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  1. My name is Nico. I am a guy of 30 years and come from Sweden. I grew up in a farm with lots of animals. My dad was a doctor and my mother worked in the care. My dad wanted me to be a doctor, but my technology interest was stronger and I work as a telecom technician and build communication networks throughout Sweden. Im a trained engineer in radio technology and in crisis situations. The biggest difficulty is how to successfully communicate with the public when there is no electricity. 4 years ago I decided to go to Istanbul where my mum lived for several years. She worked in a hospital there before she died. I didn't understand why she was so keen that I should come first, but now I understand better. She was threatened by the military when they found out that she had a son in Sweden who was a radio engineer and expert in crisis situations. They threatened her that if I didn't come to Istanbul they would take her job from her and isolate her. Now she is dead, and it is the fault of the military. Now it has been a few years and the virus has almost killed everyone I know! But why am I still alive? Am I immune? And why? I got information about a place near the border with Russia, where there are more surviving people. A place called Chernarus. I have to get there, see if the answer is with other survivors. I decided to try to find more people and try to help and contribute with my survival properties and my technical knowledge. I jumped on a boat from Istanbul with a few more survivors. We ended up in a big storm and the last thing I remember is how our boat is swallowed by the sea. I wake up at a beach, and really hope that my crew also managed. Now I am completely alone, and my main focus is to find more survivors who can tell more things that I do not understand. Maybe I will have a role as a doctor, my dad had appreciated that
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