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  1. Hi all - I'm coming back to the game and can't get logged on. The message is "You were kicked off the game. (battleye: Admin kick (old rules)).... Whats that all about????
  2. Doode - there's a flippin 15 man waiting list to connect right now.... Hooke me up admin doodes.... I'll fund another server in the EU... not in the UK though - fook that brexit shit.
  3. Holy Moley... are we down to one server in the EU? What's it take to get another one up and rocking for a month or two? You need money? Let me know ... as long as I get premium access I'll bankroll that shizzile for a month or two....
  4. IGN: Phil McCracken Country: Scotland. English skills: Shit but I get by DayZ Mod Experience: Tons DayZ Standalone Experience: Shed load Roleplaying Experience: started with pen and paper in 1984... yes 1984... you have a problem with that? what am I saying? most of you are fecking millennials - you know jack shit. Go "google" fucking 1984 you fuds.... What kind of In Game role best describes you: Medic/support Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nooope - not in Dayz - always been a lone wolf since 2014 Additional notes: None Best way to contact you: message me via this web forum thing Backstory: Phil was sent to Chernarus as a charity/NGO medical resource..... he moonlighted as a porn star doing light porn for Chernarus black market TV. In fact it was during the filming of a scene for a Chernarus porn (where Phil was playing a westerner) that a Z wandered into the set and bit one of the actors.... Phil spent months then hiding in the woods of Chenarus waiting for the infection to subside before wandering out to find human life........... what you want more of a story??? fuck off - go buy a fucking book or something....
  5. With all the new hype being generated by the studio the Beta can't be far off... That'll bring all the boys back to the yard.,
  6. Krackerman

    Desolation Redux Release

    Poppin? nah man that's just me bustin caps...
  7. Krackerman

    Desolation Redux Release

    Holy Shit biscuits... 18gb download.... ok I'll be there after I download that....
  8. Krackerman

    Safe zone discussion

    Awesome suggestion and not before time. There are some fantastic RP possibilities to be had from befriending someone in the SZ.... luring them out of it and ..... well you know the rest...
  9. Krackerman

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    Well at least it's a patch
  10. Krackerman

    Chris's adventures in DayzRP

    Some legit screenshots here - Dayz can still be a graphically sweet game....
  11. Krackerman

    Server 2 change

    So everyone would be happy then? Sounds good to me - bring back s2 as a PvE only and let the RP roll....
  12. Krackerman

    how we could improve RP discussion

    Cutting down on the robberies .... if we could... yeah that would be .... cool..
  13. Krackerman

    Current RP

    Ahh ok - thanks.
  14. Krackerman

    Current RP

    What's "white-names"?
  15. Krackerman

    Leave S3 alone!

    What's the harm in trying it out? If it's not popular then it can be switched off/disabled...