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  1. This report's getting too toxic and all we're doing is going back and forth. Let's have the respective higher-ups reveal their judgment when they deem they're ready.
  2. My POV before this whole situation is concurrent with that of @ImNovaaa's. All I have to describe in detail was that I was providing cover fire with no specific target at the watchtowers, in order to give my group members a chance to move around and get a shot on the group dubbed "The Militia." I couldn't get a good shot after waiting for some time, so I just continued to waste bullets on the watchtower to keep their men away or hope I caught someone through the wooden wall. Once the situation developed to a point that my teammates were very close to the base, they decided to storm it and bring an end to the lengthy conflict we had over the course of a day or two prior. I ran from my warehouse I was set up in, and proceeded to assist in storming the compound. As I listened to the conversation exchanged between their leader, claiming a name of "Connor Riley", I stood guard for awhile at the door to see if he would come out while Levi King and Chris Iris spoke to him. Then, I was instructed to check if there were anybody approaching the compound from afar, and was told to go to the hospital. I decided it best to stay at this compound, and checked each watchtower for a vantage point and any people in the distance. As I climbed one of the watchtowers, there stood a fully kitted and armed man just standing there. In an act of impulse to spare my life, and because the rifle in the man's hand was raised, I decided to point blank fire at him. I at the time of course had no idea whatsoever that this Francis Powers gentleman was just loading in--and again, I'll make the claim that the timing between the two of us was terrible.
  3. Hello--I'm the one that assaulted you. I was searching the premises as my group was infiltrating your camp, and as I walked up a watch tower, I saw a body already standing there. The timing must've been terrible as I checked to see if you were alive. Your character model raised their weapon and I shot you point blank, fearing for my life. This incident ties into a similar report involving @ImNovaaa and @Ram.
  4. Born in sunny South Florida, Ian had a normal upbringing entirely. He was raised with every teenager's common problems: a parent overly concerned with grades, some friend group drama, etc...it was only when he decided to take a gap year before college to backpack around the world that he encountered his first real world serious issue, which was the zombies and armed people trying to kill him for his belongings. He ended up in Chernarus after backpacking through several European countries such as Spain, Germany, Czechia, and Greece. He heard whim that Chernarus was on the up and up after the USSR dissolving and that there were some beautiful sights to see while he was traveling, so he used what minimal money he had to take a train to Chernarus. He stayed roughnecking it in the country for only a few weeks as a farmhand until the outbreak spread..he stayed on his farm, feeding off of canned goods and vegetables until the crops all died off. He was raised privileged but remained humble, however lazy. He always loved to socialize and seek companionship in his friends in his adventures. No doubt he'll be looking for a friend in this dangerous world...
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