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  1. I dont see a reason why you are lying in this report when there is evidence I ran into the room with a wall and a door which is cover. I also was speaking as you can hear from the video. I dont see why you would say im lying and then lie in your post.
  2. POV:went to airfield, heard people in hangar watched them leave. saw truck at bunker went to truck than saw guy folling me. I hid and then once he started talking to me he didnt saay much and gave pretty shit rp in my opinion. it was like talking to a brick wall, than i got close to door for cover. they initiated i went into cover and fought back. this was not nvfl as i had plenty of cover and could have lived.
  3. +1 let me be a mentor, i want to teach the whitenames how to properly roleplay,
  4. Best video ive ever seen, that you nozzy for another quality roleplay video
  5. BandsRP

    UP appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://prntscr.com/q5r70l Why the verdict is not fair: I was responding to the report with my consent to close the report, which I thought was needed, since in most other reports I see the accused agreeing or disagreeing with the decision to close or not. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: n/a What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points Removed What could you have done better?: Not said anything until staff directed me to.
  6. Very good roleplay video, favorite part is where man tries to kill you with axe
  7. should i have asked an extra time for you, was aiming a gun at your head and telling you would die not enough. Also why you do you keep bringing up info, we didn't ask you for info man, and you were executed for not giving info. Also sorry you didnt say no, cant remember exactly what you said, sure as hell wasnt begging tho.
  8. Nice... back at it again with lying in a report. First I told you to KISS not LICK my boot.(small difference I know) Next when I FIRST told you to kiss the boot, I didnt say,"Lick my shoe or die", I didnt even say"Kiss my shoe or die". I asked if you could do something for me before you left. You asked what it was and I told you to kiss my boot. You said no So I then proceeded to tell you that you were sentenced to death, and the only way to not die was kiss my boot. You again rejected, chosing to no-comply and end your life instead of swallow your pride and kiss the boot. http://prntscr.com/q4rpy9 @C-J correct me if im wrong but this is the definiton of comply right? The OP did not follow our demands, nocomplying, and was killed for it.
  9. Most definitely longer than 15 seconds lad. It was not used to kill you, it was so that your character knew his place, yet obviously your character didnt know that so your character and didnt comply. Not really sure where I lied at, It looks like this is just a salt report and he is making things up to get me banned. You said you had no intention of closing the report in the helpdesk and in PMs, so obviously you are looking to get me banned, thats kinda of weird that you would report for someone not to get banned. http://prntscr.com/q4nzua Last response unless directed by staff
  10. My POV: We heard gunshots in VMC, we go check it out we find lots of dead bodys, we think they went towards vybor, I see people (OP) leaving Vybor I run towards them, they run towards me. Once the OP gets close I see the wolfpack armband on and ask who he is, because im in the wolfpack, he doesn't answer for a little he tried to avoid the question. I told him I was Prince Bands of the wolfpack, and as far as I can remember he didnt say his name until one of the boys came up and recognized him as CJ, the leader of a group who attacks us, and is wearing our armband. We had asked him why he was wearing our armband, where he told us that some random guy gave it to him at a well. Once the lads got there (takes a little bit), I initiate and they both put there hands up. We take them to piano house where we start asking them questions and shit. He told us that he was going to meet his boy that was in a town to the east. (cant remember which one) After roleplay with CJ for 15 or 20 minutes and were about to let him go, I have one final demand. I tell him to kiss my boot, he says no, I ask if hes willing to die for pride and he says some shit like I dont want to die, yet he still wont lick the boot. I give him another chance and he says no again, even though he knew it would mean the end of his life. Then I shot and killed him. During this situation the OP showed NVFL multiple times. First I had to ask him multiple times for his name and he kept responding with "I already told you my name", and I had to "beat him into submission". Next, the op was asked to drop his things and after he has "finished" dropping his things we tell him that he would die if we found anything on him, and he puts his hands down and drops 2 radios that he decided not to drop previously. Then at the end of the situation I told him to kiss my boot and he was free, but he wanted to die instead. I told him a few times to kiss my boot, after the first time he turned away and faced the wall. I asked if his pride was worth dying over and he said that he didnt want to die. The OP was not willing to do a simple action to save his life, that is straight up NVFL. It was a reasonable demand, and he refused, so it was clear the OP did not care if his character died showing NVFL. http://prntscr.com/q4nh4x The OP is also lying in the report as he says " I was approached by them and instantly initiated on by them." This is not true, since as I said in my POV I talked to him for a little before the boys rolled up, so there was roleplay that went down before the initiation, such as us asking why he was wearing our armband. "My character is very prideful and said he doesn't want to lick his boot, he raised his gun and said if I do not lick his boot then I will die, then he asked if I valued my life, I said I dont want to die. a few moments passed and he shot me in the head." I first asked if you could do something for me, he asked what I wanted him to do, and then I told him get on his knees and kiss my boot, he said he couldnt do that. I told him that he was sentenced to death and I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him. I asked again if he wanted to die for this and he said he didnt want to die. Then I told him he had a few seconds to kiss my boot, and he rejected my offer, so I killed him. The OP left out major events of the situation so that he could lie to the staff team and have me banned. The execution of the OP was valid, since he would not comply with my demand after multiple chances and he did not value his life. http://prntscr.com/q4nq8t
  11. BandsRP

    UP appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://prntscr.com/q4l6dc http://prntscr.com/q4l6fz Why the verdict is not fair: It was not an unnecessary post seeing as it regards to roleplay that affects 30+ people Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my other princess threads I was told my moderator @APositiveElmo "This was deemed off-topic as, whilst it does relate to DayZ, it is not something that affects the wider community, therefore it is not a community discussion. This is you looking for somebody else to roleplay with individually. My recommendation would be create a thread that is community related, not just about you and one other person." I respect that, my thread up to that point didnt mention how it would affect other people, and the seriousness of this position. The role im trying to find would bring roleplay to dozens of people, external and internal, so to me that seems like it effects the whole community. And i mentioned that in my new thread, how it will affect the many people of South Zagoria and DayzRP Since this thread had already been VIEWED AND COMMENTED ON by other staff members of similar rank, it was obviously not an UP, because why would they post on an UP instead of removing it. I would also like to add that @Scarlett is most likely salty about what I said to her on her groups thread which was deemed "flame baiting". Her group is actively fighting us, and she has lied to us OOC, showing that she obviously OOCly dislikes myself and/or the people I play with. If this was truely an UP @Mexi would have dealt with it when he decided to remind me and every other member that he can give us points before a discussion even had a chance to begin. Also like to add that my post was worded almost exactly as another post in the SAME section of the forums "Community Discussion" - Also would like to add that in no way did I even break the rules that @Scarlett linked to me and said I broke"http://prntscr.com/q4ldux". I dont see how CREATING a thread about looking for a person to fill a high ranking position would be considered "Examples of non-constructive and non-contributing replies are simple and meaningless expressions like "lol", jokes, memes, banter or replies containing only pictures, gifs or other unrelated media." Not to mention I want pointed for creating a reply, yet apparently the rule I broke was about creating pointless REPLYS. And the thread was not "necro" seeing as it was just created https://prnt.sc/q4ktpb - Screenshot of mexi reminding me where i posted the thread and the rules of dayzRP.(sorry for the poor quality of the screenshot, its the only one I had because the thread was archived) Also this could have been completely avoided if my request to get my previous thread moved to the CORRECT thread was not dismissed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?:Have not placed the original threads in offtopic. Not make a staff member, who has the ability to give me points, mad at me.
  12. Recently ive noticed a trend of staff getting to bypass rules, and simply make the lives of community members much worse without any repercussions. I dont want to make any baseless claims, so Ill provide some situations where a Staff member was treated with extreme bias that would result in a normal community members removal/ receiving points. In this situation developer @Ducky was found guilty of: Lying in a report, editing his evidence, metagaming, and 3 invalid kills. This gets him 10 day ban and 20 points, where as if someone who wasnt a developer were to be found guilty of this they would most defined be given more points and likely permed. http://prntscr.com/q4kmx6 This screenshot shows valuable community member @NorwayRP receiving 5 days and 10 points for lying in a report. http://prntscr.com/q4ko0p This screenshot shows a few variations of invalid kill, who were banned in the same report as @Ducky. http://prntscr.com/q4krt2 This screenshot shows an example of a common punishment for meta gaming. Ducky broke all of these rules, yet received a minor consequence when compared to what he was found guilty for. A normal community member would have been permed, beat up, and left on the side of the street, but ducky was left with a light punishment and is still in staff. Ive seen loremasters and other staff members removed for much less in the past, but it seems now like the staff is immune. http://prntscr.com/q4ktpb This post by mexi on my staff was rude and unbecoming of a rising staff member. If a normal community member were to say this they would be given points for flaming or flame baiting, which he is doing. There is no need for him to say this, unless he is purposing trying to antagonize me into flaming him back, since hes a staff member and immune from punishment. I understand the rules, and I dont see him posting this on everyone elses thread. Mexi clearly has a bias against me or simply just thinks im a cunt or something because it is strange that a few days after giving me points he is flaming me on my own threads by suggesting I dont understand the rules in his UP. http://prntscr.com/q4kwsk http://prntscr.com/q4kx6b Screenshots of the rules of which I believe Mexi broke and is immune from punishment of. His post was not constructive at all the to thread, seeing as it was the first response, and had not a single thing to do with what I was trying to discuss. His post was completely unwarranted and it has made my thread look bad, and discourages people from posting, because he has threatened them with points. Staff members should be held to a higher standard than normal community members, at least the same standard as normal members not lower. If you join staff do you get less points in reports, and are you allowed to break rules to flame community members? This post is not intented to bring down the good name of the staff members I mention, but to simply ask if staff AS A WHOLE get to bend the rules.
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