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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):No source, 3 month old discord ban Why the verdict is not fair: The ban is fair as I was undoubtedly being rude/inappropriate, despite this, it has been 3 months and the flair points have worn off, I hope that I could return to the discord now that I have served a fair punishment Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My ban was caused by poor judgment on my part that lead me to make distasteful comments, I recognize this and believe I am capable of making better decisions in the future What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned from the DayZRP discord What could you have done better?: It is undoubtable that I should have used better judgment when communicating in the discord, and should remind myself of DayZRP's rules regularly to ensure i abide by them
  2. I was under the impression that I was not allowed to appeal the discord ban again? Am I appealing the first appeal or do I include the first appeal in any way otherwise?
  3. 3 months ago I was banned from the discord for rude/inappropriate behavior and my appeal was admittedly terrible and denied. Now the flair points for the ban have worn off and I am returning to DayZRP for the holiday school break and would like to rejoin the discord. My understanding of the rules suggests that I can not appeal my discord ban again a second time. Am I simply permanently banned from the discord or what steps should i take to try and become unbanned?
  4. Scott is a fifth generation Russian-American born in Central Florida though with experience across the Atlantic seaboard. Scott grew fond of political outspokenness, studying information technology in university and then going on to become a war correspondent. Scott had traveled across the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East reporting on unrest and conflict. Scott's abilities as a journalist were undermined is feverish devotion to an egalitarian agenda. The most notable stories Scott had worked on prior to coming to Chernarus were those detailing the Kurdish uprising. Following the arrival of the United Nations in Chernarus, Scott followed and got caught in the chaos of the outbreak. Scott's experience in war zones has allowed him to survive a while, but an unalterable political outlook based on mob rule, combined with an ambitious attitude personality makes him his own greatest threat.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No official notification or report, and i have no idea who banned me. Why the verdict is not fair: Ban is by my interpretation a decent meme, as I've been given no form of official notification/report, and was joking with members of the discord at the time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Before i was booted off the discord, i stated that science backs up my claim that all gold names are genetically homosexual, as the argument of whether or not gold names are homosexual died down, i was soon banned. Without an official notification of my ban, and the fact that only my discord was banned, i find it unlikely that my ban was anything more then a top quality meme. In case one interprets my actions as homophobia, i would like to point out that i made it clear on two occasions that it is 2019, and being homosexual isnt a problem. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: As the ban is to my knowledge, a good meme, i would simply like to be unbanned. What could you have done better?: As i have been given time to reflect, i am prepared to admit that science not only proves that gold names are homosexual, but white names aswell. As such, i am prepared carry my burden, and to explain to my extended family, that they are all genetically gay. Regard, Stunt_Homosexual_Sniper
  6. I was banned from the official discord roughly 2 hours before making this post. The most likely cause was that i was stating, albeit in good taste, that all gold names were genetically homosexual, after all, such was proven by famous_science_team, lead by famous_science_guy. Between the generally happy attitudes between me and those i was calling homosexual, combined with the lack of an official discord ban notice, i have little doubt that my ban is any more than a top quality meme. Despite this, i would like to know how one would go about being unbanned from the discord, as i do love participating in the community via the discord, and have an addiction to checking the teasers page.
  7. Born to an upper class family, Luck received the advantages of wealth in his youth. With a natural brilliance and cunning, he found success in academics, especially in debate, and quickly went on to finish education early. A noticeable prodigy, he made use of his skills to pursue a duel career as an investor and UN diplomat. Now a man knowing only wealth, he used any and all publicity in attempts to gain the attention of Russian intelligence operations, eventually finding his way onto their pay grade. Coming to Chernarus to ensure prolonged instability, he was found to be a loose cannon, an no attempt was made to rescue him. With cunning, brilliance, and a bit of luck, Luck hopes to turn the stream of success the apocalypse has brought him into a river.
  8. With an early life as a lonely and bored car salesman, Alexander sought out the US military to make something of himself. With nothing to miss, and no one to miss him, he truly had nothing to lose. Despite this all he found himself a deserter after the rise of an unstoppable enemy in the Chernarus area. Somehow in a world more desperate than any imaginable, Alexander found himself right at home among the nomadic survivors. With the apocalypse bringing him more wealth, friendships, and fulfillment than any other life he's known, he stands in opposition to the many survivors attempting to claw their way away from the ruthless, unforgiving, and utterly capitalistic world hosted in Chernarus.
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