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  1. Born to an unknown father and Jen Kays, Lane raised himself. His mother, busy constantly with her work and other kids, was unable to assist his struggle with mental health; and despite his intelligence his grades always under-performed. His financial situation was always assisted by his wealthy, ranch-owning grandparents; with his loving grandfather showering Lane, the first grandchild of the family, with gifts in return for farm-handing. Lane loved history, and especially European history. His love for the stories hidden in scraps of the past was love for the human condition, and he began to look at things from a more objective view. Lane spent his 20th birthday and the following weeks travelling Europe and looking at old battle sites, historic villages, and old castles. His next destination was Chernarus, and he found himself staying in the small town of Bogatyrka, ready to travel to the neighboring castle. It was that night the martial law was declared, and all travel in and out of Chernarus was halted. He was stuck, in a foreign land, but he was not worried. Lane had a plan in the works, like he always did. It's just that this plan did not involve leaving.
  2. CocaineLane

    Captain Kyle

    It's ok, it's the flight of the dead men. Is this a planned feature?
  3. Johan is a bastard. He'd say it himself, but it is more literal than he thinks. He was born to Igor Nozokov and Katarina Rostova; and was raised as a military kid. His father, a CDF Major, had little time for his son or his wife; and as a result Johan grew very close to his mother and his "uncle" Viktor. It was even remarked that Johan looked much more like Viktor than Igor; and surely took after him in faith as well. He was raised to be open minded, but at the same time pressured by Viktor to be a more devout Muslim. He practiced in secret, and still does because of the numerous people who despise islam in Chernarus. He is a calm, collected boy, and somewhat withdrawn. He has been through many things, including abuse by his real father, and after 2014 when his Uncle left to join the war for Donbass in Ukraine, he felt abandoned. he ran from home several times, and found sympathy with the gangs of nearby Vybor. The things he was forced to do; the people who see saw die and eventually; the people who he ended, still haunt him to this day. At the start of the outbreak, Igor (his "father"), Viktor (his "uncle") and his mother Katarina evacuated to the main Vybor Airfield; and took shelter in the military housing there. That was the first mistake, as infected soon swarmed the gates and it was declared they would retreat to underground missile silos for safety. Viktor urged his family to leave; that the fences and the provisions would only last so long, but Igor would not have it. It was decided, Viktor would leave for Novodimitrosk. After listening to his uncle, Johan decided he would leave too. The night before they were to be airlocked into the silos, he stole a small handgun and provisions off a sleeping guard on the southern border of the Airfield, and using bolt cutters cut a way through the fence. He began his new journey to Miroslavl, where his aunt lived, and the rest is history.
  4. * In the split second before his death, Viktor looks into the eyes of the boy he loved. No, the boy he loves. In that last second, images flood his mind. Viktor and Katarina embrace under the birch tree, before time warps and suddenly they are in bed together. The gasps and moans of his love, his heart made into an external being, turn to the cries of an infant. Viktor looks down into the eyes of Johan, his son, his legacy. Igor stands idle, silent, unknowing. There is a light, above them, that begins to burn so bright it burns Viktor's sight into blackness. For a moment, he thinks he is dead, before; in that dark, a long appendage reaches out to him. It pierces his chest, but there is no pain. There is a feeling of warmth emanating from the sharp hook-like rod; and he loves it. It loves him. This is his divine grace, he realizes. A piercing message of purity, cleansing light. It captures him, and his soul. He turns, and waves goodbye to Katarina, holding little Johan. Standing beside them is George, Chip, Avery, and countless others, all his friends and family. He wonders where his friends, comrades are, where James is, and the appendage seems to answer that it is not yet their time. At once, he realizes what has happened. Fear washes over his soul for but a moment, before his Divine Grace welcomes Viktor Nozokov into his light with open arms. *
  5. Those fucking surgical masks and alien masks, they look so wack and everyone and their mama wants one
  6. Glad to see more people return, can't wait to meet you.
  7. Credit @Willfor the outstanding VictimRP
  8. Glad to be here, this group is turning out better than I could have hoped. I hope to see much more of @[email protected]_Date and more. Under his eye
  9. Exactly how I feel now that we got approved: LET HIS DIVINE LIGHT SHINE THROUGH YOU
  10. *The following recording plays over the radio: *
  11. @Will Some of the best frickin victim roleplay I've ever seen. Hope you enjoy your new tattoo, courtesy of his divine grace's messenger @coolman23. Really great RP this time guys, @Honeybee Welcome as well to the messengers! May his divine grace guide us.
  12. Beanz this post to be blessed by his divine grace with eternally good RP Real Talk, can't wait to see the characters develop; loving the RP in this group.
  13. *Viktor looks over his questions, then reads them out.* "Times are hard. If anyone hears this and can give a man some comfort, I would love to speak to you. Is anyone out there?" *He awaits a reply.*
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