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  1. ganggang

  2. *Lurking*

  3. It's the year of Lazarus Raev

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      o n o I miss u

    2. Robo


      im coming for your ass

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      O  W O  PWEASE

  4. ?

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  5. I just uploaded another small chapter of my new character ?

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      o w o

  6. Roleplay so good , i fell in depression
  7. SMOL update/intro on my new character, take a look folks and let me know what u think 

  8. · Origins. Lazarus is a kid originally from Bulgaria, his parents were economical refugees, they moved to Greece illegally hoping for a better life for their child.Lazarus grew up and went to local schools, as his parents doing whatever job they could find just to keep a basic income so they could keep a roof over their head.From a young age, Lazarus lived through the unconscious racism of the other kids of his age. Watching the unfairness against himself or towards his parents.Lazarus always tried to see good in people even in these circumstances, he tried to be the opposite of wha
  9. Welcome to DayzRP, I guarantee you, you're gonna have a great time here and a unique experience in DayzRP, from another Greek rp'er, καλωσηρθες ?
  10. Damn, my feelings, however happy for all the people i met ic, looking forward for the new lore thingy, cant wait to come back in 7 months, Loveuall
  11. no one posted this yet????
  12. Robo

    Wynne and Jacob

    oh my god i totally forgot! im gonna miss the wedding because i dont exist anymore lol
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