to the amount of firefights which happen there. I've not been around Stary/Novy to comment on there and i know Vyshnoye has some shit brewing there from time to time from what i've heard.
  12. Mate i think you've just been real lucky, Like theres 4 active hostile groups Brotherhood, Abyss, Kamichi and Saviours. Along with 3 other groups which would rob you any day of the week if they felt like it. I mean fuck new moon use to be tits at robbing people in 0.62, i've seen some great videos from them. I mean the group im with has been in like 4 firefights in the last six days and around 3 robberies which didn't go into gun fire and demanded tribute from 3 people as well.
  13. Lewis scott

    In game Premium poll

    I mean i'm pretty sure the big ass badge on the back was a test piece. I would love to see the Bhood logo slapped onto the side off a M65 jacket like the small patches during the mod.
  14. Lewis scott

    In game Premium poll

    That's if you're going around up to people doing shit like, (Non Brotherhood Member: EVERYONE PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP THIS BROTHERHOOD YOU GOT TEN SECONDS TO COMPLY OR YOU WILL BE SHOT) Mainly done by solo players to use the name of a clan to get a quick gear up robbery or (Clan A member: This is Clan A and Clan B EVERYONE PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP RIGHT NOW (More or less to use another clan's prestige or numbers to make complying seem a hell of a lot better )) or wearing their uniform and claiming your with them. If you're just wearing it and don't claim your aparant of them and if asked you make sure to say you aren't then it should be fine. Unless you and buddies are rolling in their uniform and robbing randos then its quite suspect. rolling around in the uniform of an enemy group to get close to them to initiate on them is an old mod tactic from 2013. To explain the tactic in more depth, Let's say you killed a member of an enemy clan and stole their clothes. You know where they like to roam and wait for them in a densely packed area. You see them running down the road and jump into the group without them knowing. Travel with them for a little bit while relaying info to your team (A situation where this would be useful is against a Bandit RP clan which don't do internal to the level of Hero/Campfire RP clans). When your boys are in position you quickly post a cheeky text initiation while your boys at range while doing no VOIP initiation and wait for their reaction. You do the same thing they do and wait for the firefight to break out. Your boys will more than likely take most of them out right away and you take out the last remaining members since they won't expect it. Also sorry for the wall of text
  15. Lewis scott

    Free Medics Media

    I honestly miss using XMLs IG, just looked good to me and some shit which happened due to them would lead to some funny moments.