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  1. @Stradic I enjoyed it as well hopefully you get the things you need and I hope my guy wasn't too grating on the ears
  2. New lore new me

  3. Billy Bob was born in the Appalachia region of Virginia. Till the youthful age of 18, he lived and hunted in the mountains, almost entirely self-sufficient with his parents and three siblings. Once, he turned 18 he got drafted into the military for the Vietnam war and served 10 years. Bob tolerated his position in the military, cleaning latrines. After he got out he went back to his home and started living back on his land. Paranoia started happening as he grew more distrustful of his surroundings going into bouts of insanity believing that people were out in the woods out to get him. His brothers decided to give him a surprise gift, an all paid hunting trip. His oldest brother had moved years prior to Chernarus with his wife. They told him about the adventures out there. How the cabins were isolated. Bob loves the mountains. So this was a new chance to change his scenery. He accepted the gift. Traveled to Chernarus. And lived with his brother and wife for a few months.. While he was asleep, someone tried breaking into the guest house. The paranoia kept creeping into his mind. The voices got louder and louder. Pulling his shotgun, we went to go look. Saw a shadowed figure. Without hesitation fired his weapon, shouting "you scum" As he turned on the lights. Hearing the gasps, watching the , mangled corpse in the corner. There his brother laid breathing his last breath. He killed him. His wife ran in the room screaming. The screams started hurting his head. He needed to silence it. Another shot fired.. Opening his eyes, looking at the bloodshed. He called the police. Telling them an intruder killed his brother and wife... The police investigated and ruled it as the insane ramblings of an old man. Bob went through therapy and several mental asylums, and no treatment worked. The good Dr. ██████, had heard about this case. In order to discover, experimentation is a must. Dr.██████ requested bob to be transferred to Zofiówka Sanatorium.
  4. no need to be rude man, just pulling up some obvious balancing issues. less doors = less trouble to raid meaning a significant increase in raiding happening everywhere. you decrease the hacksaws or increase the time or make it so nomadic groups can actually be able to hold onto some of their gear it will be a bit more balanced for people and groups who aren't pvp oriented. if these changes came out while I still ran Green Mountain I would be forced to essentially quit all together because my place had a courtyard for people to come and rp at but had walls so I could regulate the flow of traffic so we don't just have a hostile group piling in holding us up for whatever asinine reason they could come up with. As far as I can see this change heavily favors the pvp oriented groups who run around just looking for anything to break into and an excess of hacksaws and boredom has the potential to just have a group running around stealing every storage container and just tossing them into the woods and smaller or newer groups will be left with nothing and eventually grow tired and leave
  5. When I ran Green Mountain Stashes were the only thing keeping us equipped with the basics needed to be able to survive when we were under constant raids. Might you be able to up the time for stashes from 24 to 48 again? On top of this can we at least decrease the hacksaw population and/or increase the time it takes to cut a lock off?
  6. Oh boy can't wait for the new chapter
  7. It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to archive today. We have had a great run and we have saved and helped many people, had many great roleplay experiences but the time has come for this chapter to come to an end. I will preemptively answer a few questions that I'm sure will pop up such as Why are we archiving? "I and other leaders have come to a realization that we have been too busy with other things to be able to focus on providing good roleplay" Does this mean Green Mountain Charity is gone for good? "No. I plan on unarchiving one day eventually when I get more free time and feel like the environment is prime for our return" Does this mean Hunter is going to stop being nice? "Absolutely not I will continue to act the same as I did before to help everyone I can however I can" Will you guys come back if I do ______ "No, we wont return until we feel like upholding the responsibility of an official group again" With that being said I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. @Hofer
  8. TheLamp1

    Old Thread

    looks good to me //approved
  9. Green Mountain got offline raided daily. For the entirety of 4 months whether we had everything or nothing. and keep in mind we are a group that would give literally anything we had for free no problem. We learned tricks and even had to get creative with hiding our loot such as burying it in stashes and logging off with it. When Roland made the despawn changes for stashes from 48 to 24 hours it completely ruined any chance of holding our basic materials to help rebuild. Now I do see a lot of excuses going "well in a real apocalypse bandits would wait till the people were gone or asleep" and while this is a very true and valid excuse this isn't a real apocalypse it is a game and to further invalidate your claims "In a real apocalypse rape and murder would be more widespread" but yet we have rules baring and regulating both of those things rape is completely banned as of 3.7 and the whole section 4 on hostilities regulates murders so logically why couldn't we have a process or regulations to how offline raids are orchestrated. When an offline raid happens it leaves zero rp for the people who are raided. No way for revenge, loss of most if not everything and complete dissatisfaction. Now if I were to propose a rule addition to potentially fix this then I would mandate that a short time after the raid is complete and in the event that the place was without any owners in the area that they should use the radio chat in the forms to radio to the base owners about their reasons why they raided you IE: We had more RP with these offline raiders then we did with literally anyone else who admitted to offline raiding us and it was a much more satisfying outcome even tho we didn't do anything to them about it.
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone!! I changed my song just for the holidays to talk about how interesting Christmas is

    1. Johnny Navid

      Johnny Navid

      Merry Chrysler

      santa hoverboard GIF 

    2. TheLamp1


      god I remember that it was a huge thing last year

  11. I ran into these guys the other day after saving one of their recruits from Cholera and they provided a wonderful backstory as well as such great RP. We will hunt that fucking magic cow to the ends of the earth (I should have it recorded btw ill just have to find a time when I'm not lazy to upload it)
  12. Founded a Charity Center and saved countless lives without asking for anything in return. Became well renown for such accomplishments and known for being peaceful, kind and helpful.
  13. Redwood has always provided some great entertainment and this is a very minor addition in my opinion I would be happy to approve something like this
  14. It isn't really much of a secret but we have become nomadic for various reasons that I'll explain at a later date but we are about to add in a new chapter to our lore which should be out tonight or within a few days to brush up on it
  15. @Hofer I informed them @BurtLington logged on already. @hoboscotty is moving and will try to be on this weekend if possible and I'm not 100% sure about @Hans Derringer just yet ill edit this when I find out
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