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  1. Hi - nope it's going in all lowercase. I'll try again tomorrow - thanks for the reply
  2. Evening all - is the Namalsk server password different from the usual? I keep getting password incorrect when logging on.... Thanks.
  3. Jimmy was born as a child of the '69 summer of love in Scotland... He grew up in the 70's, possibly the pinnacle period of human existance (just think about it)... devoid of war and long before any mass global waming and plastic pollution began to blight the world and while enjoying the benefits of a national health service that cared for all from cradle to grave... As he grew up into the 80's Britian Jimmy began to appreciate what it meant to protected by a social healthcare system. With this and a hatred of inequality and suffering Jimmy trained at Dundee university and later at the Sc
  4. Hi all, not a new player but one thats ghosted around as a lone wolf since the beta in 2014 and been offline entirely since 2018.... But I wanna come back and join in again with a medical slanted RP character! So while I get up to speed with the changes over the years I hope you'll take it easy on me if we meet in world!
  5. Krackerman


    Dude - welcome back.. I'm just getting back into after 2 years of a gap..... It ROCKS...
  6. Hi all - I'm coming back to the game and can't get logged on. The message is "You were kicked off the game. (battleye: Admin kick (old rules)).... Whats that all about????
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