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  1. Nice! Have the spawn rates been returned back to normal?
  2. Any updates on this? Vad säger du, @Roland?
  3. MSlingerW

    Finally got lucky

    *runs up to it and finds a tent*
  4. To add: I haven't had a chance to focus on RP yet. Whenever I meet someone I just want to go about my business of looting as I'm tired and frustrated. Of course I interact with them to give them an immersive experience, but it's nowhere near the best I can offer. P.S: I'm loving the server, don't get me wrong. This is my only notion.
  5. The problem: I've played for a total of 18 hrs now, scavenging large tows such as Zelenogorsk and Cherno as well as small towns in the hunt for the basic base-building supplies. I've literally walked across the entire map to find a hammer and some nails! This should not be the case. My RP is hindered by this as it requires a base for every scenario I plan to set up. Not even mentioning the dangers of walking across the map, the threat of getting robbed or dying of thirst/hunger along the way. 6/10 sheds and buildings are empty while 3/10 contain a hard hat or some random vehicle door. 1/10 will give you the loot you need. My suggestion: Looting an "after restart" Cherno should give you all the necessary base-building supplies, at least give you a good start. I won't even bother climbing the cranes or those huge warehouses when there are literally 2 spawns in the entire building. My suggestion is to lower the spawn rate of guns, ammo and all other military equipment making melee weapons more prominent. Also, lower the drop of canned food and water bottles. This would make survival more of a focus and hunting/growing crops more lucrative. Increase the drop rate of industrial items! In an apocalypse, a hammer and nails would not be a scarcity while food and weapons would be.
  6. Day 860 I f*cked up!! How can you be so foolish and commit a rookie mistake when we've come this far? I got too greedy, grasped for more than I could handle. What's that saying, "Grasp all, lose all"? They were everywhere. I could barely see. Fired off a salvo in the direction of the noise. Heard thuds so a few must-have went down. Their growls were intensifying. They were catching up on me. I could feel their hands grabbing at my bag. Exhausted, surrounded. I emptied the mag and started swinging, I could feel the machete delve deep into the soft, rotten tissue... Day 861 Survived. Clothes are trashed, weapons empty. I started making my way up north. My thirst grew extreme, insatiable. I fell to my knees, threw up. No... is this how it's going to end? Am I infected? Am I about to become, one of them...? Day 862 Hospital. I need medical supplies. Anything that can stop this, maybe it's just a bacteria! A map... where am I? Topolniki. The nearest town with a hospital is just nearby. Trudged over there, the utmost thirst was unbearable! The more I drank, the more I threw up. So weak. Searching for all my life is worth..! The dead outside thirst for my flesh. I know they can smell me. I am about to die and they are about to feast...
  7. Was the trader feature scratched or added in?
  8. I won't shed a single drop of blood off a man who has Mads Mikkelsen as his profile pic!
  9. Hey there y'all! Been looking for a place like this for a long time, hope our first meeting will be bloodless.
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