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    DatTurtle - 5 Warning point appeal

    Hi turtle, After reviewing this appeal we see no reason to overturn your points. If you had simply posted what you did here things would’ve gone differently. The way you put it made the post seem snarky and attention seeking as if you were looking to get members of the group to take a bite. We get you had some bad experiences with the group but next time we suggest dropping the sarcasm if you don’t want points. Appeal denied by myself and @Brayces
  2. Ark


    I think you miss understood. ANYONE can appeal for this amnesty. Including those who tendied out or went overboard on points. As long as the meet the requirements found on the OP
  3. Ark


    While it may seem to defeat the purpose a bit The final warning is there as an added precaution to see if they really have changed their ways. Just like if I would apply one to someone right now who never has had one. it’s their last chance to change their ways before they get banned. These people have been gone for at minimum a year, possibly more. Some for a simple UP that pushed them over the edge others for different rule breaks. I’d rather have this extra layer of protection for three months minimum and let it defeat the purpose in the minds of a few people then giving them all free rein right outta the gate. Edit: As for if a final warning will be a factor of if these people get back it’s case by case. The admin team will be looking over all of these appeals extensively before we come to a decision.
  4. Ark


    Anyone who meets the requirements can appeal. Including those who tendied out back in March. However if their appeals get accepted is another story.
  5. Ark

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    The thread has been warned twice to knock off the bullshit of if the group killed the server or not. Brayces posted the first warning and Rolle commented on something starting it up again. Max’s warning seems to have gone ignored now. Mine won’t, if we see it again expect more points then an unnecessary post seeing as some people can’t take a hint. Leave your feedback and move on. If you want to discuss take it to pms.
  6. Ark

    Pandi - Perma Ban Appeal

    Hello, While we understand you being bitter due to the situation that is not an excuse. You should’ve know that if you bid your time and waited there might have been a small chance of you getting back. Instead you made numerous alt accounts and trolled the community both via TeamSpeak and the forums. Needless to say you burnt your bridge when that first account was made. Rolle's words in the email still hold true. Best of luck elsewhere. Appeal denied Signed by Ark & Spartan
  7. Ark

    jms appeal

    Hello jms, We've reviewed your appeal and this will now be your fourth on the matter. The last one can be found here and the others linked from there. Our policy is still one appeal per punishment and you have far succeeded that limit. We hope you enjoy your time elsewhere. Appeal denied - account banned myself and @Spartan
  8. Ark

    Jamaal Ball Ban Appeal

    Hello Jamaal, One of the reasons we have you create a backstory is to make sure you can create a story for your character and actively place him within our lore. By copying your backstory from someone else this circumvents this process and fails to show us that you can do that. That being said we are willing to revoke your blacklist and permit you to attempt the whitelist again from the beginning so long as you make your own orginial story. Should you fail to do that you will not be permitted to play here. verdict by myself and @Spartan
  9. Ark


    Hello William, First of all we would like to apologize for this inconvenience you’ve had to go through. People who are no longer welcome here tend to create new accounts like yours. That being said we’ve looked into your account and found nothing to suggest you were one of these aforementioned players. Due to this your blacklist will be removed and your whitelist approved.  Solved by myself with threadnotes.
  10. Ark

    Blackisted Ban Appeal

    Hello Britty, First of all we would like to apologize for this inconvenience you’ve had to go through. People who have played here in the past and have been permd for whatever reason tend to try and come back with steam accounts that look like yours. That being said we’ve looked into your account and found nothing to suggest you were one of these aforementioned players. Due to this your blacklist will be removed and your whitelist has been accepted. Solved by myself and @Spartan.
  11. Ark

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    Normally ownership changes are done by pm for future reference but I went ahead and already did it for you.
  12. Ark

    Blackisted Ban Appeal

    Please update your orginial post to follow the template found here: failure to do so will result in this appeal being closed.
  13. Ark

    Appeal metagaming - 3 days

    Hello Genji, After reviewing this appeal we have come to the following conclusion: The only reason a rulebreak occurred here was because you misread a radio chatter post. This could have easily happened to anyone. Seeing as you owned up to your rulebreak in the report, have no warning history and because this was a simple case of misreading something your standard punishment will be revoked and a caution will be issued. Appeal Accepted - ban/points removed caution instated. done by myself with threadnotes.
  14. Ark

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    /Archived as requested
  15. Ark

    S1, Severograd, KOS/Invalid Kill rights, 2018/07/26 22:20

    If you’re talking about why you don’t wanna show us any video evidence then sure. If you’re on about something else then you’ll need to explain more before a yes or no is given.
  16. Ark

    S1, Severograd, KOS/Invalid Kill rights, 2018/07/26 22:20

    Before I go ahead and do anything just a friendly reminder withholding evidence is a permabannable offense. Do you still wish to stick to that response?
  17. Ark

    S1, Severograd, KOS/Invalid Kill rights, 2018/07/26 22:20

    Hello Meta, The staff member in question will not remain unnamed. Send me or another admin his/her name as saying that your pov is correct is not something they are supposed to do. Until you have done this you will be temp banned from the server.
  18. Ark

    The Game

    Why rope me into this?
  19. Ark

    Final Warning

    Hi Puncture, After reviewing this appeal the admin team has decided that we will be keeping you on final for at least the next three months. Our reason for this is while your activity for May and July were good the same could not be said for June and if we're being honest here it sucked. Your forum activity is alright and we see you posting in the introduction section of the forums a lot. While welcoming new members is encouraged we would still like to see you branch out a bit more from introductions. Once three more months have passed and you continue your good behavior and activity both in the game and on the forums you can post another appeal and we will have another look. Appeal denied - Reappealable in three months time Myself and @Aiko
  20. Ark

    Ts Ban appeal - Perm

    Hi victus, we have reviewed you’re TeamSpeak ban and have decided to accept this appeal. Like the rest of the people involved in this incident you will be receiving 5 warning points for two months time. The rules for the TeamSpeak server are very clear. you need to have your forum name as your name. You failed to do this and when approached by a staff member continued you to change it resulting in your ban. Seeing as we recently decided to try out discord you were banned from it too that ban will be lifted aswell. If this occurs again expect a more severe punishment. Appeal accepted -ts/discord ban removed 5 points issued. Done by myself with help from notes
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      Worth it 😄 

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    The Game

    .......*throws phone*
  23. Ark

    The Mountain Men

    Normally I would say add something to your lore about why you disappeared and reappeared, but seeing as you were only gone for about a month I'm willing to let it slide as it is a short amount of time. /Approved
  24. Ark

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    Kill logs: Hit logs: Chat: Disconnect: Calling in Guillremo Alema- @Scottie and Stepan Cernik- @SylvaRP Everyone else has already provided their POVs
  25. Ark


    Time to stop sobbing plans have changed. /closed at OPs request via pm.