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  1. *a rather agitated sigh can be heard* "Hey this is Hunter of the Green Mountain Charity Center. Our Supplies are running low due constant raids and we might not be able to accommodate much more then food at this moment. We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused with this unfortunate event." *Static resumes*
  2. Everyone always shits on these guys for their RP and things in and out of character. Me and my group have complied with most of their demands and have had no serious issues with them. They show up from time to time and provide a decent RP and when we go to visit they are extremely helpful and nice to us and get us sorted with whatever it is we need. I do understand where hostilities do happen and I do understand why people don't like them but to be honest as antagonistic groups go on the server they are rather mild in their approaches when it comes to my group at the least. edit: Another thing I have noticed is that there are many confusions that happen when any of the hostile groups make a move that people immediately snap their fingers to "Anarchy did it" when Anarchy had nothing to do with it at all
  3. TheLamp1

    Server wipe

    New wipe it is a chance to really restart and all the horded items are now free for the time being
  4. yea lets close it sorry for taking up your time I'll just chalk it up to Day Z doing strange Day Z things
  5. Yes see if someone did that because sometime after the report I saw it was missing so I'm now suspecting a bug but I just want to make double sure if it's too much trouble then we can just close the ticket
  6. On further review it may have been bugged but I would still like the reassurance that it wasn't griefed just to ensure they just didn't break out recently
  7. Server and location: Server 1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): within 24 hours or so of the time of the report 2019-10-13, 20:53 Your in game name: Lucern Lux Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Anarchy? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged on after hearing we got raided and I ran around to assess what damage was done and went to re secure the place. I had noticed that this tent still had the lock on it and was at first thinking "Oh they must have missed this one" but when i took the lock off I found that the wire that made it a gate wasn't there. I heard from one of my friends that @Fae was there and I figured to resolve it privately after we communicated for a time to try and resolve it but she didn't have any idea who it could have been and suggested that I make a report I attempted everything I could to try and build the wall up from outside the tent but there is no way I am aware of. So I suspect someone broke in and built the wall up while inside and blocked themselves inside.
  8. Green Mountain is still standing strong tho we did have to have a severe increase in our protection and such so it looks much more fortified then it normally would be but I can confirm a normal week is 7-10 raids and a dozen or so holdups at the place so its genuinely hard to run and I have stressed out more then I should have IRL but truthfully I genuinely enjoy giving stuff to people it's always ends with "Oh well I don't feel comfortable just taking this stuff from you" to which we reply with "Don't worry about it keep it and if you still feel obligated then you can obviously donate to our donation box" tho to be honest if a group does come to take it ill likely take a break for a while tho truthfully the fools who take it next likely wont last there too long due to the constant attacks that happen.
  9. Server and location: Server 1 Green Mountain tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between the time of 03:00 8th to 00:00 9th Your in game name: Lucern Lux Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: no clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged in to get some work done and when I went to the loot area I found it raided with my planters used as a ladder to get into it. Obviously those planters cant fit there and it is placed into the walls but this looks to me a clear violation of rule 2.2
  10. oh Yea I got no idea who it was there were several people demanding it as @moxx said and they told me to build 3 gates saying "If you cant control who goes up in the tower then no one should be able to go up there now build two, no three gates in front of the damn door" or something similar but settled on one while still having me hostage and told me to lock it up to essentially kill them via starvation, suicide, or have them voluntarily surrender. my plan was to when or if they leave and they were still up there to take or cut the lock off as we didn't want them to be stuck up there
  11. I can't remember any of the names tho I think @LorcanRP was there that I think of it
  12. I am unable to remember any names I was genuinely tired when it happened I just remember a bunch of them were here they started building a watchtower behind the radio tower if that helps get any names (Also I am Lucern Lux AKA Hunter)
  13. Anarchy rolled up as we were having a chat with Russo and his friend and while Mikolai (Ivan's other personality) and I ran around to the gate to see what was happening Russo and co climbed the ladder. We talked to Anarchy and they demanded to see the other two guys. We talked as they searched the compound and they finally decided to look in the tower and as they climbed Russo said the "Come up here and you die" remark and the person stopped Anarchy initiated on us and pulled us to the side asking about it and we basically said we Wasn't sure and after a few rounds of questions and then they demanded that I build three gates in front of the tower immediately and after a bit of talking we brought the number down to one so me and Mikolai gathered supplies and obediently built it. After we finished I asked in character if I would be able to go to sleep (Because it was really late for me and I needed to get up early for work) and got approval from Anarchy who were the only ones to initiate on me and so I locked up what I could and went to bed. Tho I will admit up in that tower you are strategically invincible since you can't climb ladder since you would be vulnerable to be shot and allies at the bottom cant shoot up on top of you cant get shot if you stay inside the top part and Grenades are unable to reach under most circumstances. Anarchy did suggest building a tower up to that floor but it seems they ultimately decided it wasn't worth the effort.
  14. Just a random assortment of things I find amusing
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