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  1. Cut 4 Nihoolious o7
  2. Alright if you aren't trolling or just straight up BSing then link you're ESL account. Anyone who was pro, semi pro or amatur pro in CSS will have one with a pretty high level. Easily 15+ on CSS. You'il also have at least two invite leagues in your history(For ESEA) if it was Nfaculty. Also it doesn't make sense for Nfacilty to pick up a Scandinavian or NiP to pickup a German. BTW guys if you want some help im a Ex dig player who also played for 4kings, H2K gaming, London Conspiracy and i also win majors on the side ya know.
  3. Such a lad man. I wish i was good as NeoZz Also:
  4. Nominee: @Hebee Reason: This dude was a machine when it came to forum work. From CH to Admin he was one of the most active staff members from when the game was slow and stale through the entirety of the .60 wave and afterwards. On top of that he was actively playing the game and was a part of a variety of groups. He was a hard working staff member and a chill as fuck dude in general. Evidence: Reports and Ban Appeals
  5. Confirmed?????????
  6. Ugh reav....
  7. The only time they were active was in KS until the saviors demise.
  8. o7 guys.
  9. o7 Nihoolious Rolle has finally won. The last good bandit clan on the server is dead o7
  10. I only got a few words to say man. Altar.... Castle. We've been making group controlled settlements for the last 3 years. We even had settlements where no one owned them at all. You know nothing Ben Ryan
  11. - 1 From me man. Honestly all this will be is a place where people will talk the most absolute shit as possible and nothing can happen to them due to OOC rules. You want a settlement controlled by a group so initiations are harder to do then go to LIFEs camp hope or Blackwoods Lopatino. You don't need the rules to protect you while you RP honestly.
  12. TBH i dont think this is gonna be useful. Trying to prove if someone is Metagaming or not is near impossible there are too many free alternatives from TS3. A few being: Skypee, Discord, Razer Comms, Other TS`s, Steam Chat and a few others which names i can't recall. This also makes it harder for people who want to try different characters having to flesh out their backstories on paper and get a picture and all that shit takes way too long.
  13. - 1 just because. Also OP asked 4 it to be closed @
  14. Good lucky Trix. I hope you see a lot of success.
  15. Any group w/ kanen in its roster becomes inactive.