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  1. "Hey wait a moment, there aren't any brains in this barrel just a grenade." ---Soon to be dead zombie
  2. TheLamp1

    I am Kitty Shock, Nice to mew You!

    no mind cameras around Kat?
  3. TheLamp1

    Follow the leader

  4. @Diamond this group. I was living in Vibor in the factory district you and your boys ran up and the group I was hanging with insulted you all and you killed them. I was inside the building and you guys were cutting in and I held my hands up you I was compliant and nice to you and your boys and you let me live while giving me the advice to leave those guys and live somewhere else otherwise they might bring me some trouble. so I did and moved to Green Mountain where I founded the charity center
  5. Well if i remember right you was the leader of the Muslim group that ended up pushing me toward this path telling me to drop those guys and move out of Vibor
  6. I genuinely doubt it was one of us tho I will double check because some people have been wearing our armbands and robbing others so it might have been one of them
  7. So going by this logic you also took 10+ planters by hand to a location you was going because from what I know you cant store planters at all in containers or bags you have to hand carry them, I'm sure it took many trips to move all of them especially by a car it would be a lot of work for something craftable with 2 planks and 10 nails that's only purpose is 3 plants on top of 6 wood storage containers which are also 2 planks and 10 nails? On top of this you say you moved every single bit of loot we had off site including all the clothing, the bags, the absurd amount of food, and the many compasses that I usually keep in stock? I have a hard time believing that you needed and had the room to store all of these things and had the need or even the desire to take these items for yourselves.
  8. Server and location: Server 1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): from 5:00 to 16:00 Your in game name: Lucern Lux Names of allies involved: @StarScream911 @Not Pdizzle Name of suspect/s: No clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I'm at work and @Not Pdizzle messages me telling me that all our stuff has been despawned @StarScream911 took screenshots and I looked at them seeing the tents on the ground everything in containers are gone, the wood storage containers and the planters that were on the roof are missing I presume they were both deconstructed. Cement barriers and other deployables have gone missing and in picture 4 I was told was an AOGM that they broke the lower wall to get through the gate tho I'm not entirely sure.
  9. One of the problems im having with improving the lore is that the group has nothing beyond the past 4 months I'll see what I can figure out later when I get the time to extend it more
  10. Oh man Diamond is great. Now I can put songs here so prepare for some strange things on the regular.

    1. Kattsura


      Hey you, your a dork!! 

      Ps.. thats so a charity song..

      cat kitty GIF

    2. Korha


      I get knocked out but I get up again.

  11. lol ok fine guess it's my loss but also George was told not to let people in he didn't know or trust and I just never got the chance to tell the group about Wolfpack or anything till recently because you all just ran off
  12. it took me a lot longer to realize what you meant by that but I finally fixed it thanks for pointing it out! (I was tired as hell when I finished this up)
  13. Oh man wasn't part of the first session but now that I see there has been a lot of interest I'm working out a way to do it in game and such so we can all play DnD I regularly run games IRL and if in the game is too complicated I got a few ways out of the game to run a few sessions maybe one or two a week tops I might be able to handle two different groups if the requests for it get too many Oh I plan on running the place for a long time at least till the stresses of running it become too much or essentially everyone just turns on me because I have come so close to just going "Fuck it they don't deserve it with how they treat us" only to be stopped before I even solidify the idea by people who magically show up at the right moment going "Oh shit your charity saved my ass the other day I was starving to death and couldn't find food and you gave me some and saved me so thank you so much" and at those moments I get reminded who it is I'm really helping the raids and hostilities have eased up a bit in more recent times to be honest to much more manageable levels tho to be honest I am tired of hearing the shit talk we or anyone in the tower holding up receives in a raid and would love if that got toned down significantly because while I understand it's allowed ICC, racial slurs are still very cringe inducing and I really just wish people would come up with more constructive insults rather then spouting off the N-word and such Hunter was a nickname given to me by the first guys I ran into because they couldn't pronounce Lucern so no hard feelings I hope
  14. TheLamp1

    Morning is here..

    This is the train tracks just outside Zelenegorsk heading to the saw mill isn't it
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