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  1. Yeah thats right, I actually forgot I was here when this was making the switch to the Standalone. I was never a fan of standalone, always figured the mod was a bit more stable as far as zombies went. Either way if theres anyone out there that still plays the mod, this will help out a lot. I'm trying to relive some of my nostalgia
  2. Hey guys so Im not sure if this is the best place to ask. But I've just recently redownloaded Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA and I'm trying to join dayz servers. I simply cant connect to any servers. It just sends me to the server list. Is there anything I have to do aside from launching Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA?
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    Honestly the best tip for survival in DayZ is simply walk. Take time to scan your surroundings and focus on the microcosm. This is easier done when you are alone. When you are working with other people it's best to serve as a scout or support for their goals. Hey we're talking about survival not team playing. Lets be honest DayZ is not a game focused around a fair balanced gunfight. In fact I do not think I have ever really had a gunfight where both parties were aware of each other and engaged each other in a fair manner. Most of the time you just get sniped or long-shot. So the best way to avoid this is by taking it slow through the woods and keeping an eye on every road. You would be surprised how often you will run into somebody in a server with as low as ten people. Do not rush looting bodies by ANY MEANS either. This is a HUGE tip and can NOT be disregarded. The sheer number of deaths I've suffered due to being caught up in the loot menu is staggering. Just take your time with looting. I would also like to point out the fact that firepower is not the most important thing. Take a gun with ammo in easy access spawn locations. Typically any residential rifle works well. You can never go wrong with a Winchester as long as you use it properly. With this said you do NOT have to stick to residential guns as long as the ammo is accessible. Now the most dangerous areas are towns and as a rule of thumb the most dangerous towns are those with medical loot or military loot. Despite this the proper way of going about stocking up on ammunition in a military spawn area is by WAITING. Sit and wait. I mean fucking WAIT. You will see people depending on the activity levels of the server just make sure they do not see you and you stay static. Binoculars are a favorite of mine, simply stake out your claim for a while. If you do see activity within a half hour of waiting, wait for them to leave and double the time in which you saw them before approaching, or, alternatively map out their destination before killing them. If you do go this route and want the extra loot you don't want to be caught between the military spawn and the body, because most like your kill's friends WILL come calling on you. Just change positions after the kill, wait a set amount of time, completely static and staking out the body loot it, rush to the spawn area then get the fuck out of dodge! Run at least 300 m before slowing up and surveying your surroundings for any dangers. Now I mentioned that you could choose a military rifle as long as the ammo is easy to obtain. This does not mean exploitation by any means. What you must do is stake a claim. Figure out which spawn you desire and run a route every time then have a back up route and a couple of well hidden spots for you to take cover if shit hit the fan. What you should look for in a spot is high ground overlooking the claim, fields allowing for long distances of coverless ground natural resources and MOST IMPORTANTLY you should consider your area of activity. What your area of activity is is the region of the map YOU tend to stick to. Everybody has one. Someone may seek the valleys to the North West, with easy accessibility to green mountain and the NWAF and a quick escape. Some may seek the hectic fighting of the southern cities and the roads between them. Others prefer Berezino and its road less traveled. Where ever you realize you congregate to will, effectively, be your area of activity. Establishing this A.O.A. is crucial. You should take map in hand and draw an invisible barrier around your A.O.A. you should extensively hike in this region revealing any unmarked streams, loot drops, brushes and the game "trails." One of the most important things in my opinion is having a barn in this A.O.A and knowing how to get to it and away from it. Barns may have hunting knives, hatchets, matches and binoculars. Well this should establish you well enough, just remember preference is important when it comes to weight distribution and a good stash location is a lot like trapping... well the opposite of trapping. Bait the stash with good loot but loot you can spare and check it as often as possible, have competitions with the stashes, whichever one takes the longest to be found is a good bet, but never store all of your supplies in one place. Also storing vehicle parts in the deeeep woods is a good idea, because its less likely somebody will steal your entire vehicle stash.
  5. Lol then post a biography or something
  6. Febuary 27th, 2014 - I take a look, then let them decide their own fates. Maybe I can meet somebody. I've been alone for a while. Today I walked from Elektrozavodsk was in a strange town. crawled through and then went to Stary Sobor, from there I crawled through there and ended up the hill from the town, I can smell it to this moment. Had a dream this morning. Many great men have dreams. Dreams about tomorrow land and over the hill and its warm and clean and we can all relax and have fun and where they grow food right out of the ground, no rot, a Chicken was prepared near perfectly. Meat. great commune with a share of cloths and guns and gorgeous women with wide birth bearing hips where the children absolutely do [NOT] (Burnished and retraced) grow up afraid and demented, cold from not knowing safe and ----- (Trails off illegibly) Chicken was prepared near perfectly. Meat. from seeing --- [Some man just came by. I'll have to move my camp. Should smother the fi--.] (Written hastily and sloppily and trails off in ink after "fi") Just made it to Prud, it's late at the moment. Almost midnight. The dream I had is a blur but I woke up this morning remembering everything. -- These men keep pissing about antibiotics. -- So all I can say I accurately remember is carrying a body in the evening, mud everywhere, a dim fire in the distance and other bodies. The body I was carrying was still moving, it's fingers wiggling and head bobbing with life. The type of life that musters itself up eats itself, maybe the spark grows if its hot enough, then grows and--- before being smothered to death. I remember the smell. I never remember the smell anymore, but it was fresh, fresh until I got close to the light. That's all I remember about now. Im tired. I'm going to make a walk around camp, maybe threaten these philistines one last time and then succumb to slumber. Forgot about church today. [Well it seems I did more than threaten these idiots. I saw something I wanted. Turns out greed comes in the form of a nice pair of binoculars. I offered a jar of chloroform and a rag for binoculars and the rag at an extra price of a can of food. I gave the man exactly what he wanted after I suggested we go to the dockhouse to make sure the deal was safe. After which I poured the remaining morphine tincture into the rag while he was busy scrounging around his bag and he went out instantly. I had been waiting for FAR too long to use this bottle. Maybe I'll filter out some water into a canteen with this bottle and offer it to someone else, that may be interesting; as a speedy man I took off only taking the binoculars and food, not wanting to risk scrounging through his bag, there were enough people around the area as it was. I calmly walked out of Prud and ran to the south west and actually got shot at as I hit the clearing. He was a terrible shot and I kept running. Found my way in the field south west of Prud that adorns a lone barn, south of the antibody-free gas station. Now in a fresh change of cloths and with a full stomach. I think I shall fall asleep among these hay bales tonight.] (written sloppily) 8 (retraced multiple times) Can't sleep so far, been thinking about the man I subdued. But I'm not that sorry for it. He was idgit, plain and simple he hadn't brought his friends to oversee the deal and if he didn't have friends then he should have known better then to be so vulnerable. Actually the exact opposite. I feel really good. It's adrenaline maybe, maybe it's just knowing I got something for nothing, maybe it's getting one over on someone else. Maybe it's because I don't feel so confused. I like it whatever it is though. Can't get this damn riff out of my head. Find chloroform x3 Find a nicer pair of pants Find a new radio frequency Find rice
  7. Eh your just letting the stress get to you Giji. Your putting strain on yourself to do what you wanted to do to enjoy yourself. I can assure you the people complimenting you and whatnot are just trying to kiss ass to a senior member. From reading over your comments you seem to be relatively self-effacing and critical of yourself, which is always necessary in doses, but not to the point where you don't want to have fun. The way I see it is that these people hardly effect your day to day as it is, they will never see you so the only judgement they can have of you is trivial in its own seeing as they're criticizing behavior of an individual gamer. I find people criticizing celebrities as fruitless and counterproductive, even the positive. Let alone somebody pretty much evaluating the way you mimic personalities. The fact that somebody would review somebody else's RP is an instance of them putting off their own capabilities. Now I don't mean to sound hypocritical, what I say about finding a lack of idle rp still stands. There are just a few things I find are necessary expectations from a story driven community, such as well, story driven characters. And Giji in regard to your direct comment to me, I would like to point out I haven't much of an issue idly role playing. It's other people that seem not to have an interest in this. I think your words hold a lot of merit and I really would urge you to redraft what you wrote to me and create a beginners guide to decent rping, if not I may just have to steal that idea. I think those words could positively affect a deal of people but I've come to understand the parameters for a full character design. If I can I would like to throw my own little bit in and that being; pick up writing, write a couple of story excerpts focused on one character in one universe. I would strongly urge you to write this character exactly the opposite to yourself and in a genre your unfamiliar with. I used to do some writing exercises and because of this if I run out of creativity for a character I just Frankenstein some of my old characters together to make a half breed.
  8. Walking is really nice by the backroads of Prud and the main road of NEAF
  9. Yes I am happy with the way the DayZRp experience has treated me as well. I just have so many ideas as a place like this is somewhat of a refuge for myself. I personally enjoy writing as a hobby so my view on a setting is strict in some ways, I have in fact adapted though.
  10. Truer words have never been spoken by someone other than Martin J, Tomeran. Realistically speaking there should not be as many clans as is. The only reason clans are available is due to the overwhelming majority of players who want to be in the middle of battle. This causes way too intricate of politics which could be avoided if players stuck to the microcosm, not the macro.. More often than not do players actually run TOWARD gunfire when they're hardly equipped themselves, this is just pure insanity. Living for as long as you have with all the day to day fear, putting yourself in the open after a firefight just because your curious would be unwise. I do not discourage scavengers of course, so long as your gingerly with it. Regarding clans in general, I could understand maybe a couple of leftover army deserters and very strong idealists or nationalists forming different banners but regardless they would only worry of themselves, everybody really only worries about themselves. So to claim hero or bandit seems sort of trivial. Granted I've been here for a very short period of time but realistically there should be a wide variety of kinmanships and communes. For this reason I feel Epoch would always have been more fitting to RP on seeing as you can construct buildings and the lore states that it is set about 2 years after patient zero so by now people would have begun looking for permanent structure rather than just tents. these kinmanships would mean there are a lot of smaller communities stretched out with the soul purpose of avoiding each other, many of which attempting to steal form others. This would encourage individuals to create something unique to their character and develop their character's mental state, which is something I've seen VERY little of. Human beings crack under pressure with the every day stresses we deal with in this reality. If we were in fear of constant danger every single day, watched loved ones and neighbors slaughtered in front of you, lost everything you owned and simple saw walking corpses in front of you there's probably a 90% your going to endure some psychological trauma. This brings me to my next point. This is a RP server, it is focused around roleplaying, or story making, it baffles me why people would go through finding the site, registering, then going through the CRAZY whitelisting process only to break NLR, KOS, and honestly to me the worst of all Fail RP. To break character in a roleplay environment seems insane to me. I don't mean for a while, honestly I've gotten shit for stating i'm going out of character to mention I have to go do something IRL, when people are fail rping anyway and half assing it with cliche characters, phrases and actions. I usually see people break character when it comes to something like engaging someone else. I haven't seen much of TOR around Tomeran, I was trying to get a hold of TRI for a while I'm just waiting for a response on their end. I am interested if what you say is true though, I'll always be willing to create more characters and backgrounds, I think that's my favorite part of roleplaying, which is why I usually Perma Kill my characters. Also I'd like to demur Tomeran, I'd like to specify, I believe Prud is the only neutral ground opened to strangers, I wouldn't call the inhabitants prime roleplayers. I would love to see more areas opened or at least occupied. Someone mentioned the Trading post. I would LOVE for them to arbitrate value in loot, and just offer another neutral area. Hopefully more guarded than Prud. I don't know if I should have included this in a previous statement in this post, but there's a lot of resources I believe DayZ could really do with, strangely I don't see too many modded aspects of DayZ, I love what DayZRp is doing but in response to MartinJ you mentioned farming. Farming would be ideal for DayZ in fact a lot of different things would; I was overjoyed that DayZ Standalone included books that you could actually read. If anybody could port that from standalone to the server that would be amazing.
  11. No I meant in relation to organizations whitepointer. I understand neutrality and I have no opposition to actual bandits I might add. In fact I feel sometimes bandits get too many complications and sympathize with them. These are just things I'm seeing lately.
  12. Well I would have loved to play Epoch as would a couple of my friends but we were all getting errors upon joining.
  13. So I noticed whilst making this thread that the Epoch server was taken down, I was curious if there was any particular reason for this. I was really looking forward to roleplaying the capability to construct a homestead. I figured this would make for some GREAT roleplay capabilities, it would definitely allow establishing a headquarters less restrictive. I originally made this thread to inquire upon the reason why the Epoch server was not allowing me to connect and the reason I was receiving an error message.
  14. I was wondering if anybody else had this thought cross their head. It seems to me that joining a hero organization is simply an excuse to join active wars primarily for action. Too many hero clans are simply calloused and not interested in helping whatsoever and concern themselves with their own feuds. Worse yet it seems a lot of people IN hero clans are shadier than those unaligned, hell bandits have given me some assistance in the past but when I near a "hero" organization member I'm greeted with harassment esque questions and most of the time shoo'd away. That being said there's not enough people willing to openly admit their bandits. This all brings the next thought to mind. There's not enough idle roleplay. I spend most of my time walking from point a to b. No I don't mean out of a vehicle, if I had one I would use it. I mean literally walking. I'm not going to to tell anyone they SHOULD walk, but I will say when your with a newly aligned individual it makes for some great roleplay. Just the other day me and somebody met up at Prud and went to the north to retrieve a vehicle I found. Took hardly any time at all and we traded some great stories on the way there with minimal OOC. It just feels like too many people are about looking for action, meanwhile looking for action or not it will find you. Prud is not the only haven for roleplaying, random campfires also do well to attract others.
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