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  1. It's the year of Lazarus Raev

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      o n o I miss u

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      im coming for your ass

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  3. I just uploaded another small chapter of my new character ?

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  4. Roleplay so good , i fell in depression
  5. SMOL update/intro on my new character, take a look folks and let me know what u think 

  6. · Origins. Lazarus is a kid originally from Bulgaria, his parents were economical refugees, they moved to Greece illegally hoping for a better life for their child.Lazarus grew up and went to local schools, as his parents doing whatever job they could find just to keep a basic income so they could keep a roof over their head.From a young age, Lazarus lived through the unconscious racism of the other kids of his age. Watching the unfairness against himself or towards his parents.Lazarus always tried to see good in people even in these circumstances, he tried to be the opposite of what he was receiving. · One does not have to die to experience hell. The early teenage years and the degradation of a drop-out In his early teenage years, Lazarus lost his father in a construction work accident. Him and his mother fell into sorrow and desperation, but it wouldn't end like that. Only for him. Only a few months later Lazarus woke up just to find his mother in her room dead, she couldn't stand her husband's death and the pills n booze cocktail that night , were her last. At the age of 14, Lazarus became an orphan , left alone, nowhere to go, no one to talk. He didn't want to tangle himself with police or ending up in an orphanage, he run away, running until he doesn't know where he's at. · Serving the cycle of the streets Living in the streets was a difficult way of life and the wrong paths were the only easy way to get through the problems of the harsh outside homeless life. Lazarus had to go days without food before he started stealing from people, grabbing bags wallets and just running like the wind. The pain was unbearable and drugs were cheap. Lazarus became a gray shadow in the streets. Stealing and drinking and the days were passing like that. Day by Day he would get into fights with other homeless men or people he was dealing drugs from. Life took Lazarus from his birth and threw him into misery. · When a human is born, a yearning is being born as well... ...and when the 'war' starts, the blood is countless MORE TBA SOON.....
  7. Welcome to DayzRP, I guarantee you, you're gonna have a great time here and a unique experience in DayzRP, from another Greek rp'er, καλωσηρθες ?
  8. Damn, my feelings, however happy for all the people i met ic, looking forward for the new lore thingy, cant wait to come back in 7 months, Loveuall
  9. no one posted this yet????
  10. Robo

    Wynne and Jacob

    oh my god i totally forgot! im gonna miss the wedding because i dont exist anymore lol
  11. See you guys in 2021, gotta go serve for my bitch ass country, byebye ❤️

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      first thing when i come back is to create a new character that likes soups

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  12. A letter to 'Rabbit'.

    My dear friend rabbit, it's been so long since we last met. 
    I know you would love to learn all of my experiences and my adventures, but if i start writing them down, i will probably run out of paper.

    You were one of the very first persons i ever met in this horrific land. You were the first to tell me to stick with you and also the first ever to question if im trusty enough to be around. 
    We had so many different things in our minds, each one with their goals but both we had the same visions about the world and how the future should be. 
    We traveled we went through some shit and without even knowing me for a long time, i could surely say that you would stand in front of me and take a bullet for me, you were a soldier , a brave one and a good friend. 

    Well we lost each other, time passed who knows were you ended up, 
    i went through all kinds of pain and desperation but through happiness and joy aswell.
    I met a lot of people , people i would like you to meet too. 
    I made friends, i made enemies, but mostly friends and i am very happy about it. 
    You know how i love helping people and i helped a lot of people, friends and strangers, however i could. 
    I did my best. 

    My dear friend, i got a little tired. actually very tired, everyone seems to be keeping with their lifes after i push them to and then i just stand there, behind, watching them go. well it's a good thing, but now it's time for me to make a move. 

    I lived my life to the fullest, i opened my eyes, i stood up to my feet, i experienced the chaos , now it's time to end it. 

    I did my best, i promise, but it's time for me to go now
    ex nihilo, nihil fit.


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