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  1. Yes we are still recruiting Send me a PM @Korha or contact me on discord -> Goa#8829
  2. Goa

    NATO to OREL

    You can hear the static on your radio lowering down... NATO to OREL, this is Major Mike Goa and I have Captain William Barlow here with me. We are glad to know you are established and that is indeed a sign of hope for us and the people of chernarus. It has come to my attention that the way we met wasn't the most appropriate way to present ourselves to you and that is our responsibility. At the time of your visit to our temporarily camp, a few lower ranks were on guard duty, and considering the scenario we are facing where we cannot provide them with all the information, we want to further extend our apologies for any behaviour you deemed inappropriate as we recognize that your are the local authority… ...Truth be told, our landing in your territory didn't go as planned, it took a while to reunite our unit and it's with great sadness that we must admit we didn't locate all our man yet… but that's not why we are reaching out to you... We figured staying in your castle would be a good way to be seen by some of those dispersed, and it worked to a certain extent. To clarify, we treated your historical monument with the highest respect for it's preservation and we guaranteed that no damage would be caused by our presence there. Since then, we have also relocated so that no further inconveniences would arise from utilising your public property without consent. We recognize this was a mistake on our side and we want to present you with our apologies for all the problems caused by our presence there. We also want to state publicly that our intentions in your territory are to assist you in your efforts to provide for the people. We are focused on recovering a hospital to serve those in need, and that is currently our primary objective. We hope our efforts go in line with your purpose and that whatever misunderstandings that could have raised from yesterday's encounter can be solved with mutual respect, as it's not our intent to create conflict, if anything, we would like to help you while respecting your ambitions for your territory. We hope this communication reaches out to OREL... We are at your disposal... Over. ...The static goes back up.
  3. Goa

    S2 Greifing

    I'm not trying to warrant some "random" punishment towards anyone. I just asked what was the full chat, because usually people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. It's not up to me or you to define what the roleplay standards for the community are. I pointed out what standards we (NATO) believe to be appropriated, just to clarify why we would find this strange. I will leave this up for the admins, we don't need anyone banned, we just need clarification. For us, it's more important to understand what intentions and reasonings are behind this behaviours towards us, as I think it's legit to understand if we are welcomed. Maybe this was the first time your group got to us, but we decided that we would no longer leave reports in the desk. If this was all a misunderstanding and you didn't do anything wrong, I apologize for making you feel attacked. It's legit for us to look for a defense, don't you agree? This isn't targetted at you or your group, we never even met.
  4. Goa

    S2 Greifing

    @Kordruga Everyone reading this chat, can clearly understand that S2 means Server 2. What we would like to have some clarification on is, since you are communicating OOC information that is being used IC, what's the remaining of this information? Saying "Actions taken by the recipient of this message caused no extra damage" is incorrect. 1 - This report here, is an assumption that you might have griefed our base by putting codelocks and locking many of us inside towers. 2 - At this stage, we are your hostages (We didn't do anything to become your hostage, in fact, we never met you in game at all) (calling for a gamemaster to teleport us out doesn't seem to me a realistic chance of survival) 3 - You then sent ooc information with no effort for roleplay (we don't know to what extent or intent). This is an example of IC discord communications that we believe have the proper standard for this community 4 - Someone acted on said information and raided us while we were locked inside, therefore, causing extra damage. If this isn't clear to why we are questioning your intentions and roleplay standards, I don't know what will clarify it more.
  5. Goa

    S2 Greifing

    Can I ask for some clarification on this radio message? If it's related and relevant to the situation (and since it's you bringing it up, I am assuming it's for relevancy purposes) can we have a full print instead of a cut in half version of your radio broadcast? Also would like to point out that I believe it's important to understand what's going on in this chat. If it's IC, what is the meaning of "S2", if it's OOC, there is metagaming envolved. Since action was taken from this radio communication from the recipient of this message that caused extra damage and ending up in people being reported and banned, I would like to understand the standard of roleplay behind what we then see happening in game. I believe this will shed some light about the intentions behind the roleplay, as intention constitutes an important role in a griefing accusation.
  6. Goa

    S2 Greifing

    @PhoenixMy pov I confirm the information above is correct. I have been locked there the whole day. So have others. Someone from the admin team had to come teleport us out and remove the many locks that were put (that's the griefing part, no one cares about items, but since you asked, yes there were items on the floor but we don't care).
  7. You can hear the static on your radio going down... This is Maj. Mike Goa from NATO OP. We have tried to make contact with you multiple times in the past couple of days. As you know, we weren't successfull. At least now we know you are still alive! We are here also to help the people. If you need us...call us on this frequency and we can arrange something. Until then, stay safe!.... The static goes back up...
  8. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I had a question needed answering, he joined my room in 10 seconds. Very polite. Thank you Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe some very important information was left out of the report, mainly because I was being reported for KOS/RDM and I ended up being banned for CL without a chance to clarify. Even tough I did log out after this situation, I don't feel like it was a fair to ban me under this rule. 1 - I have 5k Hours of roleplay and was never reported or banned. 2 - The player count on the server at the time of my disconnect. 3 - The fact that I was stuck inside a small tower, without supplies, after a base griefing event currently reported here -> What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be fair, I just feel my effort has been irrelevant. Spending hundreds of hours around my men making sure rules are being followed and respected. Making sure players go out of their way to help others specially newcomers. We are a military group, yet, you have 0 reports against us, unless it's us defending ourselves as we don't hunt players. The base griefing was so hard that between me and the outside world, were 5 locks. If we do the maths = 5 players Online - Two NATO - Two Dead - My man reporting that they NEVER asked for backup or anything(after the situation was over and his radio returned) - That leaves 1 man on the server that could come to fight me BUT = The attacking group is not official therefore, sharing kill rights gets messy. The thing is -> I was griefed or trolled, stuck inside a tower, with more than half an hour of code breaking before anyone could come get me. I believe braking rules should be punished, but are we going to enforce a rule, when the situation is like this? To share my feelings about this, it's like: ->I'm trying hard to handle the pvp madness that's against us. ->I get wrongly reported ->I get banned for something else, when I am being a victim of situation that prevented me to live (in-game) as I wasn't free, yet I had no one with me. What could you have done better?: 1 - Die of starvation or thirst. 2 - Call an admin (I didn't know it was possible). 3 - Go afk inside the tower as no one could possibly, under the server rules, get me. I was stuck inside that tower until 12 hours later. I don't feel I have anything positive to learn with this ban, as in all honesty, I didn't combat log. I just logged. Something like a Warning should have been enough, considering I'm the victim here. If I am wrong, I am wrong, but I had to express this as everyone can make mistakes. I don't really feel I made a mistake here, I made the only decision that I had left to prevent more damage. Sorry for wasting more of your time.
  10. I can go ahead and confirm that he did not. He had his weapon up on sight when I shot him. He was crouching around to engage me.
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