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  1. Colton was born into a military family in Texas on September 13, 1994. His father was a Marine and as a kid always dreamed of being like his father. His father's name was Curtis and he died when Colton was just 10 years old. His father died in an engagement in the Middle East, which crushed Colton. Colton was always close to his father compared to his mother, his mother wished that Colton would follow another dream, for she feared that she would lose another important man in her life. Colton was an okay student in school, people and teachers could never understand him. His teachers knew his potential in other areas other than the military and tried to convince him this, but he held his ground. When he graduated, he enlisted, as expected. He became a United States Marine and he was very proud. He excelled in basic and also in NCO school. By the time he was ready for deployment somewhere he had already gained the rank of Corporal and was being assigned to the squad of a Sergeant who served in the Chernarussian Civil war with an amazing military history, this Sergeants name was James West. Colton was deployed to Chernarus with the 27th MEU where he would serve to keep the peace. He and James became very close friends and James was some sort of a father figure to him, despite their close age. Colton was always James' right hand man for any situation. James mentored Colton to be the man he is today. When the outbreak hit, they were assigned to evacuations around Stary Sobor. Orders came over to get themselves out of there and to the coast for evac. But by the time they got there everyone had already left, and they were left stranded. He recalls this moment being the only one where James did not know what to do. They proceeded to Svetlojarsk where the dead cornered the entire squad. James had managed to narrowly escape the dead but had to leave his squad. Colton took charge and tried to hold off the dead with his squad mates. The only thing in the alleyway was a dumpster where they could get on top of it. Coltons's squad mates boosted him up to a balcony so he could pull them up, but it was too late, the dead were all over them. When Colton turned around to grab one of them he reached down just as the last man remaining was swept away by the horde. Colton ran as fast as he could out of there and escaped. He looked for James for some time, holding out hope he got away. He eventually stopped searching, and began to just focus on his survival, no matter the cost.
  2. Lucas was born in rural Nebraska where he lived all his life up until he graduated high school. He helped out on his father's farm all while maintaining decent grades in school. He was always a good shot throughout his whole life, he kept vermin off the family farm and went to shooting competitions usually scoring pretty high. He was always a hardass and never listened to anyone when he thinks he's right. When he enlisted in the army at 19 he only lasted a year due to him not listening to orders. Following that he saved up money for 2 years and decided to be a Freelancing military operator. Due to his skill with basically any weapon he was given he made a good living in the contractor business. His ways could be questionable at times because he would do anything and everything to complete his missions. If it got him money, he would do it. He also met a girl by the name of Paige in the business, she was a fierce bounty hunter. They met when they both took a contract from the US government to hunt down a terrorist leader. Following the mission Lucas asked her out on a date and she would end up becoming his wife. His most daring contract came when the CDF hired him for a classified mission in Chernarus. He decided to bring Paige on mission with him figuring it would be just any other mission, he was so wrong. And this final mission transpired before the outbreak got public, so they didn't know what was really transpiring over there. The CDF briefed them and told them that it was just information retrieval from the 'abandoned' Troitskoe Military Base. The CDF had failed to mention the outbreak. On insert they managed to reach the main building without incident until the infected greeted them when they started making a ruckus. They ran up to the barracks and hid there for several hours, when they realized help was not coming Paige made a sacrifice. She told Lucas to run while she drew them off and said that she would meet him in Kamensk. Lucas ran while she drew their attention and went the opposite way. Lucas reached Kamensk and saw a decent number of the dead(about 5-7) and he gunned the dead down. When he entered he found his heavily wounded wife sitting down covering the door. He tried to help her with what little medical knowledge he had but it was not enough, she died in his arms, and he never forgave himself. After that he hunted down the CDF commander who hired him and tortured him and killed him. By now the outbreak was already in full swing, leaving Lucas stranded at Chernarus.
  3. @VoodooI didn't think about taking screenshots and there were backpacks I had stored in the tent on the ground. And I hadn't built any walls yet
  4. IC Name: James West Allies Involved: @Forest Gump Name of Suspects: IC: Sixton, Forums: Unknown Friendly/Enemy Vehicles involved: N/A Additional Evidence: N/A Description: So I have a small camp is Kamensk I have for RP and storage and it was raided sometime last night. I was down in Lopatino when @Forest Gump radioed me saying there was a mystery man in Kamensk that knew about my camp, he told me his name was Sexton. So I managed to fiannly get back today and upon arriving back my whole tent was gone and there was just a backpack that was in the tent left. The whole tent was filled which was 400 slots and I doubt they took it all so I'm pretty sure the rest of the stuff in the tent was griefed. I would like to request that if there are any logs of this that they be shown for evidence to my case.
  5. James West POV I had just got back from a scavenging run and I had been helping with the base building. They came up and were having perfectly normal conversation and then they all scream "Put your hands up!" and everyone that can be outside the walls is immediately lit up and killed. When they started killing us I was the one in the video that was outside pointing their gun at the ground because I was having lag issues before they had initiated.(When I lag I look at the ground in game so it will subside because it loads less things) All I heard was them say that and then I'm greeted with a "You are dead" message. So this could be classified as an RDM because they clearly initiated but did not give anyone time to put their hands up or even raise our guns before they started firing, they started shooting immediately after the initiation. And this could be proven by me pointing my rifle at the ground, because I didn't react in any way(surrendering or retaliating)(My character can be seen in the video at 0:25
  6. POV for James West I was up on the balcony of a building in the industrial area of Novaya with Saggs, Viktor, and two other who I do not know their name. The hostilities began when one of the random people in the building stated "if they do anything funny drop them" or something like that. That caused the group of men on the ground to come up the stairs with their weapons drawn. As i saw them coming up the stairs one of them pointed a firearm. This caused me to raise my weapon at the man at the top of the stairs with me saying "you and your boys need to get back down those stairs, you are endangering lives." I then began backing up with my gun still pointed and I was shot by the man at the top of the stairs, there was a moment of hesitation before I and everyone else opened fire. I cannot contribute any further information as by now I was dead.
  7. My Character is Sgt. James West, a soldier from the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit that was stationed on Chernarus. James was born on June 26, 1990 in a small rural town in the United States. From a very young age he showed interest in the Military, always dreaming of protecting his country. James got his wish when he was hooked up with a USMC recruiter at the age of 17. He finished basic by the age of 18 and was assigned to the 27th and was deployed to Chernarus aboard the USS Khe Sanh. He performed very well during the Chernarussian civil war gaining him the rank of Corporal at just 19. Following the civil war the 27th was ordered to keep a presence on the island and assist the CDF in their matters until further notice. When the outbreak began James had risen to the rank of Sergeant and had his own squad. When the USMC learned of the outbreak the 27th was ordered to destroy any infected persons and save as many civilians as possible. As the outbreak progressed the United States decided to halt the relief efforts due to it becoming a "waste of resources" James and his squad were in the Stary Sobor area evacuating civilians when they learned they were pulling out. They tried to reach the coast as fast as possible but the rest of the unit had departed without them, leaving them stranded. Shortly after he and his squad got cornered by the infected, James was the only survivor of that massacre in Svetlojarsk. He now wanders Chernarus alone. As he wanders he helps as many as he can and hunts bandits for a living, he can only hope that he will eventually be found...
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