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  1. Jack Petrov is 19 years old and was living with his grandfather on his farm North of Gorka at the time of the outbreak. He was born in Ukraine where his mother died shortly after childbirth. His father was able to immigrate to the US on a work visa when Jack was 4 years old. On March 29th 2016, exactly 3 months before his 18th birthday his father was killed in a freak accident when he was driving downtown, on his way home from work, a power line support post fell and struck the car. Jack was sent to his mothers father, who lived on his farm outside of Gorka, Chernarus. Jack didn't know much about his life before his move to America. His father had suppressed much of that time due to reasons that we're unknown to Jack. Jack and his grandfather got a long very well. Jack was in the middle of planning a trip to Alaska that summer before his father passed. So he was excited to be able to learn from a man who was very knowledgeable in the outdoors. His grandfather was on the south side of his sixties and chores around the farm we're getting harder and harder. Jack was eager to learn and help out wherever he could and his grandfather really saw himself in Jack and was happy to have someone with such a good attitude around. Just as things we're looking good despite the circumstances that lead him to this place, things got worse. When the outbreak hit Jack's grandfather seemed prepared. Not prepared for an outbreak of a deadly virus turning people into monsters but prepared for chaos and crisis. His grandfather had a rifle, shotgun, and handgun. With a fair amount of ammunition. Shooting was an activity Jack had never done before moving to Chernarus but an activity he soon took to learn and practice with his grandfather. So when the chaos hit Jack felt confident in his grandfather and in his ability to survive through it until things get sorted out. And so they did. They survived on the farm with minimal interaction with people and soon the outside world when TV and radio lines went dead until the food ran out. The food ran out and Jacks grandfather knew it would be dangerous for anyone to go out because they don't really have a good idea of what's beyond there property line. It would be dangerous for Jack to go because he doesn't know the area but dangerous for his grandfather to go as he is not agile or quick and injuries would be more fatal to him. His grandfather decided that knowledge was more important and so he went out with his handgun for more supplies and Jack stayed to protect the farm. He left at 3 in the after noon and at 6 Jack heard a rapid succession of 4 shots down in the town. 20 minutes later, one single shot. His grandfather did not return and at 10 in the morning after realizing his grandfather may not have camped out and could be hurt. He went out. After an hour of searching the town and a close call with an infected he found the garage his grandfather was in. A note on his lifeless body scribbled with a pen with clear blood stains around it read, If you are reading this you must get this to my boy, Jack Petrov, Richside Farm due north of this garage. I'm sorry Jack, I didn't want to join the monsters. I had to end it for my sake and the safety of other people. Take what I have taught you and use it. Survive. Survive for the persistence of mankind. Be an honorable man and fight for your life and the lives of others. I know it's scary and we don't know whats going on but you will prevail. I know you will, you make me very proud son With that Jack left and went back to the farm. Jack had one thing on his mind Survival
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