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  1. Cole Miller, Born from the womb of one of Berlin's most prolific serial killers, Life for Cole was extremely harsh from then one. Taken from his mother at birth and given to his grandparents out in the German Alps he was brought up through a different kind of education. Where most people would teach their children to be nice and to love tye neightbour. Cole on the other hand was taught how to preserve his people and to fight the red menace. His grandfather, a fanatical man drilled into him a true sense of German nationalism. Little Cole drank it all up, religiously following his grandfather's every word in an attempt to impress him. That all changed when he met a nice young Chernarussian girl Brenda, Cole instantly falling for her beauty tried his hardest to chase her. That all changed when her father got involved, a Chernarussian mobster named Jim. Not wanting his daughter to escape his thumb forced her to go back to Chernarus, Around about this time is when the Chernarussian civil war happened. Cole hearing this just couldn't let it go and decided to chase after her, he made up enough money and finished his schooling to then go to Chernarus to find the love of his life. Ever since Cole has been in Chernarus a prisoner to his fate to hunt down Brenda at all cost.
  2. (Sorry for the wall of text but i'm absolutely terrible at getting to the point) I never wanted to give beans to a post more than this tbh. Your completely right i mean the worst part is that the staff didn't consider the context. like he climbed onto the ledge but his game could of easily just shit a brick, like in cities for me IG i lose almost all my FPS and it makes my movement extra choppy. So if my movement fucks up if im on a roof in a firefight and i fall and die is that then considered NVFL? I mean if you think his P.O.V is gonna be crystal clear with every single detail spoken i'm sorry but people forget or they don't read through what they write and leave a crucial piece of information. The worst part is that they didn't even question Brandon on what happened up there instead they filled in the blanks themselves in the most awkward way possible. They wrote the verdict thinking he meant to jump over a railing in the opposite direction of where his final destination would of been? Due to how the staff are phrasing " Instead of doing that, you jumped off the other side, glancing towards the camera and then splatting.Unfortunately, this would have worked really well if you had made it across but alas, you did not. " Even they were confused as to why he would jump off the opposite side but still they did not think to postpone the verdict to ask the last most crucial question needed to solve this report in the right way. Since i know that all of the GM/Admin team don't really get into firefights all that often but its coming to the point we need people who are experienced in these situations to be in a GM position to give a different perspective from the ones who haven't experienced that type of situation before or haven't in such a long time that they start to forget how it feels and how they would act. I mean i don't get this like i even know how ex-GMs have applied to staff who understand these situations but they have been pushed aside and now situations and verdicts like these seem to be a very troubling foreshadowing for the future of DayZRP for 2019. Like i would hope that Rolle would notice that these last two controversial verdicts have lost the community around 12 active players and if Brandon isn't unpermed i know i won't want to play anymore if this verdict is supported. If that doesn't send off any warning singles i would like to remind you that less than a year ago this community couldn't even reach 30 pop on high tide and has led to situations where people have left out of pure frustration on how the community is being administered right now. The first thing i learned in any business/ Administration classes along with any team building exercise in the planet is that you want to have feedback and change things as you get this information but it seems from the last event with Scars ban and possibly what will happen to Brandon with how you reacted to the formers banning and back in 2014 and in 2016 that you Rolle don't really take this sentiment to heart. I would hope that you will change your tone to this because when you do listen to the community like you did with the skin shop. On how you marketed it and how it was implemented it was received very well and showed some very good change which people loved to see.
  3. i've heard good things from the boys welcome back
  4. *Daniil holds down the PTT* "New Moon can't believe that you have lost young Awimba, Our relations may not be the best right now but we know how it is when a temptress takes away a true man from you." "We cannot let this temptress bitch live after this absolute disgrace of an incident, making a man kill himself after surviving two years in this horrible world. Your dead bitch" *Daniil shakes his head and releases the PTT and sighs*
  5. @Cipher B I G Y I K E S Man welcome to rehab take that seat next to dusty jokes aside welcome to all the new guys
  6. You really hate to see it


  7. -User has been warned for this post-
  8. legit not a single person in new moon even knew about execution rights being taken away. In new moon there are 10 people on final. So if any of those guys executed someone it would be an invalid kill from what this report is saying? Like i would rather have 2016 rules or even the aids as fuck 2017 rules which were aids as fuck but at least covered all the basics over these half assed rules which have so many gaps in them that anyone from 2016 at least would think that execution rights should of been a standard part of the rules page. To be honest scar shouldn't of been banned from that report, at least for what they are using against him.
  9. xD you're being an actual meme now, New moons attacked them once, Saviours haven't done shit neither have District (As far as i know on those two fronts.) and the Armenians have done it once as well. Two attacks from the 4 biggest groups in the server = Dominating? Even then they had a major advantage with the New Moon attack, even then we actually had shit planned if they would comply but that didn't happen sadly.
  10. And that matters why exactly? Also it was Christmas eve, not Christmas day.... point for effort i guess?
  11. The soviet strategy was only possible through the US legitimately taking over and doing a majority of their advanced industry and resource supply so they could match the numbers off the Germans. I mean The British military's doctrine is the legitimate opposite of what you've said? By that logic Britain doesn't value its forces by having a smaller force with superior training and tactics... I wouldn't bring in real life scenarios into a RP community tho, we don't want a repeat of 2017 to be honest. Also you gotta remember in that event we did have men inside ready, armed and waiting. They didn't expect special forces.
  12. You know we attacked it due to the fact we knew Free Territory (The Commies as we call them) owned the place, we've been hunting them for last week and a half along with the Armenians. You guys got caught up in that since we didn't get a chance to that. Shit happens when allies get involved, stuff like thats happened to me before.
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