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  1. Stewpotuk

    black screen

    ive fixed it, for some reason i have to now disable hardware antialiasing, god knows....
  2. Stewpotuk

    black screen

    hi sorry if this is not your problem but maybe someone can help, i took the update 1.04 today and followed Rowlands instructions on installing the dayzrp mod, i load up the game and i can see the play button and hear sounds but the screen is just black apart from the play button and time played etc (the text basically) ive loaded into the server and its the same there, i can hear my character moving around but its black apart from my quick inventory ui stuff at the bottom, please can someone help...thank you
  3. Hi my name is Stew, i am 31 years old and i was a i was a delivery driver for 3 years and realised i was not following my childhood dreams so i trained to be a pilot and finally i passed all my exams after 5 years of training so i then became a full time Pilot for a big commercial airliner company, i was doing a flight to Germany and not too long into the flight we had engine failure on both engines there was no possible way for me or my copilot to start them back up so i asked everyone on board to brace themselves for impact, we crash landed into the sea, after a brief concussion i woke up with water rushing into the cockpit, i managed to break myself free from my seat belt and swim through the window, as i emerged from the water i was surrounded by flames and debris, i swam towards a lighthouse which i saw in the distance, when i reached the lighthouse i made a fire and got myself warm and dry, now my journey starts to survive and get off this unknown island and hopefully there are other survivors from the crash.
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