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  1. Minecraft PvP

    Yes hello? where do I report admin abuse?
  2. Minecraft PvP

    Only if there is an award for killing @Aiko
  3. BeanZ WAR

  4. The Game

    I see you're still Evil @Terra
  5. So I'm New Here

    welcome to the community.
  6. Black Bear Garage

    Best of luck guys.
  7. Prepare Yourselves

    Welcome back Zip.
  8. Welcome to the community.
  9. Onion's Joke Of The Day + Competition

    You're both horrible.....
    • Ark
    • Keira

    This is what we do with traitors....


    1. Aiko



      She is no longer yours, dont make me summon my own army...

    2. Ark


      I just saw this.....Jump in a hole and die weeb witch <3

    3. Aiko


      4 days later....

    4. Ark


      Ive been doing stuff......

  10. The Aegis Corporation

    Best of luck guys
  11. Evening All!

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  12. Here we go

    You're setting her up to fail. We all know she cant do that.
  13. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

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  14. The Last Light

    congrats on approval.
  15. ;)

    Welcome back.
  16. Ryan Hall POV: I was sitting in a tree looking down on the compound when someone says that there is a guy above us. Wulfe and taryn approach the guy as i flank around. By the time i get behind him i see taryn raise her gun and the guy open fire. So i unload some lead into him and he dies.
  17. Nice to meet you

    Welcome to the community.
  18. Black Fangs Media

    Fuck if i know?
  19. App?

    Sadly no there is no phone app specifically for dayzrp.
  20. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Its always a pleasure RPing with you Rory.
  21. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    @Dusty Alright with Eagles video that covers before the restart we don't need yours anymore but thanks anyway. As everyone can see now, it didn't last 5 minutes, the RP HAD stopped, and we were well away before the restart happened. So my question now is if your guys knew this why post feedback showing us supposedly breaking a rule when you knew what actually happened and that wasnt the case? i mean in the feedback given you even say: So i can only assume you posted false bad feedback because it didnt go your way and your trying to make us look bad or simple miss information from the group. Either way i really shake my head because as a GM you should have gotten all the information, and if its the other way then just wow. But thank you we can see that this "Feedback" isnt warranted or hell even valid have a nice day.
  22. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I wasn't on the hill with the other guys so i cant say for sure what actually went down. Your guys say we were in the middle of RP and left after the restart and my guys say that we were done and leaving but the restart pulled them back. The video makes us look REALLY bad ill admit that. However it only shows what happened after the restart and not all of it, but lets put a pin in that for now. After we escaped and waited our log timer a few of us checked your stream as we like to go back and see peoples reactions to us. After the feedback went up knowing you were streaming and hearing my guys version, i went back and did some digging (Blame the EX GM/Admin in me). https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176023049 At about 1:32:50 i can only assume the RP starts here. At 1:33:50 our guy who crashed and we were waiting for logs in at this point. We are ready to go as that is all we were waiting for. At 1:34:00 your guys who were roleplaying with us start talking about leaving us alone and initiating on the compound. This goes on till the server crashes or restarts whatever happened. Now this may just be me, but normally if your roleplaying with people you intend to take hostage the people roleplaying arnt focused on initiating on the compound a few hundred meters away. Which gives me the impression that we had moved on and the roleplay ended between our groups. Now back to the video that makes us look bad. Is there any chance we can have the full video of both before and after the restart. Just so we can clear the air.