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  1. Ark


    Bout time
  2. Ark

    • Ark
    • DrMax

    Ew you’re still red?

    1. DrMax


      Yes I am Ark! Be proud of me! 

  3. Ark

    • Ark
    • Roland

    Fight me m8

    1. Roland


      wwe GIF

      fite me irl

  4. Ark

    Create Your Staff Team

    +1 Keep dreaming @DrMax
  5. Ark

    Lore wipe

    Bring back council. and it’s not /resolved its /solved who taught you to ch?!
  6. Ark

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    Fake stats. Won’t believe till I see a live stream.
  7. Ark

    The Blackwood Militia

    I think you were still in ladhalla during that time.
  8. Ark

    The Blackwood Militia

    Alright I’ll do a timeline mod- Blackwood Mercs - mostly BOS guys join after BoS archives. @Vaine is founder and leader blackwood republic - got tired of the merc work and went straight hero. version that helped protect the fangs settlement then betrayed them. Still ran by vaine. standalone- Blackwood militia - simply put, mod died we made the move to standalone only as bandits. Vaine still in charge. This is the OG version everyone talks about blackwood militia: group ran by clumsy and some guy I forgot the name of after vaine and myself went away. Denten takes over once clumsy and other dude leaves Blackwood militia official v2 Jacob pages version as leader. Blackwood uprising: I’m the leader. This is the one with fox, beni, Aiko etc in it. let it die in peace.
  9. Ark

    • Ark
    • Sleepyhead

    The hell is this?

    1. Sleepyhead


      I thought vampires had to be invited in!

  10. Ark

    • Ark
    • DrMax

    Ew who made this mistake?

    1. DrMax


      My mother and father made me, so it was their fault. 

    2. Ark


      Do good scrub.

    3. DrMax


      I'll try my hardest to be you ❤️ 

  11. Ark

    • Ark
    • Chibi

    Ew when did you get back?

    1. Chibi


      About the same time you became an irrelevant ex staff member ❤️ 

  12. Ark

    Can you get back to your loot if killed by zombies?

    No, you cannot return to your body under any circumstance. What you’re asking is against our rules. Any player found returning to their death location before the the hour timer is up will be punished.
  13. Ark

    Points Appeal

    We see no reason to revoke the points you were given. You flamed a member of the community and while we get that you were heated, it isn’t an excuse that’s going to be accepted. All or members are required to obey our rules regardless of their emotional state. Have a Merry Christmas appeal denied - points stay myself with notes.
  14. Ark

    Are we going to be getting new rules?

    As of this moment there are no drafts for any rule changes.
  15. Ark

    Appeal TrollRP - 5 Day, 10 Points

    Hey onion, Just because you were the one who made the report doesn’t mean that you’ll be spared if you broke a rule. We look into every rule break when a report is opened if you broke a rule that’s has a higher punishment then what you’re reporting then you’ll get hit for it. There is no “balance”as you say we simply go by the facts of what happened and deal with it accordingly. However speaking a foreign language despite however horrible your attempt was doesn’t warrant a badRP verdict. Even if it was complete gibberish we find BadRP a bit harsh for two sentences in this instance.  Due to this your appeal has been accepted and your ban and points will be removed Myself and @Brayces
  16. Ark

    Ban Appeal

    Quick question, At any point while the server was fucked, did you attempt to reach out to the other party or us and explain the situation?
  17. Ark

    • Ark
    • Brayces

    About time you finally turn 13, you underaged weeb. Happy birthday.

    1. Brayces


      Aww, thank you Ark! I'M A BIG GIRL NOW!!

  18. Ark

    Exotic Appeal

    Alright, We’ve looked over the report and this appeal and can’t really find a reason why we would overturn it. It was an open and shut case and the verdict isn’t wrong. We’re not going to overturn a verdict simply because the team didn’t work according to your time frame or exceptions on how long it would take. Like you said in the appeal a post would’ve probably stopped the ban from happening but this appeal isn’t going to work that way. /Appeal denied myself and @Brayces
  19. Ark

    Extreme lag?

    We’re aware there was an issue, but the server recently restarted and it seems to be doing fine for now. However the population is low at this time of night. If the problem reemerges let us know.
  20. Ark

    Exotic Appeal

    So your not trying to argue that the verdict was wrong in anyway just that it was solved before/while you were trying to talking it out?
  21. Ark

    Scar Appeal

    Heya Scar To be fair here, we’re not sure why this was racked up and given points. It follows the rules and while it’s a bit on the goofy side we wouldn’t classify it as memeing or completely unnecessary. Because of this the points will be removed and the post reinstated. Myself with notes.
  22. Ark

    • Ark
    • Major

    Who said you could come back?


  23. Ark

    • Ark
    • JoffreyRP

    Bout damn time.

    1. JoffreyRP


      We need more minecraft nuclear houses tbh. I'm excited about this new rank!

  24. Ark

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    @Autumn “make a ban appeal and stay gone.”
  25. Ark

    • Ark
    • Oliv

    We miss you more than that weeb witch @Aiko

    1. Aiko


      Jog On

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