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  1. Roy (Ranger Roy) Carlson was born February 8th 1977 in a small town in Kansas and was an only child. His parents, JoAnne and Randy were farmers and taught Roy how to live off the land. He had joined the Army Rangers at age 19 after his parents were killed by a Tornado while he was out of the State. He has Toured many Countries during his Career with the 75th RR. Remembering what his parents and the Army had taught him, Roy had decided to retire in the Steep Mountainside of Tisy since there was no one left for him back in Kansas. Learning how to Survive in any situation with just his Gun, a knife and a few supplies was the most valuable lesson he could have ever learned being in the Army Rangers. Living off the land he was able to keep himself pretty well isolated. Which was lucky for him since SOON all Hell would be breaking loose. He had never thought this kind of nightmare would become his Everyday Reality.
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