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  1. BandsRP

    S1 Invalid Kill, NO shared rights

    POV: I was near GM with the Time, then G19 went towards the Mob and I decided to walk up the hill to get away from the fight.(since im with the wolfpack and not the time). After a few shots, I turn around and walk down the hill a little bit to see past a tree what has happened, and a guy comes up behind me and begins to KOS me. I turn around and explain that im not with them, but he was lagging and killed me anyways. After this situation I went into the help desk and talked to the man who killed me. He told staff that he couldnt be bothered to identify if its an enemy or not. I would like to mention that I didnt shoot a single bullet or aim my gun, so I did not even attempt to try and kill anyone invalidly or validly.
  2. BandsRP

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    What a nice lad, helping out the white names... can i get it next
  3. My POV: I am walking to vybor when I run into the OP, I proceed to talk with him a little before I initiate and kill him after he nocomplys. After I have my gun aimed at the OP, and I am starting to initiate he pulls out his weapon and sidesteps away from the gun so I proceed to kill him before he could have killed me. 1. The OP shows NVFL when he pulls out his weapon while attempting to avoid where I am aiming. 2. The OP also Lies in the report by saying "In the video you see me even stand still because I knew he was going to initiate otherwise." This is a clear lie because as you can see in the video the OP sidesteps to his left
  4. Might be my favorite initiation
  5. Bands was born in east Atlanta where he lived a life with the drip. His parents raised him to be rutheless on the streets and make good as fuck msuic. He quickly became a trapper once he started getting gas. Then after he acquired some bread he hopped on soundcloud and started dropping slappers. He legally changed his name to Bands when he turned 17. He gained millions of plays on soundcloud with a few hit releases. He was the best soundcloud rapper on the scene..After he had gained a following in the atlanta scene, he decided to move to chernarus to spread the vibes.
  6. BandsRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    feels good to be the best member of the wolfpack awoo
  7. BandsRP


    loved the roleplay from this group, it was fun playing with yall the past few days.
  8. BandsRP

    The Time.

    Great to see, cant wait to start roleplaying
  9. As a member of anarchy and someone who gave people licenses I can confirm that the only reason we would take you stuff is if 1.we dont like you/your being a dick IC 2. you dont have a license 3. you or your friends are hostile Seeing as your character does not have a license, im not sure why your making shit up, because you dont know how it works seeing as your name is not in my ledger. Come on down to your local anarchist body to receive a license.
  10. gotta get a license homie and anarchy becomes friends
  11. BandsRP

    Looking for a sister or 2 for our family

    i can fulfill this
  12. BandsRP

    s1 Vybor invalid initiation

    Must have not seen where you told me to post the full video, but hear you go. @Rover
  13. BandsRP

    s1 Vybor invalid initiation

    My Pov: We get to vybor and begin talking with the people. I borrow a knife from a black rose and then we sit there for the entire night. Near sunrise I hear 2 voices from unknown locations by unknown people initiate, one yelling and the other saying hands up. I had no clue who initiated or where they were, so I aimed my shotgun at the first person I saw shooting my friend, but I missed. I jumped off the busstop and tried to kill the other black rose who was shooting into the crowd, but unfortunately dayz being dayz I couldn't reload my shotgun until the black rose had turned around and I was surrounded by a cluster of people. Seeing as I was currently not complying(did not have my hands up) and a black rose who initiated was standing in front of me, I was expecting him to shoot me but he didnt, leading me to believe it was a 3rd party who initiated and not a black rose(since I never saw who initiated and they didnt say there name or who they were initiating on). I proceeded to walk into the center of the town and loot boby kalos body for his gun and plate carrier(since the gunshots had subsided for a moment and I assumed that the hostiles had been neutralized). As I am about to run away another initiation is dropped by an unknown man(behind a wall in the mostly dark), I comply, then put my hands down and run away. I get behind a wall and I planned on helping out my homies where I run into a black rose. Me thinking that the black roses are on our side since at no time could I see the person initiating or know who they were as they all initiated in the cover of darkness and some behind walls. I think the black rose will help me, but then he sprays me down. end pov After this all happened I went in the helpdesk to seek some clarification for what happened, and I eventually was in the HD with Fae, Mouse, and Apollo. Mouse claims that he knows the rules and all 3 people initiated. I proceed to get a video of the situation (where ill link below). Where after much debate and analyzing he eventually comes forward and says that he was not the one initiating, which should have been made clear from the first time he watched the video as it is his voice along with his friends.
  14. BandsRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    congrats on approval hope to get some quality roleplay from the bird lady
  15. I can fulfill this role greatly. I would have to say I might be the best female rper on the server, and I could do the child rp as well.
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