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  1. Thanks for the kind words man, dont worry peach himself would be around for a while
  2. The group can be archived for now as im unable to do the trading business for the moment being and my character is residing in the woods and is after personal revenge. Hopefully we'll rebuild the trader after the situation is over and we have enough members.
  3. Just updated the lore a little, I'll try to add all the interesting and vital ic events in our lore.
  4. I have been bumping into Santiagos a lot recently, the role play is very decent and they do provide good rp, even when there is a hostile/hostage scenario going on they handle it pretty well and cautiously which is a huge plus point in my opinion.
  5. Finally ! Congrats on the approval guys
  6. Thank you all for your feedbacks , I hope we can provide everyone fun and memorable moments and the quality rp you all deserve .
  7. Thats a good point honestly cause at this point im speaking in other peoples behalf, the report can be closed, the part involving me getting killed was fine now that the things have been cleared out.
  8. Well i mean your answer is already in the sentence you quoted, the universe where you approached 4 people literally getting face to face with them at a gate not responding to anyone let alone saying that you have people around (so still the people there think its just one guy and will definitely wanna kill him and even a guy who had just arrived for trade went out looking to kill him) then suddenly shoot and run.
  9. oh yeah i read it wrong i thought you said removed my toes, and finger nails i don't exactly know what went on cause only one guy there was from my group and the rest were people chilling, about jason getting shot, well thats obvious as i said he came to the front gate where 4 people were standing at, he didn't talk a single word when me and people tried talking to him then he suddenly shot me, so i don't blame people for shooting him back cause in a situation like that (a guy approaching 4 people, and not talking a single word the whole situation, then suddenly shooting one and running away which i think is nvfl) they will worry to get shot without initiation too, btw on discord you said he ran away and didn't die but now you're saying he died which i dont know what to make of.
  10. I had a conversation with the gentleman on discord at first i thought i got KOSed for no reason but apparently it was teammates of the guy i tortured, btw @Jason b dont give wrong information, i only took your nails im sure youre toes are fine and the nails will grow back They had the right to kill me but one of the guys in our compound claims there was no initiation and he got killed without warning, i was killed by that time so i don't know what went on.
  11. Server and location: S1 - Mogilevka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00 UTC Your in game name: Michael Peach Names of allies involved: @Alpa-Chino @andysuter Name of suspect/s: @Apollo Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Olga Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): - Detailed description of the events: Like an hour ago a guy came in front of the door not responding to a single one of us (FailRP) then suddenly he shot me with a saiga without initiation and ran away, a bit after a guy called Billie came down to drink water and i started talking to him but then i suddenly got sniped without initiation, multiple random people who were inside the compound got shot and killed too without no initiation as well.
  12. Nice to see this posted ! we've had great rp interactions for sure.
  13. Thank you man hope you guys enjoy !
  14. And we thank you for coming around and providing quality RP too my friend its a two way street indeed, having brother James around is always interesting and appreciated, under his eye !
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