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  1. I do apologize, my first instinct was to just say yes, I know I should have wrote it in text. I think the report should be solved/closed. Logs is all we wanted to see.
  2. I did say it was ok he could relog. Max was busy ATM so i just said he could. Thank you for the logs, I believe this clearly shows he didn't ghost. Sorry for the inconvenience it just didn't seem right when we came back and he was out of the PD.
  3. Server and location: S2 - Vybor PD Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/7/2019 around 4:55 Your in game name: Edward Hunter Names of allies involved: @Red Bunny and an unknown individual. Name of suspect/s: @NotMrPink Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was hearing gun shots in Vybor kind of by the well so I went running to investigate. That's when I saw someone running by the PD when I went over there I found Noah inside the PD. He was reloading a gun at the time saying that a land mine couldn't stop him. I then went to the CTF shop to let @Red Bunny know he was in there. He informed me he wasn't suppose to be there. I then went and got my UMP out of my base and went back to the PD to address Noah along with @Red Bunny and an Unknown individual (believe his name was Than but I can't find him). He had said he'd tried jumping out of the fence line from the roof twice but couldn't make it. We attempted to contact higher ranks in CTF to try to gain access to PD to let him out. It was taking awhile after 5 minutes or so @Red Bunny, Than and I ran back towards the statue in middle of town out of sight of the PD. We talked about what we were gonna do about the situation for another 5 minutes. @Red Bunny and I went back towards the PD while Than said he would get into a better position to snipe Noah if he tried anything. When we get up towards the PD Noah is running towards us from the west on the road. He said don't worry about helping he got out himself. (I believe he ghosted his way out after we left the area knowing he wasn't suppose to be in there.) We then followed him back to the shop and got a few things and took off up towards the industrial area. @Red Bunnyand I continued to follow him to talk about the situation. He wouldn't stop running to let @Red Bunnytalk to him, he was the one that had been talking to higher ranks to see how to handle the situation. After us following and trying to talk for around another 5-10 minutes Noah OOC'd if he could relog because he was lagging bad. We let him do that waited for a few minutes and didn't see him so we ran back to the shop. Talked to a few people there before Noah came back to the shop. Noah @Red BunnyThan and I ran back up towards the industrial area on the NW side of Vybor. He said he wanted to talk in middle of a field so he could see if someone was sneaking up on him. I looked back at that time to see Than stop running with us and just watching. We got to our spot and started to talking. We were a little bit spaced apart in case anything happened. Noah asked if we could be civil and put away our guns so @Red Bunnyand I did. That's when Noah said "Put your hands up" I saw @Red Bunny put his up and Noah was turned towards him so I attempted to pull my weapon out and he shot me, I'm not worried about my kill I feel it was valid due to my actions. I was informed he killed @Red Bunny and Than though as well I don't know anything else past my death though.
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