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  1. The man with the cowboy hat did not initiate on me or @HDragon and was not a part of the group of the man with the armband Seth? We even said you're with us and he said "Yay!" and then proceeded to aim his gun at the man with the arm band who I believe was Seth. About 10 seconds later I was shot from behind out of nowhere extremely close by the man with the cowboy hat.
  2. Anton Kuznetsov, born August 10th, 1993 in Manhattan, USA. His parents were Boris and Olivia Kuzenstov. Boris ran a resturant in Russia for sometime before moving the United States and starting a bicycling business. Growing up Anton would visit his cousin Vali in Russia and fish with him. They had only met a handful of times. Anton loved traveling to other countries. He was very invested in the NYPD's work. He graduated from Manhattan College in 2013, he attended the university for a degree. During his college years, he studied the police departments flaws and often made suggestions to fix them. Anton later joined the NYPD as a patrol officer. Anton had a partner named Dallas who he ran with for 2 ½ years and taught him the morals and values of a good officer before he retired in late 2015. Anton had reached the rank of Sergeant within the NYPD during the fall of 2016. With his promotion, he was given a large amount of vacation time which he chose to use during the spring of 2017. Anton visited the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and Chernarus, hoping to finish his journey in Vladivostok, Russia. He traveled to all of these countries and ended up in Chernarus during the beginning of the outbreak. He was in Elektrozavodsk at the time of the outbreak and fled north to hills near Rog. Anton lived there for a few months surviving off the land and then making his way back to the coast. He was able to secure himself a fishing boat which he took to places like the Skalisty and Utes islands. He later returned to the mainland docking at Bay Tikhaya and following the stream heading north on foot. He lived there for a few months and we preparing to head out. He ran across a survivor who was speaking of a group called the Funeral Parlor led by a Russian man named Vali and an American named Batok. Anton wondered if this Vali could be his childhood friend and cousin Vali Kuznestov so he began preparing for his first trek into the infected civilization. He then ventured to the town of Pustoshka where he found a letter signed by Vali. He knew he was alive and knew he had to find him.
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