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  1. Yeah but if I did that I would have any recolection of the people I've met would I?
  2. I accidentally marked the character I've been playing as dead when i meant to mark it as wounded, I didn't double check before i clicked save, is there a way I can get that character back or do I have to make a new one???
  3. Thanks guys! I'll try this out and see if it helps any!
  4. So everytime I load into the game i get the UI bug thing, I've tried re-logging, closing dayz and reopening it, I've tried closing steam and what not and I keep getting the UI bug making to where I can't play. Any ideas on how to fix this?????
  5. I'm fairly new to the community, got whitelisted and all that jazz! Already had some intersting RP incounters and stuffs! I was watching @Phoenyxx on twitch doing the rp stuff on DayZ and I was all like "Hey! I like to RP and I love to play DayZ, why not give it a shot!" so here I am! I've got myself a twitch channel as well and I'm currently an affiliate so theres that! Figured I'd say hai to the forums ppl and what not! So, uh Hi!!!
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