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  1. Alexei was born in the north region of Chernarus, where he spent most of his teenage years in a village of Vybor. he originally came from a family of farmers living around the north part of the map. Desperatly wanting to contribute to the ancient farming traditions of his family he wanted to buy a small farm. When he eventually managed to gather enough money, he bought a small farm that was up for estate sale by the government, after the lonley farmer who resided there died. After a few hard working years living peacefully he started hearing troubblesome news, whispers of conflict and military activity reached the village of Vybor and those surrounding it, sturring up controversy regarding the rumours. alexei rarely paid much attention to such, and mostly kept to himself doing what he could with the land he owned, little information reached Alexei at the farm he lived at, and Before he knew it national broadcasts where transmitted over the radio, speaking of waves of infected people roaming, destroying and infecting others. hearing this he decided he had to flee, and managed to get himself on a plane to France. Words of the infection reached the rest of europe along with the refugees fleeing there, and panick quickly began to spread over the world, military recruitment was heavily increased, with posters being everywhere. Alexei decided he wanted to try to make a diffrence, and went to a recruitment facility in Strasbourg, France. coming from nothing, being worth nothing but the first hand experiences he had he was recruited to the FFL, a perfect fit for him. after the training he had time for, he was quickly deployed with the 2nd foregin infantry regiment, trying to contain the the infection, that was rapidly spreading across the world. The Date is now 07.07.2019, whispers had reached Alexei's ears about a small squad of NATO soldiers forming up a peacekeeping group in chernarus. this sparked a old flame in Alexei, a feeling he didn't know existed anymore, and a small sense of patrioism fueled by this he decided he had to return to his homeland where he managed to find the Leader of the Squad called Goa, where he introduced himself as Alexei, but preffered to be called Zonic, a old Nickname given to him by his commanding officer a while back. Alexei's goal was to attempt to bring peace and order to his devastated homeland, joining NATO was the best course of action he could think of, hence that's where he is starting.
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