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  1. hi im trying to rejoin your guys discord but dont have the link sorry I also tried to join the sever but it wouldnt load or something
  2. hi been away for awhile and lost the discord does anyone know the link? thanks
  3. thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  4. blake dory traveled all over the world interviewing people who were called "preppers" people who believed the world would come to a end.blake was the only one who believed in them and is why he was allowed to interview them. On his way back home to new Zealand the plane had to stop to refuel in Chernarus. everyone was asked to hope off the plane and have a break as they all ate and drank and rested blake saw on the news about the outbreak and the source to come from Chernarus. everyone thought it was a fake till some of the passengers started to show symptoms and started to turn.blake knew he needed to get out grabbing his bag he made a run for it not knowing this place at all he just had to get out before he became infected.it only took a few days for the outbreak to spread global. the outbreak was told to be hard and dangerous but blake was prepared with the years of interviews under his belt he was always ready waiting for this to happen. the outbreak has changed a lot of people blake thought he was well prepared he was in a sense but not when it came to making some questionable decisions.
  5. thanks guys and yea it good just buggy since the last update
  6. hi everyone im new to dayz but have played scum on a rp sever hope to see yous soon
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