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  1. Anders grew up a psychopath. From an early age, his parents left him to fend for himself as they dealt with their own heroin dependency. Anders watched his mother's murder at 7; the result of an argument over heroin. Anders was diagnosed as Schizophrenic and later as Psychopathic and sent to his (incapable and bedridden) Aunt in southern Russia. In the years he spent growing up in Russia, Anders worked as an "information extractor" for various crime groups. He enjoyed this lifestyle for most of his teen years, until his apprehension at 19 in a Politsiya raid on a compound he was working in. He was admitted to a Psychiatric institution along the southern border; "Paradise Springs Sanatorium". It was during his years alone and in the extremely brutal Russian mental health system that his schizophrenia became exacerbated, leading to the delusion that he was no longer solely "Anders". "2-4" (Two dash Four) is Ander's alter-ego. The name stems from his ID number which was printed on to his strait jacket. He is an immature, violent, and extremely unpredictable character. He is prone to random psychotic episodes, and actively battles Anders for control of the "sleeve" they share. 2-4 became a permanent part of Ander's schizophrenia and first became "visualized" by Anders when the outbreak began. Following the evacuation and of faculty and abandonment of patients in Paradise Springs; 2-4 fought his way out past the other patients and out of the facility. He then began a trek far, far away. After torturing a russian family very near the border for information and world news, 2-4 opted to head into the now lawless Chernarus to the south in order to prevent any recapture. For a whole week, Anders was 2-4; and eventually made it home free into the playground of chaos that would become his new home.
  2. *Viktor would growl before pressing the PTT* "We'll see if the CTF will still defend you after they hear you're keeping a mentally ill young girl from her concerned father; and especially once the muslims hear too. Callum the known racist? Taking an interest in the two children's affairs yet again? And on top of that, committing haraam by preventing a father from meeting his daughter? They would be glad to hear I'm sure."
  3. *He listens to Arnost, and then reaches again for the PTT* "Tell me this at least, either of you kids. Is Liah with Isabella, her aunt?" "On my way to Vybor now you cunt."
  4. *Viktor stops, and reaches for his radio hooked on his backpack* "Alright kid, listen. You seem like you don't really understand what *schizophrenia* is. I understand she is scared of her dad, but I can assure you that Liah doesn't clearly remember what happened. How about you and me meet, without Liah or her father. You can make sure I'm no bad man, and I can make sure you aren't going to get the poor girl killed."
  5. "Young man, are you her friend I heard about from Elliot? We don't want to take your friend Liah, her father wants to see her. He misses her, loves her, and is very scared without her. Even if it's to see her for just a while. i don't know what ideas she's put in your dumbass head Callum, but these innocent children need to be protected. There are fucking *dead* walking the streets; and you'd rather let them wander? Let this father see his kid, you have no right and no business preventing a father from seeing his daughter."
  6. "Liah's mother died in Stary Yar to zed's. You trust her father or the ill young girl? Liah, please. I will meet with you alone if you would prefer, without your father." "Elliot met him too. He told us about your encounter at Vybor."
  7. "Callum, she is schizophrenic. She needs help. You racist, no wonder the muslims tried to seperate you from her."
  8. Hopefully this message reaches you Mr. Shock. An acquaintance of mine, Elliot, was able to give me info regarding my friend Arnost's daughter, Leah. He said you had recently seen them, so please contact me privately on the radio so this father may find his daughter. We are looking for even the slightest, oldest info. Leah, my name is Viktor. I am a friend of your father, Arnost, he is looking for you. He is extremely worried, and asks that if you manage to hear this radio broadcast, you will reply to it so he can find you. he says he loves you.
  9. CocaineLane

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    Not to mention, they heard a low voice speak from like 30 meters, inside a building. That was their reason for entering and killing people, the "threat" they heard at the start that draws them inside. Muslims apparently gained super/subsonic hearing capabilities on top of omniscience
  10. CocaineLane

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    I meant to amend my comment but failed lol, I took a look at the rules and realized you are right. it's not failure to initiate or KOS, it's definitely NVFL and/or Bad RP. And for that, I do apologize. Sidenote, I am not attacking any of you personally. Just the handling of the situation, I feel like you nipped any RP we could've had in the bud boss man. No thank you VegasRP, not very cool. Gotta hand it to you with the evidence, it definitely looks like we did initiate from your POV. You are right, and I believe initiation was not the issue. Rather BadRP and/or NVFL. (See my edits to my original statement.)
  11. Gotta shout out my main man @Whiskayy, CO did great surviving the fucking hellscape of a firefight that wound up in Novaya. The new kid on the block @KadenDaSniper rocked out with us and got a few kills himself. Good RP today boys, maybe after Victor passes away Rotciv Vokozon will be the new kid Also why my muslim brethren gotta kill me all dirty like that? I ain't got no Haraam vibe foo
  12. CocaineLane

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    As you can see pretty clearly in the video I even attempted to calm them by approaching weapons undrawn, (red shemagh) and there is no initiation before shooting erupts. He says loudly "Youre going to drop us?" But nobody in the area said anything like that. @Whiskayyattempts to say "Don't come up here please" and the video shows the rest. EDIT: I believe this should be NVFL because this was a sure-death scenario for the initiator, standoff with multiple people and he chose to still open up. Secondly, this would be surefire BadRP because it literally lasted like 20 seconds. If you could pull off some longer roleplay, this could've been a sweet firefight for everyone. But you bungled it by clearly going for straight kills and not being interested in RP at all.
  13. CocaineLane


    *Viktor clears his throat and extinguishes his gas lamp before broadcasting his message* As Salam u Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, hopefully my greeting is heard by a muslim and not a kafir. Inshallah, my fellow Muslims. I am Viktor, perhaps a few of you might know my face or name. I have been longing to do salat in a real mosque, with my real brethren. As the only ummah left standing as a beacon for our faith, I ask that you pray with me. Is it not an injustice that I like my other muslim brothers must pray among infidels who disrespect my faith and Allah? I wish to be among those who worship as I do, for this reason: *Viktor takes out his Quran and finds the bookmarked passage* "Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, even so much as an atom's weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward." [4:40]
  14. CocaineLane

    Killers, Pyschos, Creeps of Every Kind Needed (And Victims To Kill/Torture)

    Dude, if you are willing to torture me and uncover the deeper parts of my characters story I will marry you. Plz pm me you beautiful psycho
  15. CocaineLane

    Spraypaint Reiteration W.I.P

    Bruh, PLEASE? And, although a little far fetched, if there is any way to let groups upload "tags" to developers like you so you can create markable walls or something that'd be sick as fuck. Imagine seeing the walls of a town spray painted with the half crescent. A sign to put them pants on ladies. XD
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