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      Worth it 😄 

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    The Game

    .......*throws phone*
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    The Mountain Men

    Normally I would say add something to your lore about why you disappeared and reappeared, but seeing as you were only gone for about a month I'm willing to let it slide as it is a short amount of time. /Approved
  4. Ark

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    Kill logs: Hit logs: Chat: Disconnect: Calling in Guillremo Alema- @Scottie and Stepan Cernik- @SylvaRP Everyone else has already provided their POVs
  5. Ark


    Time to stop sobbing plans have changed. /closed at OPs request via pm.
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    CallMeGhosty - Black list appeal

    Please provide us with the link to all your steam accounts.
  7. Ark

    S1: KoS In Vyshnoe: 7:15, 6/30/18

    Calling in @-Chow- to post his POV and to provide any additional evidence he may have. Additional logs pulled also calling in the following to post their POVs and any evidence that they might have. Kenneth Carlsson - @KennethRP Lupe Sepulveda - @JkpFrog
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    Farewell my friends

    Best of luck dude.
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    Since when did you get back?
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    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    /unapproved because you’re in it.
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    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [RNU]

    Like everyone else has said it looks good and with that /approved.
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    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    That’s your excuse for everything. on another note I see no reason to hold this back as like James said everything looks good to go. /Approved
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    Gagarinova 171 [Recruitment open]

    Get those cp invites out /approved
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    Account Blacklisted- Chris nigo

    You say you only made two accounts excluding this new one but yet there's a third called chirsssy123.... care to explain?
  15. Ryan grew up on the outskirts of Milton, a small city in West Virginia that can pretty much be described as the middle of nowhere. Ryan lived a boring early childhood, but by the time he went to high school it got a bit more exciting. Seeing as there was nothing to do in the town the students would throw parties in the middle of nowhere and get shitfaced before either passing out or trying to wonder home. He fell in with a bad crowd, had a record before hitting the age of eighteen, and made it through high school by the skin of his teeth. After high school he jumped from job to job whenever he got bored, doing everything under the sun from construction, to healthcare, even retail for a bit. He eventually saved enough money and bought a one way plane ticket to Europe, following the same pattern of jumping around and not staying in one place for to long. This eventually got him to chernarus where he worked in elecktro for a bit until he cut open his shoulder on the job and was taken to the hospital. A cute nurse stitched him up, gave him some meds and sent him on his way a few hours later. A week later he would find himself in a bar getting shitfaced like he did back in his teenage years. One thing lead to another he got into a fight before subsequently being thrown into a drunk tank until the morning. After being released he went back to his small apartment and switched on the news and heard about the attacks in Severograd. As weeks went by and the country went to shit he found himself in cherno and met with rose the nurse that had patched him up all those weeks ago. They exchanged names and were walking through the streets when infected attacked the two of them. Ryan killed one while rose shot the other letting the whole town know where they were and more importantly the CDF. -more whenever i feel like it-
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Read through everything and everything looks good to go. I see no reason to hold you back. Get those cp invites out. /approved
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    Can't make my character active

    You should be able to switch now.
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    Coming Soon... The Home-Wrecker Will Return...

    Who are you?
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    I enjoyed dynamics, you could get on and play with your friends without having to dedicate yourself to a group that you may not have had the time for. That being said I get why they were removed. But my personal opinion is pretty much the same as Spartans, I would like to see them brought back with just defensive rights.
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    o7 enjoy the star definitely deserved. 

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      Thank you @Ark, enjoyed working with you 🙂

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      Goodbye three star GM Para. 😪

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    Tempory hiatus Human142

    Closed on request OP isn’t leaving.
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    The Black Roses

    Archived on request.
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    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

    Archived as requested.
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    Svoboda Movement

    Seeing as the owner of the group has been banned this group will archived.
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    Beans/Reputation reset?

    Well the 0 warning for flaming is supposed to be something else. I’ll fix it now and you should know why then.