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  1. What Is Your Character Name In SA ? And Why You Choosed That Name ?
  2. Hello Everyone I have a good idea to play as DayZRP in SA i know the admin got no power yet so you have to ask your self guys what should we do as RP fans its simple now we have DayZRP SA server and its really good i play there often but what should we do to stop KOS i suggest first put a password for the server and only DayZRP members got the password and if he is a really RP fan the password wont leak and my second suggest anyone join DayZRP SA server should write his name with RP mark so we can see how many ppl playing as RP for example my name in the game is Ghzoi Q8 [ RP ] like this and i guess if we have password it would be so much better and we can play as RP without KOS thx again and i hope mu suggest help
  3. Hello Guys Its Ghzoi Again I Just Wanna Ask You Guys How Did you Find Your Game Character ? We Knw We All Like To RP Thats Why We Are Here We Like DayZ & RP ( DayZRP ) So I Think It Would Be Awesome To Share How Did Everyone Of Us Found His Game Character )
  4. Lol I really don't know bro I just like it maybe but I'll stop doing it
  5. it sound really awesome Sam
  6. its not ridiculous bro its good but do you have a reason for it ? Its my name, you know, MyNameIsCallen..... nevermind. ohhh i c well i dont think its rediculous Nice to meet u JACKALOW i hope to meet you in the game as well
  7. Thats Quiet Awesome Thanks Guys I Use Two Characters One Of Them Is 100% Me Name Ghazi Karam The Other Character is Zlatan Adam : He is Reasonable & equitable man he used to be one of Turkish Parliament alot of people likes him he has no military experience but there are always people looking after him he known as " Leader " he always makes the right choices but sometimes when he remember how he lost his best friend he lose it & when he does bad things happen to other group of survivors
  8. Sometimes People Like To Have Another Name , Another Personality , Another Work And Sometimes Another Life Thats Why I Like RP , Makes Me Feel Different But In A Good Way Dont Get Me Wrong I Like My Own Life Alot Thx God
  9. I Know What Do You Mean Man I Found Mine From Turkey Tv Series
  10. I'm sorry, what do you mean with ''found your game character'' ? i meant .. How Did You Choose Or Created Your Own Character ? Im Sorry For My English
  11. its not ridiculous bro its good but do you have a reason for it ? oh yeah i think i saw your name in the server once i guess
  12. I hope we can all meet each other in the server guys it would be awesome
  13. Post: #3RE: Charecater Name In SA Just kept It as Voodoo and added [RP] for the RP server. Ill make a proper name once the server can go private for whitelisted players i know what do you mean bro ill do the same mine now is Ghazi Karam but i have a new character ill wait too
  14. teas926 Wrote: Before the [RP] in the name we tried just having full RP names like the mod. That works just as well and doesn't draw too much attention. I still have use mine anyway. Same here, i use both, a full RP name and the [RP] and when i see many [RP]'s, i feel more "safe" in a way and i'm also more willing to make contact to others. I wouldn't trust a "Skill3r" for example. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i know what do u mean man my name in the game is Ghazi Karam [ RP ] and when i see other charecaters with RP i feel safer & u can join us guys in the SafeZone ) we starting a group
  15. We have now a really good group of people
  16. im still in the safezone its a really good place to live
  17. Ghzoi


    I mad it to the safehouse hope to see you there guys tonight
  18. Hii all I just want to ask where should we meet in SA I heard some ppl say Guba and another ppl said something about Kamenka I just wanna be with u guys I'm going to feel so much safer and what time please ?? GMT time Thx a lot I know I'm new here but all I can say its awesome to be here I feel so great and happy to share my thought with u guys and I hope to be a good friend with u all
  19. Yes it's feels really good to know we have doctors