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  1. Ark

    Deleting character pages marked as "dead"

    Give me the name of the character and I’ll handle it. As for why you can’t delete I have no idea an oversight maybe? @Roland
  2. Brady

    • Brady
    • Ark


    1. Ark


      Anything else to do?

    2. Brady




    3. Ark


      I’m biased but I say yes @Aiko

    4. Aiko


      Wow Brady! Now I know you never loved me. 

    5. Brady



  3. Ark

    Onion's 6 Point Appeal

    Hi onion, After looking over the appeal we have decided your points will be staying. The staff feedback section of the forum is exactly for what the title implies, “feedback”." Saying congrats is not feedback, we have a separate thread in the offtopic section where you can say congrats or you could be like everyone else and just post on their profile. While we understand you might have been confused due to the vague warning you were given the rules of that section of the forums is there before you even enter any thread. In fact most staff members have the rules on their feedback thread as an added precaution. After you realized your mistake you should’ve just stopped posting and simply snipped what you put. Outcome Appeal denied - points stay myself and @Brady
  4. Ark

    Suspicious accounts

    Sorry for the delay. now the account linked above that you already claimed was banned for multiple reasons. The main one being you admitted to having another steam account with a vac ban to the staff member who did you in. However in the steam account provided above there is no such ban. So we ask again please provide us with a link to ALL of your steam accounts.
  5. Ark

    Flameing/Caution appeal

    I think you are confused by the way our appeal system works. You cannot appeal other peoples points, cautions, or bans for them. Now we can look into the reason you received points and rectify it if a mistake was made or we can close this appeal. Diamonds and stan are big boys and can appeal for themselves like they have. With that said how would you like to continue?
  6. Ark

    Introduction of a minimum Age requirement of 16/18+

    The age restriction was recently revoked due to legal reasons involving our verification process. As it currently stands as long as they don’t squeak like a chew toy, are mature and don’t cause problems they are welcome.
  7. Ark

    [FM] Free Medics

    Way too much nostalgia for me, that’s your feedback. overall the group looks good and I don’t see a reason right off hand to hold you back. soooo welcome back have fun worshiping Brian. /approved
  8. Ark

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Goals look fine to me since the update. But the group is unacceptable because it’s ran by @Nihoolious. So /archived jk get the cp invites out.
  9. Ark

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Handled a wave before i can do it again. I have faith in the team.
  10. Ark

    • Ark
    • King

    Enjoyed that last part in the about me. Welcome back.

    1. King


      any chance I could get a copy of that whitelist kek?

  11. Ark

    One Group

    Brotherhood of steel - I miss the days with old guys who arnt still around zeke, will, Danny, hell even John job. Blackwood - biased as fuck Blackfangs - get on it @Hassan
  12. Ark

    Hello I am Jannik

    Welcome back scrub
  13. Ark

    Appeal x2 KOS - 7 days 15 points

    First off we want to apologize for taking so long on this appeal. With that said your orginial verdict was aggravated however the team simply forgot to mention it In the verdict. After looking through the report you had no rights on the two people you killed. While we understand a firefight was occurring and they can be hetic that is still no excuse. In the future we suggest a simple initiation to take place to stop something like this from occuring again. Seeing as you killed two people who you had no rights on you will be given 10 points for your invalid kill firefight instead of the 5 like the other two appeals. Like them no ban will be issued as your time has been served. Appeal accepted- 15 points reduced to 10 myself and @Brayces
  14. Ark

    Ban Appeal - Invalid Kill KOS

    First off we want to apologize for the time it has taken us to solve this. With that being said while you didn’t have rights on the person you killed we understand how firefights can be. Keep in mind however that this doesn’t mean you can open fire just because they are in the same area as where the fight is occuring. You need to always make sure you have the proper rights on whoever your about to shoot. This can easily be done by running up and initiating on them. If they don’t comply you are free to use your KOS rights. We will be changing the orginial verdict from invalid kill- kos to invalid kill- firefight seeing as how you have served your time no ban will be issued just a change In points. Appeal accepted- 10 points reduced to 5 myself and @Brayces
  15. Ark

    Farmer-BorisRP KOS Appeal

    After reviewing this again we have realized a mistake was made. While you did indeed have no rights on those you killed. A firefight was ensuing and while that is not an excuse for you to kill everyone in the area, we understand how hetic and confusing they can be. Due to this we have decided to revoke your points for invalid kill-kos and instead issue you 5 for invalid kill- firefight. This normally comes with a 2 day ban but your time has already been served Appeal accepted- 10 points replaced with 5 myself and @Brayces