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  1. MSlingerW

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Nice! Have the spawn rates been returned back to normal?
  2. Any updates on this? Vad säger du, @Roland?
  3. *runs up to it and finds a tent*
  4. To add: I haven't had a chance to focus on RP yet. Whenever I meet someone I just want to go about my business of looting as I'm tired and frustrated. Of course I interact with them to give them an immersive experience, but it's nowhere near the best I can offer. P.S: I'm loving the server, don't get me wrong. This is my only notion.
  5. The problem: I've played for a total of 18 hrs now, scavenging large tows such as Zelenogorsk and Cherno as well as small towns in the hunt for the basic base-building supplies. I've literally walked across the entire map to find a hammer and some nails! This should not be the case. My RP is hindered by this as it requires a base for every scenario I plan to set up. Not even mentioning the dangers of walking across the map, the threat of getting robbed or dying of thirst/hunger along the way. 6/10 sheds and buildings are empty while 3/10 contain a hard hat or some random vehicle door. 1/10 will give you the loot you need. My suggestion: Looting an "after restart" Cherno should give you all the necessary base-building supplies, at least give you a good start. I won't even bother climbing the cranes or those huge warehouses when there are literally 2 spawns in the entire building. My suggestion is to lower the spawn rate of guns, ammo and all other military equipment making melee weapons more prominent. Also, lower the drop of canned food and water bottles. This would make survival more of a focus and hunting/growing crops more lucrative. Increase the drop rate of industrial items! In an apocalypse, a hammer and nails would not be a scarcity while food and weapons would be.
  6. John Trevino was born in West Germany in 1958 to an American father and a German mother. His father served in the army and was deployed at the largest military community outside of the United States in Kaiserslautern. His father left them at the age of 3. Growing up barely knowing who his father was, he took up an interest in investigative journalism. Once he had graduated from university he got noticed by the notorious investigative journalist Rudibert Kunz. He acted as his mentor for many years and polished his abilities. John was investigating Chernarussian extremists by the time the outbreak occurred.
  7. Flip Bakker used to work as a store clerk in Jumbo, one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands. He was constantly pestered by the manager of the store. Most employees were in their early twenties, Flip was much older, 33 y/o. Everybody thought he was a loser and treated him as one for working there at his age still as ground-level staff. Flip was a wreck emotionally, for every day he went deeper into depression. Trying to fight it with drugs made it worse and his overall appearance deteriorated with his mental state. On a particularly bad day, Flip was unloading goods with a young co-worker in the back room of the store. Flip dropped a box of cans and his co-worker mocked him while giving an unforgiving look. Flip lashed out and strangled the young man to death. Realizing he had just murdered someone, he drove home and packed his bags for he had to flee the country. Flip Bakker was one of Europe's most wanted and knew he had to move east. He drove to Italy and got on board a fishing vessel to the Black Sea. The ship's crew found him under the deck and threw him overboard for stealing food and water with just a life jacket. Flip thought he was doomed for sure when a cargo ship spotted him an picked him up. They didn't speak English but they kept him well fed during the journey. Flip noticed the crew members getting anxious and figured there was a storm coming. The crew chose to beach the ship instead of risking their lives. They went onto land and looked for cover in an old barn. Everyone fell asleep. By the time the storm was over, Flip noticed he was abandoned by the crew. He could hear people outside. It sounded like they were fighting for their lives! Where the hell are we? What is going on?
  8. Day 860 I f*cked up!! How can you be so foolish and commit a rookie mistake when we've come this far? I got too greedy, grasped for more than I could handle. What's that saying, "Grasp all, lose all"? They were everywhere. I could barely see. Fired off a salvo in the direction of the noise. Heard thuds so a few must-have went down. Their growls were intensifying. They were catching up on me. I could feel their hands grabbing at my bag. Exhausted, surrounded. I emptied the mag and started swinging, I could feel the machete delve deep into the soft, rotten tissue... Day 861 Survived. Clothes are trashed, weapons empty. I started making my way up north. My thirst grew extreme, insatiable. I fell to my knees, threw up. No... is this how it's going to end? Am I infected? Am I about to become, one of them...? Day 862 Hospital. I need medical supplies. Anything that can stop this, maybe it's just a bacteria! A map... where am I? Topolniki. The nearest town with a hospital is just nearby. Trudged over there, the utmost thirst was unbearable! The more I drank, the more I threw up. So weak. Searching for all my life is worth..! The dead outside thirst for my flesh. I know they can smell me. I am about to die and they are about to feast...
  9. MSlingerW

    Upcoming new mods

    Was the trader feature scratched or added in?
  10. I won't shed a single drop of blood off a man who has Mads Mikkelsen as his profile pic!
  11. Hey there y'all! Been looking for a place like this for a long time, hope our first meeting will be bloodless.
  12. Xherdan Baur (29), born in Sweden by Swiss parents and a member of the Swiss guard. When Xherdan was 21 he went to his home country for the compulsory military service. In the army he found out about the Swiss Guard or the Pope's personal "army". They were actively recruiting and Xherdan joined, he had always wanted to serve a greater cause and this was his calling. The guard put him through extensive training to hone his abilites and soon he was worthy of guarding the catholic faith's leader, the Pope himself. Xherdan thrived in the guard and soon he moved up in the hierarchy. After 6 years of service he was promoted to the rank of "Wachtmeister" or sergeant. Now he was worthy of personally guarding the Pope on his travels abroad. On a visit to the U.S, Xherdan was tasked with being closest to the Pope, protecting him with his life and keeping his eyes on him at all times. They were walking from an escort vehicle to the destination when out of nowhere, a man charges the pope with a kitchen knife. Xherdan was stunned, for a moment he forgot all his training and went into shock. He just stood there as the assilant stabbed the Pope to death. After this event, Xherdan was flown back to Switzerland, being dishonorably discharged from his service. The shame was imminent and everyone in Switzerland knew who he was. He couldn't walk the streets without getting taunted and threatened by people. For two years he lived isolated in a small apartment, growing more and more hateful toward other people. An outcast, not wanted by anyone. Xherdan decided to move somewhere where no-one would recognize him, Georgia. He booked a flight that would take him to Batumi where he could hopefully get a new, fresh start. The life in Georgia was tough. Finding a job was next to impossible not knowing the language. Xherdan still had money saved from his time in the Swiss Guard as they had paid for all accomodations. People starting to act strange, even though he didn't understand what they said, he could still tell that the continent was shaken by turmoil with Russian fighter jets bombing nearby areas on the news. People started avoiding others. When he spoke to his friends on the phone, there were talks of cannibals eating other people, alive! He decided to get on board a ship to escape from the mainland. A cruiser was departing from Batumi on the 21st. People were trying to escape as word had spread several cities were overrun by cannibals! Xherdan was asleep below deck when all of a sudden, the ship hit something in the water and started sinking. He made it to a lifeboat and got ashore in one piece. There was no rescue team there to help, in fact, there were no people at all. The only safe place was the woods, from his time in the military he knew how to survive for a while without supplies...
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